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eBroker Mobile App Template 1.1.0

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eBroker is a cross-platform property solution designed for iOS and Android users. It offers a user-centric interface, a subscription module, payment options, multiple languages, a property view with a 360-degree view, a light and dark theme, area converter, location-based property listings, RTL support, live chats, video views, articles bookmarking, Firebase authentication, and push notifications. The app features a dynamic home page, a feature for navigating through property listings, and a feature for showcasing property ads. The app also offers efficient property management, location-based listings, informative property articles, favorite properties, dual theme support, multi-language support, and RTL support. The admin dashboard provides comprehensive control over customer management, property management, dynamic property amenities, property advertisement insights, subscription management, dynamic app settings, and role-based management. The app also provides granular control and permissions for different user roles, streamlining operations, enhancing security, and optimizing productivity.

eBroker Mobile App Template  Why would an individual purchase eBroker?
– Cross-Platform Developed; Compatible with iOS and Android – Pre-Configured Property Solution

– Tested, Modifiable, and Dependable Code – Scrutinized and Maintainable Coding Framework
– Contemporary and Captivating User Interface Design

Fabulous Features
Module for Subscriptions: Payment
Numerous Languages
A 360-Degree View of the Property
Theme of Light and Darkness
Zone Conversion
RTL assistance, location-based property listings, and live chats
Video View Capability
Articles (page) Firebase Authentication and Firebase Push Notification are bookmarked.

Customized Home Page
Our interface and user-centric design make it simpler than ever to navigate property listings and investigate appealing home features.

More than Most Viewed Properties, Featured Properties, and Most Liked Properties

Real estate insight
Exploit the app’s comprehensive property details to conduct a seamless home search. One location contains everything you need to know.

Live Discussion and Chat List
Users can consult about properties in real-time by establishing direct connections with property proprietors or agents via the app’s live messaging function.

The Property Perspective
Users are granted access to a 360° panorama and recordings showcasing the property. Additionally. they can discover information about the required amenities.

Add Property Property proprietors or agents have the option to include their available-for-rent or sale properties within the application.

Prominent Featured Ads
By featuring their properties as featured listings, real estate owners or agents can increase the visibility of their properties in the designated featured section.

Effective Administration of Real Estate
With the application’s user-friendly filtering capabilities, property owners and agents are able to effectively oversee their properties by sorting by rental or sale availability.

Listings of Properties by Location
Users have the ability to effortlessly navigate and locate properties in close proximity to their preferred location.

Property-Informative Articles
The application grants users access to a compilation of property articles that offer insightful information on a wide range of real estate subjects.

Preferred Properties
A favored property feature is incorporated into the application, allowing users to conveniently access and save their preferred property listings.

Light & Dark Modes
Dual theme support is provided by the application, enabling users to toggle between dark and light modes in order to create a visually tailored experience.

Multilingual Assistance
The application supports multiple languages. enabling users to utilize the application in the language of their choosing

Support for RTL (Right-to-Left) Language
The application offers RTL support, which facilitates a smooth user experience for right-to-left languages.

Effective Admin Dashboard
Admin is granted extensive authority over property listings and customer administration.

The Property Management Admin panel empowers users with the ability to add, amend, and delete properties with ease. Manage your real estate portfolio with ease and effectiveness.

Dynamic Amenities for Properties
Incorporate dynamic amenity features to enhance your property offerings in a seamless manner. Create and administer facilities with ease using the panel.

The Property Advertisement Insights Admin panel offers an all-encompassing perspective of property advertisement particulars, such as the advertising strategies and validations of the agent or property proprietor.

Streamlined Subscription Administration
Admin has the ability to effortlessly optimize, monitor, and customize subscription plans, ensuring that all users have a seamless and individualized experience.

Dynamic Application Configuration
Admin panel customization options enable seamless personalization, providing complete authority over payment gateways, maintenance, updates, Firebase configurations, and notifications; this simplifies the administration of applications.

Role-oriented administration
Incorporate role-based management into your administration interface to grant specific permissions and control to distinct user responsibilities. With relative simplicity, streamline operations, bolster security, and maximize productivity.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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