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Perfex Android App Mobile App Template 1.0.74

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The Perfex Android App is a lead management app designed for Perfex CRM. It features a dashboard, customer profile, task management, support management, and live notifications. The app allows users to view leads, send emails or calls, edit leads, delete leads, and send or call directly to leads. The app requires Perfex CRM, uses KOTLIN programming language, and is based on Google Material Layout. Developers will appreciate the neat and clean code.

Perfex Android App Mobile App Template APERFEX for Android
This app was developed specifically for Perfex CRM as a lead management application.
The features include:

Perfex Android App Mobile App Template Stunning Dashboard
Access every customer
Include clients
Insert contacts
Detailed consumer profiles that include duties, contacts, and more.
Establish Tasks
Commence and conclude assignment timings
Management of support in which support can be added, edited, and deleted
Include responses in support
Find and view all leads within it.
Modify paths
Eliminate margins
Direct-dial or send an email to prospects who have provided their mobile number and email address.
View complete lead information, including the profile, duties, and assignees.
List of notifications, Real-Time Alerts via Perfex
And much more…
URL: Email address: [email protected] DETAILS OF THE DEMO ADMIN ACCOUNT
The password is 123456

Lead Management App (Perfex Android App) – 1
We’ve established a Telegram group for discussions, feature requests, and obtaining pre-release beta applications to test newly added functionality. Click here to be redirected to the group’s Telegram channel: Android application: https://t.me/perfex_crm_android_app

Lead Management App (Perfex Android App) – 2
Lead Management App (Perfex Android App): Three technical details are required. Backend of Perfex CRM: Perfex CRM
Language of programming: KOTLIN
Compile Version 32 Minutes of SDK Version of SDK: 23
Target Version of SDK: 32
Google Material Layout-informed
Each library is current.
Employed every recent Google library
Even better, if you are a programmer, you will undoubtedly appreciate the streamlined and organized code.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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