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This Wordpress plugin allows users to create interactive maps with colored markers, continents, nations, and regions. It includes hundreds of different types of maps, including global atlas, large landmasses, and one nation. Interactive elements can be placed in highlighted areas, and users can configure actions to occur when a user clicks on a responsive area. The plugin is customizable, with color schemes, dimensions, and markers available. It is compatible with various platforms and browsers, including Apple computers. The plugin’s ‘Custom CSS Generator’ makes it easy to add functionality like hover color change effects, font icon implementation for markers, and border color customization. The plugin is suitable for various purposes, such as tourism websites, corporate headquarters, and non-governmental organizations. The primary regions are shown on regional maps, representing the most basic organizational unit of each nation. The plugin’s user-friendly add-on is highly recommended, with positive reviews from users who believe it is the best there is.

You may make as many maps as you want, complete with Interactive World Maps NULLED Plugin, colored markers, continents, nations, and regions, all with this WordPress plugin.

(Here’s the link to the version that doesn’t use WordPress.)

As such, only critical security patches will be applied to this plugin while it is in maintenance mode. THERE ARE NO PLANS TO ADD NEW FEATURES.

Exhibit Distinct Areas

Included are hundreds of various types of maps that you may display:
A comprehensive global atlas.

A large landmass or a smaller landmass. (all of the many sub-continents of Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania)
One nation. (The most popular nations, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, and Australia, are among those covered.)
A nation is split up into several regions.
United States territory.
The United States is broken up into its major cities.
U.S. state that may be thought of in terms of its individual metropolises.

Mark Areas using Colors or markers.

There are two methods to show the colored, interactive areas of the map:
When used in this way, the whole continent, subcontinent, nation, province, or U.S. state will be tinted with the selected hue.

As markers, it will show colorful bubbles in the specified areas, whether they are individual cities, states, or even whole countries.

Increase Participation

The interactive elements may be placed in the highlighted areas:
By default, the information you provide will be shown as a tooltip upon mouseover.

Do Something? When a user clicks on a responsive area, you can configure a variety of actions to occur. Either a new web address or a message may be opened. Expert users may write their own Javascript functions to do bespoke tasks, such as displaying content in a lightbox.


You may alter the appearance of your maps however you like:
Color scheme;

Dimensions and shade of box borders;
Colorization of inactive areas
Different colors for each hotspot;
Dimensions of markers; Map width and height;

You may embed the Maps on any page of your site.
The maps may be embedded in your articles, pages, and even widgets in your sidebar with the use of a shortcode. Alternatively, you may use simple PHP code to include the maps in your design.


In the absence of a width attribute, the element will be rendered to fill the whole width of its parent div. For instance, it can load and adjust to various screen sizes for use on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Once it’s loaded, however, it won’t adapt to the new dimensions of the window.

The plugin has supported Responsive mapping since version 1.4. If the browser window has shrunk or grown, jQuery will detect the change and redraw the map to fit.

Support for several platforms and browsers

Since SVG is used to create the maps instead of Flash, they are compatible with Apple computers.

Easy CSS Exploits

The Google Geochart API lacks certain functionality by default, but the plugin’s ‘Custom CSS Generator’ makes it easy to add such functionality, such as a hover color change effect, font icon implementation for markers, and border color customization.

When would you use it?
Use this plugin whenever:
Websites devoted to tourism should make use of mapping tools to showcase locations and provide access to more detailed information.
Website for tourists: show locations visited on a map
Making Maps of Cities and Countries Where Multinational Corporations Do Business
Companies of All Sizes: Place Your Headquarters on a World Map
Non-Governmental Organizations: Constructing World Maps of NGO Initiatives
Infographics may be used in a wide variety of contexts, from making complex data sets understandable to creating engaging visuals. Take risks!


For each nation, the primary regions are shown on the regional maps. The plugin labels them all as “Provinces,” but depending on the nation, they may be called other things. They represent the most basic organizational unit of every nation. Only four areas (ENG, NIR, SCT, and WLS) make up the United Kingdom. Some nations are too tiny (like Malta) for regionally segmented maps to be accessible. Make sure a regionally separated map is accessible by contacting us via the help menu.


“I think this plugin is fantastic. Quick to learn and implement. Strongly recommended for anybody in need of a mapping service. Excellent work!

“This is the most user-friendly add-on available. I purchased the add-on for a global business client’s website. I was relieved since they only needed a simple method to show off their work to people from all across the world. Value for money is excellent; I will return to buy more when I have new customers that require the same features.
Bradley, Benjamin

Don’t think twice about purchasing this plugin if you’re interested. This is the best there is, period. You’ve never battled with developing maps if you believe $18 is too much. I would have happily paid ten times the asking price for such a time-saver. In reality, I have invested a lot of money in expensive software over the years in the hopes of reducing the amount of effort and time required to create interactive maps. A real treasure are Interactive World Maps.


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