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Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a comprehensive affiliate plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce that allows you to automate your website and generate leads and sales while collecting cash. It offers a premium platform with varying incentives and amounts depending on Rank or special Offers, allowing affiliates to build their own marketing campaigns and recruit new affiliates. The plugin allows you to customize login, extra links, and the Remember Me option using predetermined templates and custom CSS.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro also offers a wide range of features, such as password strength, captcha verification, and TOS verification conditions. The Account Page menu can be displayed vertically or horizontally, and over 15 menu choices lead to various sub-pages within the Account Page.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a top-notch affiliate marketing tool that can double or triple your revenue within a week. Key functions include achievement-based Ranks, multiple room for partners, different quantities, discounts and deals, marketing on a grand scale, unlimited payouts, profit sharing, banner control, PayPal cashouts, Stripe payments, repeated referral commissions, personal referrals, advocacy for new users, social media promotion, integration with opt-in, authority to land, wallet earnings, affiliate discounts, custom affiliate slugs, referral links with a smile, optimal checkout bonuses, My BuddyPress Profile Page, WooCommerce login screen, and made-to-order money.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is entirely localizable, meaning it can be used in any language. Reports provide the administrator and each affiliate with detailed reports or payment statistics on the account page, and email notifications are available for both the administrator and affiliates.

In summary, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a comprehensive and user-friendly affiliate plugin that can help you generate leads and sales while automating your website and attracting new affiliates.

You may provide your affiliates with a premium platform with varying incentives and amounts depending on Rank or special Offers with the help of Ultimate Affiliate Pro NULLED Plugin Pro, the newest and most comprehensive Affiliate Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.

You may automate your website so that it generates leads and sales while you sit back and collect the cash.

Affiliates may use the MLM model to build their own marketing campaigns and recruit new Affiliates.

Login, extra links, and the Remember Me option may all be simplified by using a predetermined template.

In addition, custom CSS is provided so that any Template may be altered to suit individual needs.

In addition to the Predefined Templates, you may alter the Labels, Order, and Required Conditions of any Field.

Password Strength, Captcha Verification, and a TOS Verification Condition are just a few of the fantastic extras that may be included in your form in addition to the unlimited number of fields of varying types.

The Account Page menu may be shown either vertically or horizontally. More than 15 menu choices lead to various sub-pages inside the Account Page. Profiles, Marketing, and Reports are just some of the areas that may be tailored to the specific needs of your Affiliates.

To save and manage your Affiliates’ emails for future use, an Email Subscription Platform offers the best options available. MailChimp, MailPoet, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mailster, iContact, GetResponse, MadMimi, and ActiveCampaign are only some of the many email marketing platforms out there.

Affiliate Marketing’s Top Dog

Ultimate Affiliate PRO is a comprehensive method that may double or triple your revenue within a week.

You can set everything up in a matter of minutes thanks to the Dashboard’s user-friendliness, and then relax while you wait for your Affiliates to begin generating revenue for you.

Key Functions of Ultimate Affiliate Pro
Accomplishment-Based Ranks
Divide your affiliates into tiers, each of which receives a set commission percentage. Once an Affiliate has earned the necessary Achievements, they will be promoted to the next Rank.

Ample Room for Partners

You may have as many Affiliates as you want to market your goods and services.

Different Quantity

Define a percentage or fixed amount for each Rank, Offer, or bespoke commission, like Multi-Level Marketing incentives.

Discounts and Deals

In the affiliate marketing industry, compensation rates vary from product to product. This offer is subject to a date range restriction.

Marketing on a Grand Scale

Transform your affiliate program into a multi-level marketing platform to encourage your affiliates to bring in more customers. A UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix, or Binary Matrix may be implemented, depending on the requirements.

Unlimited Payouts

You should let your affiliates earn a commission on any more purchases made by consumers in the future. You need not concern yourself with Cookie preferences or browser versions.
Profit Sharing

Determine additional payouts to be made when an Affiliate reaches a certain Rank or signs up for the first time. A distinct Bonus structure may apply to each Rank.

Controlling the Banners

Banners in a variety of formats are provided to help Affiliates market your goods and services on websites where your code may be included.
Cashouts using PayPal

The Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard makes it easy to send your affiliates’ profits through PayPal. Pick which Referrals to pay for or pay the whole Deposit.

Payments Will Be Made Via Stripe.

The Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard makes it easy to send payments to US-based affiliates using the Stripe payment system.

Repeatedly Referred

Commissions for Membership system subscriptions may be set at a specific amount and can vary from Rank to Rank

Permit Personal References

Make it possible for your Affiliates to earn money from the people they recommend to your business.
Advocacy for New Users

Membership systems that pay a fixed fee per recommended user are now readily available.

As a Group

If you want your affiliates to be able to promote their links on social media, Social Share and Locker can help.

Integration with Opt-In

There are ten built-in email marketing platforms where you can keep the email addresses of your affiliates for use in future newsletter campaigns.

Authority to Land

Unique module that may accommodate any required workflow by providing affiliates with incentives for completing a Landing Page, such as registering or making a payment.

Earnings may be used by Affiliates on future purchases made via the Website using Generated Coupons for a predetermined percentage off.

Affiliate Discounts

Whenever a buyer enters a discount code generated by WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, or Ultimate Membership Pro, you may provide a commission to the associated Affiliate.
Custom Affiliate Slug

Offers Affiliates the option of using a Custom slug instead of their username or ID for anonymity purposes.

Referral Links With a Smile

Affiliates will have access to “friendly links,” an improved version of the standard link that is more visually appealing and user-friendly when shared.

Optimal Checkout Bonus

At Checkout, the customer chooses the affiliate they want to be compensated by.
My BuddyPress Profile Page

Add a new tab to your BuddyPress Account page to see the Affiliate Account Page information.

Login Screen for WooCommerce

Add a new tab to the WooCommerce account page that takes you straight to the Affiliate Account Page.
Made-to-Order Money

You can enter your own money into the system if it isn’t already there.
With Top Affiliates’ 10 customizable templates, you can easily create a public list of your best-performing affiliates based on revenue, referrals, or site traffic.

Unique Data Entry Form

The registration Form may be tailored to your specific needs with the help of a wide variety of Custom Fields.
Login Screen

There are more than fifteen Menu tabs, each of which may be modified in accordance with one of three established Templates or individual parts.
There are a variety of shortcodes available that may assist you in showing the affiliate’s individual data for each user that has checked in.
Ultimate Affiliate Pro is entirely localizable, meaning it may be used in any language.
Provide the administrator and each Affiliate with access to detailed reports or payment statistics on the account page.
Affiliates and the system administrator may get email notifications at various points in the process.

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Some of our regular customers’ websites are already using the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin, and we know that the next thing they want is to have some beautiful additional capabilities.

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