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Price by Formula Calculator nulled plugin 3.0.1

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Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce is a cutting-edge pricing calculator that considers product customization. It goes beyond area, volume, length, and weight-based pricing calculations. Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce calculates pricing for any goods or service. Examples include consumer items and more complicated services like rental automobiles, car detailing, payment plans, and service quotations.

Price by Formula Calculator nulled plugin The Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce plugin lets you construct any option combination with sixteen custom fields. These fields may also be used to calculate complicated prices using formulae. Customers may see your complete measurement computations and product costs on product pages.
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Customize a price calculator
You may create a price calculator utilizing custom formulae for your goods and services with this plugin.

WooCommerce pricing calculator

Formulas may employ options.
Create several product alternatives utilizing sixteen fields and utilize them in formulae.


Price by Formula Calculator nulled plugin Make multiple formulae
Each rule might have several formulae. It calculates prices for every product category, even those with complicated pricing. Each rule allows,

Use numerous “Or” formulae.
Conditional Formula – Change formula depending on user input and formula results
Multiple “Or” conditions execute distinct formulas dependent on circumstances.
Add several “And” conditions to execute formula when all circumstances meet.
Use “Else” in conditional formula groupings.
WooCommerce measuring price calculator

WooCommerce cost calcuator
Figure Rounding
This addon gives many ways to round numbers, so you may select the best one.

Measurement price calculator WooCommerce

Use it on many goods or categories.
This addon saves time by applying the rule to many goods or categories.


Click View Detail on cart and checkout pages
Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce lets consumers access product details by enabling the View Detail button on cart and checkout pages.

WooCommerce pricing calculator

WooCommerce pricing calculator

Pricing Rules for ImportExport
Export your pricing rules to a CSV file for backup or import them to another site.

WooCommerce pricing calculator

Duplicate Rules
WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin lets you replicate rules, saving time if you need to make similar choices for other goods.

Measurement price calculator WooCommerce

Get rid of default product quantity
Hide the default product quantity field using WooCommerce measurement pricing calculator plugin.

Measurement price calculator WooCommerce

Makes selling variable-sized items easier
Develops advanced price calculators utilizing specific calculations
It calculates prices and displays product possibilities.
Lets buyers buy things in their desired amounts
Provides sophisticated pricing for any product

This addition saves time by eliminating the need to construct calculators for each product. Each calculator rule works for many goods and categories. Calculators for different items may be created using several rules. Customers have mandated or optional options.

Shortcodes assist generate formulae fast using the Price by Formula Calculator for WooCommerce addon. Create custom formulae using +, -, *, /. This addon shows product information on cart, checkout, and order pages.

Customize a pricing calculator formula
Develop product alternatives and formulae
Formula groupings with conditions
Formula changes depending on user input or outcomes
Sell items by kilogram, meter, square meter, cubic yard, etc.
Create product choices with 16 fields.
Formulas may be created using +, -, *, /.
Text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and multi-select boxes are popular.
Different ways to round numbers
Make rules for different items.
Multiple formulae per rule
Application of each rule to many items or categories
Hide default WooCommerce product quantity field
Copy and preview generated rules.
Make customer fields required or optional.
Product page calculations option
Options appear on cart, checkout, and order detail pages.
Show radio button images
Pricing regulations for import/export
Created rule preview
Sell any goods or service
This addon calculates pricing by product area, length, volume, and weight like other calculators. Rental vehicles, automobile detailing, payment plans, and service quotations may also be priced.


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