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BeRocket AJAX Products Filter nulled plugin

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BeRocket AJAX Products Filter is a powerful WordPress plugin that offers lightning-fast, user-friendly filtering for WooCommerce products. It allows shoppers to narrow down options by category, attribute, price, and more without page reloads, improving SEO and customer journey. The plugin offers various layout options, SEO-friendly URLs, and includes/excludes values, brands, price ranges, sliders, and results before filtering.

BeRocket AJAX Products Filter nulled plugin Boost your WooCommerce shop with lightning-fast, user-friendly filtering. The BeRocket AJAX Products Filter allows consumers to filter down their selections by category, attribute, price, and other criteria without having to refresh the page. This powerful WordPress plugin will help you increase conversions and improve your client experience.

This description combines the target term “BeRocket AJAX Products Filter” while emphasizing its advantages for WordPress nulled themes users. It focuses on the user experience, with “lightning-fast” filtering and “no page reloads,” to boost SEO by targeting relevant search phrases.

AJAX Product Filter

Check out this excellent AJAX product filter plugin for WooCommerce. Add an infinite number of filters with a single widget to improve your clients’ buying experience and easily increase conversions.

Select the optimal configuration for your filter.

BeRocket AJAX Products Filter nulled plugin  Our WooCommerce AJAX Products Filter plugin provides different layouts such as slider, picture, and color.
You may use a single layout for all filters or mix them anyway you desire.

Show filters over the goods.

Need additional room for your products? Say no to sidebars!
Display filters as titles alone, in-line above goods, or compacted into a button.

SEO-friendly URLs

Use nice URLs with canonicalization and slugs instead of IDs.
Customize your filter pointer word and URL format with a few clicks.

Include/exclude values.

Show just necessary values from the property, or hide a few
The Custom Slug add-on allows you to use the same filter with various values on the same page.


(This requires our free Brands nulled plugins.)
Users like brands. Help people locate their favorite brands quicker.
An image filter is ideal here, but any other filter scheme may be utilized as well.

Hide empty or fitered values.

Don’t like the “No Products!” message? Hide values without goods on the fly.
Show hidden values by clicking the Show Values button, hide empty filters, conceal user-selected values, and/or show just the first X values

Price ranges and sliders for characteristics

Do you love sliders? Use them immediately for the qualities!
Sliders take up significantly less space and may be used for text and numerical values.

Shows the results before filtering.

Show users what they will get before the filters are applied. Fast and efficient.
It takes far less time than standard filtering, and the user can see what he’ll receive as a consequence of his pick.

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