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MaanStore Mobile App Template 4.1

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The Maan Store Light & Dark theme WooCommerce Flutter app is a powerful set of Flutter apps that includes complete app templates, API integration with WooCommerce, ready-to-use widgets, and code snippets. The app offers a modern look and feel for mobile applications, saving time and effort from developing an app for an e-commerce website. The app is easy to integrate with WooCommerce and can be released to both Appstore and Google Play stores. It features complete WooCommerce API integration, web checkout, 99+ WooCommerce payment gateway integration, JWT authentication, Riverpod State Management, easy configuration, and Onesignal Push Notification. The app is fully responsive, has great animation, easy customization, and comes with free lifetime updates and customer support.

MaanStore Mobile App Template Theme of Maan Store: Light and Dark As its name suggests, the WooCommerce Flutter app is a dominant and potent collection of Flutter applications that includes complete app templates, full API integration with WooCommerce, pre-built widgets, code excerpts (i.e. code integration that is already in place), and breathtaking screens that cover a wide variety of use cases. The application features the most recent material design. MaanStore UI templates are created with an interface that is entirely intuitive, quick, and of the highest quality, with elements that are simple to reuse. These are simple to incorporate into a WooCommerce store. The MaanStore WooCommerce application simplifies the process of giving a mobile application a contemporary appearance and feel. It eliminates the need to laboriously and time-consuming develop an application for your WooCommerce-based e-commerce website.

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If an organization has already established a website utilizing the WooCommerce platform, integrating with Maanstore can be accomplished in a matter of simple steps. This enables swift publication of the completed application on both the App Store and Google Play. The download package contains the complete source code as well as numerous supplementary materials (designs, documents, videos, etc.) that facilitate a seamless installation process.
Outstanding Characteristics:

Woocommerce API Web Checkout Integration in Its Entireness – 99+ Integrated Woocommerce Payment Gateway JWT Authentication
Riverpod Administration
Simple to configure
Push Notification of Onesignal Deployment from Your Site or Onesignal The Dashboard
The application’s features include:
JWT Authentication Web Checkout Integration for the Entire WooCommerce API – 99+ Integrated WooCommerce Payment Gateway
A undertaking with clean code and a solid structure
Single code base supporting iOS and Android at 60 FPS Assistance for Android and iOS
The most responsive UI and UX
Outstanding animation
Easily customizable
Free updates for life and exceptional customer service
Simple to incorporate into a project

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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