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EventON nulled plugin 4.6.6

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EventON is a WordPress event calendar plugin that offers a minimalist layout with over 200 features. It supports single and multi-day events, allows users to create events without end dates or times, and allows users to save places and organizers. EventON also supports various user engagement options, including using the universal time and date format, schema SEO content support, and custom CSS styles. It also offers AJAX-driven navigation, integrated PayPal, and customizable language text support. The plugin also includes features like social sharing, AJAX event edit settings, multiple photos for location, and language-related events. It also integrates with third-party plugins like Font Awesome, Google Map, and PayPal.

WordPress Virtual Event Calendar Plugin

EventON nulled plugin Calendar for WordPress is a nicely designed event calendar that displays events in a minimalist, clutter-free layout. We are proud to have designed EventON to meet the industry’s newest design trends.

EventON nulled plugin has over 200 helpful features, including highly configurable recurring events, numerous event photos, limitless event creation, different calendar layout styles, event locations and organizers, and advanced capabilities such as multi-data type and language related events, among others. All of this is included in the #1 best-selling Event Calendar at codecanyon!


  • Supports both single and multi-day events.
  • Create single-day events.
  • Create events without an end date or time.
  • Create all-day events.
  • Duplicate events in WordPress nulled themes admin
  • To exclude some events from the calendar, span them till the end time and hide the end time.
  • Set the event location picture.
  • Set location using latitude and longitude.
  • Save places and utilize them for events.
  • Set the event organizer’s contact information.
  • Save the event organizer for future use in events.
  • Learn more about event link support.
  • Several ways for a user to engage with an event
  • Use the universal time and date format on your website.
  • Schema SEO content support for calendar events.
  • Ability to automatically archive previous occurrences.
  • Easily apply custom CSS styles using eventON Settings.
    Customize the calendar month/year format.
    Customize the calendar date and time formats.
  • Easily reset calendar look to default.
  • Ability to open event cards on load.
  • Display the upcoming events list by months.
  • Pre-set calendar event order: ASC/DESC
  • Show highlighted events above others on the calendar.
  • Show a calendar with just highlighted events.
  • Create calendars with featured photos from a list.
  • Dynamic “load more” pagination of calendar events.
  • Show calendar for certain defined months.
  • Ability to configure event card opening to operate as accordion style.
  • RTL support (right-to-left text)
  • Display a limited amount of events every month on the calendar.
  • Create calendars that exclusively include events from certain event categories.
  • Customize calendar event data with Google Maps interactive capabilities, including mouse scrolling and zooming.
  • AJAX-driven, seamless month-to-month navigation
  • Add a calendar to your theme using a shortcode or PHP template element.
  • Integrated PayPal to collect money for events.
  • Custom Language Text support and includes a POT file for more customisation.
  • Set the events to appear in random order.
  • Show events exclusively to logged-in users.
  • Individual email to accept payments via PayPal each event.
  • Make specific custom fields exclusively available to admins and logged-in users.
  • Prioritize month- and year-long events above others.
  • Add many photos to an event.
  • EventON diagnosis and environment via settings.
  • Auto set previous events as complete.
  • 2.8.7 covers virtual event locations, different event status values, and online or physical event attendance
  • modes. – 2.8.7 Quick and bulk edit event status fields – 2.8.9 Disable jQuery mobile library loading on page – 2.8.9 Bulk edit event status for event posts – 2.8.9 Gutenberg compatible shortcode generator – 2.8.10 Zoom integration for meeting creation

Calendar view 3.0 with shortcode ux_val=3a is now active. Open event cards as a lightbox with material loaded via AJAX. – 3.0 After virtual event ends, display material at a certain time – 3.0 Apply tiemzone value to all events. – 3.0: Local user time for events using moment.js – 3.0.2: Option to conceal GMT value on events – 3.0.6: Interactive repeat event setup – 3.0.8: Related events in order of event date – 4.0: WP_Query

methods to speed up loading – hide_cancels=’yes’ The following features are available: hide all cancelled events (4.0), virtual event filters for filtering events (4.1), eventtop designer (4.1), hourly repeat (4.1), restricted single event page to logged-in users (4.1), sorting and filtering on search box (4.2), assigning multiple organizers to an event (4.2), lightbox-based organizer for more details (4.2), no event section customization (4.2), and repeat e. – 4.3 Social share: WhatsApp and copy event link – 4.3 AJAX event edit settings – 4.6 Multiple photos for location – 4.6 Related organizers and locations – 4.6 Quick and bulk edit support event timezone

Third-party integrations.

  • EventON nulled plugin Font Awesome.
  • Google Map API
  • Google Fonts API: moment.js.
  • Elementor Widget – Gutenberg Block with EventON Shortcode Generator.
  • Woocommerce
  • Zoom API
  • PayPal Basic handlebars.js

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