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Product Recommendations is a WooCommerce platform that combines human intelligence and machine learning to help grow sales. It generates automated, accurate Frequently Bought Together recommendations with near-zero waiting or training, and uses a lightweight search algorithm to analyze orders to discover meaningful product relationships. The platform allows users to add upsells and cross-sells across their entire catalog effortlessly, using filters, amplifiers, and visibility conditions to create context-aware recommendations.

Promoting the right product to the right customer at the right time can be achieved by recommending recently viewed products and products from recently viewed categories on the checkout page or even after customers complete their orders. Custom recommendation engines can be built to match products and customers, and the platform can be used to boost customer confidence, inspire loyalty, and encourage impulse purchases.

In-depth analytics can help optimize strategies, including gross and net revenue and conversions. Product Recommendations is designed to work on hosting environments with limited resources and is built to scale. To get started, purchase WooCommerce Product Recommendations, download and install it, pick one of the tried-and-tested strategies, follow the documentation to build and deploy your first Engine, and enjoy the extra revenue.

Cross-sells and upsells with a dash of wisdom
Have you ever observed how the most prosperous retailers make use of product recommendations? When implemented correctly, upsells and cross-sells provide your visitors a more engaging experience that keeps them coming back in addition to assisting them in finding things they enjoy.

Thankfully, starting doesn’t need a group of machine learning experts. With the only objective of assisting you in increasing your sales, Product Recommendations is a cutting-edge platform for WooCommerce product recommendations that combines machine learning and human intelligence.

Give technology the hard work to accomplish for you.
Create clever algorithms that need almost no waiting or training to provide automatic, precise Frequently Bought Together suggestions. In order to identify significant product correlations, our lightweight search algorithm examines your purchases. It then promptly adjusts to new trends and seasonal patterns.

Provide engaging suggestions in the vein of Amazon without giving anybody access to your store’s data or earnings.
Provide engaging product suggestions in the vein of Amazon without granting other parties access to your store’s data or earnings.
Easily add suggestions to your whole catalog.
Have you ever attempted to manually include cross- and up-sells on each product page in your store? Product Recommendations allow you to do both tasks quickly. Rather of adding goods one by one, create cross- and upsells in mass. Use amplifiers to enhance certain results based on popularity, rating, creation date, conversion rate, or other complex criteria. You may also add category, attribute, tag, or price filters to further refine your product selection.

Are you trying to find a method to suggest goods in the brand or category that is now being viewed? Would you want to restrict the results to items that cost more than the one you are now viewing? Not a problem! You may provide context-aware suggestions more quickly using Product suggestions.

Generate related items, upsells, and cross-sells in bulk according to tags or categories.
Utilize visibility conditions, amplifiers, and intelligent filters to simultaneously generate recommendation recipes for several goods and product category pages.
At the correct moment, market the appropriate product to the appropriate consumer.
By suggesting recently seen items and goods from recently viewed categories on the checkout page, or even after consumers have finished their purchases, you may raise the average order value of your shop. Provide timely and relevant offers by conditionally displaying them according on the contents of your clients’ carts or orders, their browsing history, the date, or their location.

Products from recently browsed categories are suggested.
Before or after the customer checks out, provide customized upsells. Make conditional product suggestions depending on the contents of the customer’s basket or order, and suggest items from the categories that they have browsed.
Promote items everywhere
Install suggestions in over 20 places on your store’s:

main page of the store.
Tag pages or product categories.
specific product pages.
Pages for the cart and checkout.
Order-pay and Thank You (received) pages.
Encourage clients to browse more leisurely and confidently by suggesting best-sellers and highly regarded goods.
Make suggestions on all of the category pages in your catalog with ease.
Establish your own guidelines.
Adjust the whole website’s shopping experience to align with your merchandising plans. Create specialized recommendation engines that match clients and items by using visibility conditions, amplifiers, and filters. In need of some motivation?

Take advantage of the psychology of social proof. Put your store’s best-selling and highest-rated goods at the top of its product category and tag pages to increase client trust and enhance the browsing experience.
Encourage fidelity among customers: Provide a carefully chosen Finish the Look suggestions seen on product pages or after a purchase from a client.
Encourage consumers to make larger purchases in order to get benefits like free delivery.
Promote popular goods on the checkout page to encourage impulsive purchases: Give priority to seasonal and on-sale products in order to maximize conversion.
Do you need more inspiration? Start out strong with these effective tactics.


Enhance your tactics with comprehensive analytics.
Examine in-depth reports to better comprehend and enhance your recommendation-making techniques. Monitor and evaluate:

Revenue, both net and gross.
We’ve filtered every report by date, converted product, and region to help you better understand what motivates conversions!

WooCommerce Product Recommendations for Revenue and Conversion Report Generation.
With comprehensive revenue and conversion metrics, you can fine-tune your plans.
The finest aspect? Product Recommendations is built to scale and has been meticulously engineered to function in hosting situations with constrained resources.

How to begin
Purchase WooCommerce plugin Product Suggestions.
Install it after downloading it.
Select from among these tried-and-true tactics.
To construct and launch your first Engine, adhere to our guide.
Remain calm and enjoy the additional income!

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