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Image Map Pro 6.0.11 NULLED Plugin

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Image Map ProTM allows users to create interactive pictures with pins, vector shapes, and tooltips, without code or code. The powerful web app allows users to design and style engaging experiences in minutes.

Image Map Pro offers 150 professionally designed SVG icons, allowing users to customize their map and picture map. With complete design and animation freedom, users can change elements’ opacity, fill, stroke, and corner radius. The app is fully responsive and touch-friendly, with customizable responses to mouseovers and clicks. Users can also configure tooltips to show on mouseover or click, or disable them entirely. The all-in-one API allows users to add unique features to their map.

Pins, vector shapes, and tooltips may be added to a picture with little effort. There is no need to write any code. In a matter of minutes, you can have an interactive picture thanks to Picture Map ProTM.  Image Map Pro NULLED Plugin TM includes a web app that is both powerful and easy to use. Engaging interactive experiences can be made quickly and simply using vector shapes, pins, and tooltips that you design yourself and then style however you want.

Codecanyon’s Image Map Pro NULLED Plugin is the most cutting-edge WordPress plugin for making image maps. It has an intuitive design that makes it simple for anyone to pick up and start using right away. Squares, a content builder included in the latest update, enables you to enrich your picture map’s tooltips with text and media. Among the many benefits of using a plugin are:

Extremely Powerful Drop-and-Drop Editor. The included web interface in Image Map Pro allows you to rapidly create, modify, and export image maps. The app’s use is so intuitive that a manual is not even necessary.

Create Unique Forms by Doodling! Only Image Map Pro’s plugin has a shape-drawing tool. You may also draw with pins, icons, circles, and other shapes.

150 Professional-Grade SVG icons The Editor comes with a collection of 150 professionally designed SVG icons. If you still can’t find the precise icon you’re looking for, feel free to upload your own!

Complete Design and Animation Freedom. Change the opacity, fill, stroke, and corner radius of elements to make them look as you want them to on your site using the Editor. On mouseover, you may even use a different style!

Fully Responsive and Touch-Friendly. Image Map Pro is built with touch events in mind. And if your tooltips are very lengthy, you may expand them to fill the whole screen on mobile devices.

Responses to Mouseovers and Clicks Can Be Modified. The forms may serve as anchors! You may configure tooltips to show either on mouseover or click, whichever is most convenient. Alternatively, you may disable the tooltips entirely.

An all-In-One API is provided. You may add unique features to your picture map by using the API that comes included with Picture Map Pro. When a user clicks on a shape, you may do a variety of things depending on what they do.


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