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FluxStore Shopify is a Full Flutter Application that creates iOS and Android mobile apps for existing Shopify websites, offering impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities. It is a universal e-commerce app inspired by the Flutter framework, made by Google. If your business has a website built based on Shopify, it is easy to integrate with FluxStore Shopify by just a few steps, and quickly build API and APK files to release the final app to both the App Store and Google Play. The download package includes the full source code and related resources, making installation smoother.

FluxStore Shopify is compatible with the Shopify framework, allowing you to create apps on both iOS and Android with impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities. It supports instant synchronization, white-labeling, easy design by drag-n-drop, multiple homepage templates, innovative UX design, and a flexible design system. It also includes built-in components like Story, TikTok, Instagram, smart banner, auto-slide, banner sliders, banner grouping, stack animate layout, Tinder animate layout, multi-column product view, new category layout home, new tabbar styles, new background on product horizontal, new appbar, button widget, and flexible category list.

The Flutter Store WooCommerce app offers a powerful platform for creating e-commerce apps. It integrates with Powerful ChatGPT, OpenAI Writing Assistant, and Image Generator, allowing for easy product reviews and ratings. The app supports multiple currencies, payments, and languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazil, French, Thai, Russian, Poland, Serbian, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Bengali, Kurdish, Swedish, Finland, Greek, Khmer, Marathi, Kannada, Czech, etc. The app also supports a variety of languages, including RTL, and offers a support for multiple plugins.

The product detail view includes options for safe areas, hero effects, thumbnail galleries, image heights, shopping video widgets, embedded videos, audio player, playlist, push notifications, user settings, webview privacy, and advertising. The app also supports various features such as delivery date input, coupons, map picker, Firebase dynamic link, biometrics login, account deletion, GDPR compliance, age restrictions, version update alerts, in-app updates, offline image caching, and Google Analytics.

The app is optimized for 60 frames per second (fps) on both iOS and Android, and features perfect splash animations using new Flare design tools. The regular license includes full Dart source code for both iOS and Android, one-time purchase, free lifetime upgrade, video tutorials, private Facebook groups, design source by Figma design tools, free splash screen animation, translation service, and unlimited push notifications and app editing.

FluxStore Shopify Mobile App Template Fully Flutter in nature, FluxStore Shopify generates iOS and Android mobile applications for your existing Shopify websites, complete with an eye-catching user interface and robust e-commerce capabilities. Advance your online enterprise to a higher standard.

Emulate Shopify e-commerce sites as iOS and Android applications.
Publish with ease on both the App Store and Google Play.

Video and iOS and Android demos.
Succeeding on CodeCanyon’s list of the “20+ Best Flutter Mobile App Templates in 2023” is an honor.
The FluxStore The top Flutter e-commerce application is Shopify.

– Version: 3.16.8 – Latest Flutter support – Last update: January 23, 2024 – YouTube, Changelog
Files Comprise: Complete Flutter Source Code for Android and iOS
Customer Success Announcements
– Construct a Free App Demo for Your Website – The Finest App Collection Offered by Power Elite The Founder of Envato What are some frequently posed questions?
Two FluxStore Shopify e-commerce apps are the best for Flutter. Mobile Flutter App: Full-featured FluxStore WooCommerce for Flutter e-commerce Shopify’s FluxStore is the top Flutter e-commerce application—three. Four stars for FluxStore Shopify, the best Flutter e-commerce application. Five reasons why FluxStore Shopify is the best Flutter e-commerce application

The Sixth Best Flutter E-commerce Application, FluxStore Shopify

FluxStore Shopify Mobile App Template The Seventh Best Flutter E-commerce Application, FluxStore Shopify The Eighth Best Flutter E-commerce Application, FluxStore Shopify Nineth-ranked FluxStore Shopify is the best Flutter e-commerce application.

The Fluxstore Although Shopify is the offspring of the renowned Fluxstore Pro template, its primary purpose is to provide assistance for the Shopify store. This is a universal e-commerce application that draws inspiration from Google’s Flutter framework.

If your company has an existing Shopify-based website, integrating with FluxStore Shopify requires only a few simple steps. Additionally, you can generate API and APK files for the final app in a timely manner, enabling its release on both the Apple Store and Google Play. The download packet comprises the complete source code along with numerous supplementary resources (such as videos, documents, and designs) that facilitate a seamless installation process.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to increase sales or a software developer seeking to develop mobile applications more quickly, Fluxstore has solutions for you.
Smoother, quicker, and closer.

FluxStore Shopify Mobile App Template Citation connections
The Top Flutter E-commerce Application, FluxStore Shopify, Features Ten Demo Websites (iOS, Android, and Video) https://flutter-mstore.myshopify.com
Showcase the Videos and Apps of Our Clients
Guide to documentationSupport at https://support.inspireui.com
Medium Blog: https://medium.com/inspireui YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/inspireui Official Site: https://fluxstore.app
The organization’s website is https://inspireui.com.
Eleven Available Features
Developing applications on both iOS and Android for your Shopify websites that feature a sophisticated user interface and extensive e-commerce capabilities is possible with this framework. Advance your online enterprise to a higher standard.

immediate Synchronization – your data will be synchronized from the mobile device to the server and vice versa in an immediate and seamless manner.

White-labeling – support for full customization – you can fully customize FluxStore to match your brand, vision, and requirements by acquiring the complete source code package, design assets, and an additional free API.

Simple Design via drag-and-drop – modify the appearance of your applications without having to republish them to the Apple Store and Google Play.

Redesigned Homepage Layouts for over 65 multi-homepage templates. A collection of predefined themes is provided, which can be easily modified to create a unique and sophisticated appearance. (link, video)

Pioneering user experience design—providing exceptionally intuitive features such as:

Multi-level classifications
Rapid product filtering
Detail screens for blogs: Three distinct varieties of seductive blog details, font size modification (link).
A multitude of pre-configured elements make it simple to modify the homepage, categories, blog, tabbar, and side menu of a flexible design system:

Tinder animates layouts for Story, TikTok, Instagram Smart Banner Auto-slide, and Banner Sliders Banner Grouping Stack.
Several columns As seen in the product
Home to the New Category Layout (link)
New four TabBar designs (link)
New Context regarding Product Horizontal (link)
AppBar (link) update
Link to New Button Widget
Capability to remap a novel multi-category tree that is distinct from the backend site constitutes a flexible category list. (link)

Integrate with the FluxGPT application—capable of integrating with the ChatGPT, OpenAI Writing Assistant, and Image Generator applications—to unleash the capability of developing a highly effective application.

Evaluation and Rating – the Judge.me plugin makes it simple to evaluate products.

The multi-currency feature makes it simple to set, remove, transfer, or modify a currency.

Multi Payments – facilitates the following payments:

Credit Card Payment by COD
Stripe Card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay (video)
Guest Payment at Checkout
Webview payment: Local payments on the app function identically to those on the website; RTL (Remote Translation) – more than 30 languages supported (link): The following are supporteded by the Czech Republic: English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazil, Thai, Russian, Poland, Serbian, Persian, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Polish, Ukrainian, Marish, Swedish, Finland, Greek, Khmer, Marathi, and Kannada, and Vietnamese.

It is simple to add, modify, or remove a language.
Change or establish as the default a Right To Left (RTL) language.
Offer a complimentary translation service (link).
Content Translation: translate product titles and descriptions into multiple languages. Advise two modules, namely Shopify Translate & Adapt and T Lab • AI Language Translate.

Product Detail View – displaying a variety of options:

Effects of Safe Area Heroes
Galleries of Thumbnail Images Alter Image Heights
Shopping Video Widget – a list view for videos similar to YouTube Shorts and TikTok.The MP4 file format significantly streamlines the purchasing process for customers. (link)

Video Embed: Videos can be embedded into the homepage or dynamic layout. Capability to specify an embedded HTML code, URL, or iFrame. (link)

The capability to embed MP4 and YouTube videos on the Banner Images Slider. (link)Blog-enabled Audio Player and PlayList for playing audio files (.mp3,.m4u), videos (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook), and podcasts (.m4u) (link).

Push Notifications – It is simple for the vendor to notify his consumers via:

In-app Firebase OneSignal notification (link)
Smart Chat enables admins to communicate easily via: (video)

Gmail, WeChat, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and phone calls, among others.
ChatGPT, Firebase Realtime Chat
Robust user settings with an abundance of features:

View Order History WishList
Alternate languages
Intelligent Chat configuration
App Store Dark Theme Rate App Enablement
Turn on push notifications
Webview Privacy page: Webview term and privacy support
Supporting advertisements, including banner, interstitial, and reward:

Facebook Advertisements
Additional Google Admob Powerful Features are listed below.

Delivery Date: The Shipping interface allows consumers to enter the Delivery Date.
Types of coupons and their minimum requirements Coupon Map Picker (facilitating the entry of billing addresses)
The video Firebase Dynamic Link
Video: Biometrics Login
Contrasting models The product
PWA version for MacOS
In adherence to Apple’s recent policy, the Settings screen now includes the Account Deletion option, which enables users to delete their accounts in order to safeguard their data privacy. (video)

GDPR Compliance – the option to display the Privacy Policy on the Sign Up or First Open screens; the ability to enable the Onboarding screen. (link)

Age Restrictions – the ability to mandate that prior to using the application, users input their year of birth. It can be utilized for wine selling applications, among others. (link)

Version Update Alert – When a new version is available, an alert is displayed with a link to the relevant App Store page. (link)

In-app updates provide your consumers with a convenient way to update the app’s version without having to visit Google Play. (link)

Offline Image Caching: accelerate the loading speed by employing the offline image caching method.

Google Analytics enables real-time monitoring of the number of registrations and online users through Firebase.

The 60 frames per second (fps) application functions exceptionally well on both Android and iOS.

Achieve flawless impact animation with the new flare design tools from https://lottiefiles.com and https://rive.app. The Parallax Effect, Lottie.

Flutter E-commerce Complete App: FluxStore WooCommerce for Flutter Mobile 15 Flutter E-commerce Complete App: FluxStore WooCommerce for Flutter Mobile (30)

What exactly does a Regular license entitle you to?
Complete Dart source code for Android and iOS
Lifetime modifications to the source code of FluxStore are possible.
Free lifetime upgrade with one-time purchase
A comprehensive manual guide to developing iOS and Android applications
For a free video tutorial and information sharing, visit the InspireUI Channel Private Facebook Group.
Design Tools from Design Source by Figma
Animation of the Free Splash interface by Flare, Lottie
Service of free translation for your language
Without republishing to the Apple Store and Google Play, modify the design.
Free FluxBuilder drag-and-drop application for:
More than a hundred UI templates
Features for Drag-and-Drop Design Customization Design Sharing for Configuration Apps Design History
Feature and Design Files Download files for Design and Features Upgrade Imported Designs Without Republishing to App Stores
Unlimited notifications via push
Unlimited FluxBuilder translation into your language for app editing
Instantaneous Collaboration
What exactly does an extended license entitle you to?
The same as the standard one.
Use in a sold final product; see Extended Licenses
For assistance with common inquiries, consult the support policies.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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