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AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template 1.3.0

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AppDL is a Multilingual Tiny App Store designed for high speed, security, and multilingual content. It allows users to publish apps and games from web versions and allows admins to approve or reject user files. The app also offers an API for use on other websites or mobile applications.

AppDL is developed using PHP language and CodeIgniter framework, allowing users to define different languages, publish specific blog posts, and create unlimited categories and subcategories for apps, games, and blogs. The admin dashboard allows users to manage and edit static and dynamic pages, block specific accounts, and enable or disable Google ReCAPTCHA.

The admin dashboard features include managing static and dynamic pages, managing AdMob configuration, enabling or disabling Google reCAPTCHA, sending push notifications, creating new languages, setting timezones and calendars, and managing social media IDs. Users can also set different logos for different templates and admin dashboard templates.

The system requires Linux web hosting, PHP versions 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, and PHP extensions like Curl, GD2, MBString, OpenSSL, PDO, PDO_Mysql, Mysql, allow_url_fopen, XML, JSON, Fileinfo, Intl. MySQL 5.7.x / MariaDB 10.x.x or newer.

Users are responsible for publishing the application on Google Play or other markets, and the author makes no commitment to approve or disapprove the application. Once purchased, it is not possible to refund money as users have full access to its codes.

Users can use the app on one domain only, modify or edit codes, translate languages, and not resell, distribute, give away, or trade the app without permission. Both Regular and Extended licenses can be installed on one domain, with the Extended License being used for in-app purchases, in-app purchases, and auction markets.

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template is a Multilingual Tiny App Store whose primary objectives are a high-speed, secure, and multilingual file download repository. This product enables the creation of an app store comparable to Google Play.
The web version allows users to publish games and applications, and administrators have the ability to approve or reject user-generated files. Moreover, a substantial amount of content is accessible via API, enabling its utilization on diverse websites or mobile applications (including those for Android, iOS, and others).

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template was created and developed utilizing the CodeIgniter framework and the PHP programming language. The administrative dashboard provides the capability to establish distinct languages and distribute blog posts, files, and content that are specific to the language of each respective country. You can grant access to any user role with the capability to award access to any type of user account, including administrator, employee, ordinary, and VIP user. For Apps, Games, and Blog, an infinite number of categories and subcategories can be defined. The creation of a maximum of four subcategory levels is feasible.

Each endeavor has been undertaken to optimize the content for search engines (SEO) in the files and blog posts section. You have the ability to specify SEO descriptions, keywords, and tags for each individual file and post. In addition, this section includes a commenting and review system that utilizes the Google Recapcha system as an Ajax component, in addition to providing high security and filtering the comments and reviews sent to prevent server intrusion. The list of comments/reviews that have been submitted may be exhibited on the administrative interface subsequent to their submission. The manager and employees are granted the authority to either approve or decline any of the entries.

You can generate revenue for this product by utilizing the internal advertising system integrated into the admin interface, in addition to other advertising systems like Google Ads. You have the ability to incorporate advertisements in various sizes and positions using this function. You may also track the number of interactions and views for each advertisement.

Security measures include protection against XSS attacks and CSRFs, form validation, Google reCAPTCHA, and encrypted API access keys.

Android Demo with Live Preview: https://appdl.viacoders.com/dl/app.apk

Depiction of the Admin Dashboard: https://appdl.viacoders.com/auth/login

Email address: [email protected]
The password is 123456789.
Addition, modification, and removal are prohibited in the demo version.

Admin Section Functions
Variable user roles, including super admin, employee, regular user, and VIP user.
Permit access to various user responsibilities via the administration interface.
Observe the user’s actions
The web dashboard permits administrators and users to publish games and applications.
An administrator may accept or decline an application or game submitted by a user.
Capability to build an unlimited number of categories and up to four-level subcategories
Capability to optimize blog posts for search engines
Users may review, approve, or decline comments added to each post.
Peruse, approve, or reject user-submitted reviews for each application and game.
Administration and modification of static pages (including about us, terms of service, and advertising)
Use search engine optimization (SEO) to manage, publish, and modify dynamic pages.
Admin capability to restrict a particular account
Internal Advertising System with a click-through count for each ad Slider for images pertaining to blogs, games, and applications
Configure Google AdMob and enable or disable it.
Disable or enable System reCAPTCHA by Google
Transmission of text notification
Generate an additional language and independently incorporate distinct content into each language.
Capability to configure the calendar type and time zone according to the specified language
Assign an icon to each social media ID. Enable maintenance mode to halt data entry and modification at specified times.
Configuration for email transmitting and receiving
Capability to configure distinct logos for pale and dark templates
Capability to personalize the admin dashboard template for each account to your liking with pale and dark options
Each user must be assigned an encrypted API Key in order to access content from other applications.
The document instructs other applications to retrieve content via the Rest API.
Complete assistance for RTL and LTR
Prevent XSS intrusions
Safeguard all forms with CSRF functionality
Reduce the size of an image without sacrificing quality during encoding.
Entire assistance for UTF-8
The capability to perform system cleaning at a specified time in order to liberate space for web hosting.
Database deletion of Session, Log, Cache, and DebugBar files, as well as user activity history
Capability to optimize tables in a database
Present details and specifications pertaining to the PHP iteration of the web hosting platform.
Version management

Part User Features
Password forgetting, user registration, and login are all entirely secure.
Applications and games can be published via the web interface.
Capability to remove an individual’s account from his dashboard
Capacity to add a new comment to each post Capacity to add a new review to each application and game
Search functionality across applications and games
Capability for program and game sharing
Complete assistance for RTL and LTR
Capability to choose the preferred language
Altering the design of the posts (large and minor)
Modifying the text size of the post

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template Conditions of the System
Hosting for Linux websites (cPanel is suggested)
PHP Extensions: Curl, GD2, MBString, OpenSSL, PDO, PDO_Mysql, Mysqlnd, allow_url_fopen, XML, JSON, Fileinfo, Intl 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
MySQL 5.7.x or later or MariaDB 10.x.x

AppDL Multilingual Tiny App Store Mobile App Template Consider Aware
This task demanded a moderate level of expertise in server and web hosting compilation. If you are uncertain about the nature and operation of this item, you are accompanied by an individual who possesses the necessary technical expertise to comprehend these matters. While you are welcome to request our support for installation assistance, this will incur a fee.
We do not provide assistance with installation or learning to customize. You agree to rely on the User Manual we include with the project and to ultimately resolve any issues on your own when you make a purchase.
It is the responsibility of the users to publish the application on Google Play or other marketplaces. There is no assurance that the application will be approved or rejected by the author on Google Play or other marketplaces.
It is not feasible to issue a refund for an item once it has been purchased, as the purchaser gains complete access to its credentials. Hence, exercise caution when making a purchase.
Should an error transpire subsequent to your modification of the code or database, we shall not bear liability for it.

Use is restricted to a single domain only.
Edit or modify codes as you see fit.
Translate any language you desire.

Without permission, you may not resell, distribute, give away, or trade in any manner with a third party or individual.
Incorporate this item into merchandise sold on the Envato market, its affiliated websites, or in other marketplaces.
Utilize across multiple domains.

Extended or Standard License
In accordance with the License Type, an Extended License is required if:

Make your application a PAID app.
Your app supports in-app purchases, which allow users to purchase specific features.
Offer your application for sale on auction markets.
Installation of both Regular and Extended licenses is permitted on a single domain. The primary distinction between these licenses is that your final product (which includes the item you’ve purchased) is distributed at no cost under the Regular License, whereas it may only be sold to paying customers or otherwise restricted under the Extended License.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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