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Launch an affiliate marketing to increase traffic to your store, get new customers, and increase income.
What you can get from it:
Encourage users (customers, bloggers, etc.) to become affiliates and share their referral links.

Collaborate with influencers and give them a share of revenue earned by their articles or social media promotions.
Create an automated advertising campaign to promote your items without spending any money: affiliates will be compensated only via commissions on sales earned as a result of their efforts.
Using the integrated dashboard, you can easily monitor visits, conversions, commissions, and payments.
Drive traffic to your site, create quality leads, and boost your SEO position by linking to it from your affiliate blogs, social pages, and websites.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled plugin  Use affiliate users and influencers to drive traffic to your business, increasing awareness, attracting new consumers, and increasing revenue.
An affiliate program is a collaboration between a firm and an affiliate, who sends traffic (possible consumers) to the target company’s e-commerce site via online posting (on a blog, on social networks, etc.) and gets a percentage on the produced purchases.

Affiliate marketing may be a tremendous source of money for any company, and more than 80% of online enterprises, from the tiniest and niche e-commerce sites to the largest ones like Amazon, AliExpress, Zalando, and Airbnb, provide an affiliate program to its consumers. According to Business Insider, affiliations account for 25% of a store’s traffic and 15-38% of revenues. These are exceptionally high figures that are expected to rise in the next year as a result of the “influencers” phenomena that is gaining traction as an internet advertising system.

With YITH WooCommerce Affiliate, you can save money on advertising (where you are supposed to pay per click even if no sales are generated) and quickly launch an affiliate program in your shop: with just one plugin, you can get leads, traffic, and sales from targeted partnerships with influencers and bloggers who represent your typical customer.

Make a registration page with a form that you may personalize whatever you see fit.
Select the information you need from the user who desires to join your affiliate program and design your own registration form. Name, email, blog or social profile URLs, a short biography, and so forth. All you have to do is select whether to accept or reject the application. To add the form to any page of your store, use the shortcode. Quick and simple.

Form for Affiliate Registration

From a single table, you can monitor and manage all of your affiliates.
You may manually add new affiliates (select amongst existing users or add a new one via the modal window) and accept or reject affiliate applications that arrive through your shop’s registration form from the Affiliates table. The table provides a rapid summary of all affiliate commissions, earnings, and conversion rates, as well as access to a single affiliate information page.

Keep track of every data about your affiliate users.
Every affiliate information page is accessible via the Affiliates table. On this page, you may see personal information (such as your website, registration date, referral URL, and so on) as well as facts on the produced commissions and payments. You will be able to override the global% commission and put up a bespoke one, as well as block affiliates and do other things.

Detail page for an affiliate
Affiliate commission rates vary depending on the product, user, and job.
Set a default commission and then add rules to define varying amounts based on the person, user role, or product.
Set a worldwide commission that will be applied by default to all affiliates. This value may be overridden for certain affiliates, and custom rules can be created to set varying commissions depending on the advertised product or their unique user role. You may, for example, define a global 20% rate for all items and a higher or lower rate for a single product exclusively.

Choose how to handle commission payments.
Select whether to pay the earned commissions manually or automatically. When paying commissions manually, you may choose when to pay them (from the Affiliates or Commissions tables) or wait until the affiliate files a payment request via his or her dashboard. In the case of automated payment, you can choose whether to pay all commissions daily or monthly (on a specific day, e.g. every 15th of the month); when a set amount is reached (e.g. the payment will be issued when the affiliate reaches the $100 threshold); or combine the last two options: issue the payment monthly but only if the commission threshold is met. Furthermore, you may specify a limit payment amount (for example, if the affiliate has $1,000 in produced commissions, a maximum payment of $500 can be requested, with the remaining paid via a subsequent request).

Payment of affiliate commissions
Affiliate commissions may be paid via PayPal or Stripe.
Choose how the commissions will be paid.
Pay the commissions manually using bank transfer (and then mark them as paid in the plugin panel) or use PayPal or Stripe for simpler and quicker handling. You may do this by integrating it with our plugins YITH PayPal Payouts, YITH nulled plugin Account Funds, or YITH Stripe Connect, which entirely automates commission payment, so the plugin does all of the work for you.

Control commissions using the designated table.
In the Commissions table, you may monitor and manage all commissions, the goods that earned them, pay them manually, and see the specifics of each individual commission.

Table of commissions Affiliate dashboard
Allow your affiliates to access a separate dashboard to track their profile, clicks, and produced commissions.
Select whether to allow affiliates to access the affiliate dashboard via an endpoint visible in My Account after logging in or via a custom website with the built-in shortcode. Affiliates will be able to obtain a wide overview of the leads (visits, clicks, etc.) and commissions produced via the dashboard. They will be able to check their own credit and request commission payment (if the admin has activated the associated option), search and create new referral links, modify their personal information (billing address, PayPal email to receive money, etc.), and much more.

Assign promo codes to your affiliates and allow them to give a discount to customers they recommend to your store.
Do you want your affiliates to market your store effectively? Utilize the method adopted by some of the largest e-commerce shops, such as Shine, Zalando, Zara, and others, and develop a discount code for each affiliate. This allows affiliates to provide a discount to their blog readers or social media following, increasing traffic to your business.

Affiliate discounts
Administrator affiliate statistics
Monitor affiliate revenue and the affiliate users that produce the greatest traffic with the integrated dashboard.
You will be able to regularly and simply monitor the status and trends of your affiliate program via the integrated dashboard. You may, for example, learn about the sales volume produced by your affiliates, which affiliates are more productive, and which goods create the most leads.

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