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DeepSound IOS Mobile App Template 1.3

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DeepSound IOS is a social music and sound application for the DeepSound Ultimate PHP Music Sharing Platform. It allows users to share sound and music, interact with users’ feeds, and share their favorite tracks. The app is easy, secure, and regularly updated. Users can log in and register, forget passwords, share and upload sounds, explore latest music, control settings, discover new tracks, add favorites, create playlists, play songs, stream albums, organize music by genre, take offline access, and more.

Updates to the app include a 1.3 stable version, a stable version, a stable version, a 80% redesigned UI/UX, a trend search page, ringtone settings, and more. The app has been updated with fixes for app crashes, pods install issues, and multiple reported bugs. The app also includes a new cert key required for multiple packages and onesignal packages, and fixes for issues with purchases, activities, products, and PayPal payments. The app also includes features like night mode, ringtones, and playlists.

The app has undergone several updates, with the latest version v1.2.7 (Stable) released on 18 November 2022. It includes the DeepsoundSDK, new encryption systems, event and product systems, station systems, wallet systems, credit card systems, and various payment systems. The app also has a dark mode, improved UI, and push notifications. The app has also been updated with pods, localization, and fixes for 20+ reported bugs.

Version v1.2.5 (Stable) was released on 6 March 2021, and it has been updated with Xcode 12.0.1 and 12.0.1. It has improved UI/UX, added Apple Pay, and improved the song screen. The app has also added a chat system, blog system, and two-factor authentication.

Stable v1.2 was released on 14/12/2019, and it has been updated with Apple Pay for extended licenses, Google Ads, and the ability to skip login. The app has also been updated with features such as a full multilingual system with Arabic support, a dark mode UI design, and more.

The app has also improved performance, supported all types of host TLS2/TLS3, added a block user system, and added the ability to recover an account via email address. The app has also added animations, a new material design, and a full documentation for installation and error solving.

DeepSound IOS Mobile App Template DeepSound IOS is an application for the DeepSound Ultimate PHP Music Sharing Platform that facilitates social sharing of music and sound. Customers can interact with user feeds, like and remark, and share sound and music. Using the application has been made simpler and more enjoyable.

The DeepSound IOS application is user-friendly, secure, and updated frequently.

DeepSound IOS Mobile App Template Swift 5.8.1, Xcode 14.3.1, iOS v1.3/1 DeepSound, and PHP v1.3 or later are required.
-If you sell in-app purchases or charge your consumers, you must acquire an extended license.
What is included in an extended license?
1.An additional payment method, such as Apple Pay.
2-A straightforward gift from our end;)

IOS application for the mobile sound and music sharing platform DeepSound IOS – 1 Application for Mobile IOS: DeepSound IOS-Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform two Mobile IOS Application for the DeepSound IOS-Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform — Three

IOS application for the mobile sound and music sharing platform DeepSound IOS (4) Mobile Application for DeepSound IOS—Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform—5 IOS application for the DeepSound IOS-Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform, number six Seventh-generation DeepSound IOS-Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform mobile application

Mobile Application for DeepSound IOS—A Sound and Music Sharing Platform for iOS—Eight
DeepSound IOS Mobile App Template
Features for Users:
Register and Sign In; Forget Password.
Share and upload music and sounds.
Explore new releases and the most recent music.
Manage the configuration of your application.
Exploration of: Relax and explore new music with Shuffle Mode.Flow enables users to receive personalized recommendations and explore music.
Favourites allow you to effortlessly add your favorite songs to your music collection with a single stroke.
Create recordings for various occasions such as gatherings, workouts, commuting to work, or to reflect your current mood.
Perform songs and stream albums and chart-topping singles by your favorite artists.
Genre: Discover and organize extraordinary music by genre.
Offline Access: Take your collection offline, everywhere you go.
favorite: Display all your favorite sound tracks.
Favorites: Display all your favorited sound recordings.
Recently Played: Display all your Recently sound tracks which you played.
Downloads: Display all your downloaded noises and musics.
Shared: Display all your last shared audio and links.
Top Albums: Play and exhibit all kind of albums in your app filtered by top visits.
Notifications: Display last activities and notifications from your contacts and users.
Numerous more

Recent Developments
Stable version v1.3 as of September 14, 2023
Introduce a new post.
[Added] Conduct a music search.
There are [Added] genres.
[Added] Screen for notifications.
[Added] Screen for artist details.
[Insert] Search.
[Added] Trending Notification.
View of products (added).
To be added to the cart.
[Added] Screen for product details.
[Added] Screen for Carts.
[Added] Share and download.
[Added] Acquisitions.
Followers and the [added] following.
[Added] Retractions.
Proceed with Pro.
Screen for wallets [Added].
[Added to] Individual video player
[Added to] UX enhancements.
Functionality enhancements have been made.
The [Enhanced] Playlist UI
[Added to] Trending display.
The [improved] chat display.
[Enhanced] User profile display.
[Added to] Enabling the screen option.
[Fixed] Audio more option.
[Fixed] Favourite music.
[Fixed] Favourites interface.
[Fixed] Library interface.
[Fixed] Home screen Listing.
[Fixed] App breakdown issue.
Version v1.2.9.1 (Stable) 2 February 2023
[Fixed] Pods install issues.
[Fixed] Constantly reported flaws.
Stable version v1.2.8 as of December 18, 2022
Added: Shimmer display while data is being loaded.
[Advocate for Improvement] Redesigned Player UI/UX
[Added] Password restore functionality.
PayPal email address has been added to my account.
[Added] Assistance for the referral system.
[Enhanced] Permission to observe my affiliates.
Capacity to install additional content in top albums.
[Advocate for Improvement] New UI/UX Redesigned by 80%
(…) [Added] A site for searching trends.
(…) [Added] Uninterested in the melody.
(…) [Added] Setting a recording as the default ringtone.
[Update] A new certificate key is necessary.
[Update] For a single signal package and multiple packages.
[Fixed] Purchase Problems.
[Fixed] Acquire activities.
[Fixed] Obtain a product problem.
[Fixed] Problems with PayPal payments.
[Fixed] Configuration of notifications.
[Fixed] Install a tracking system.
[Fixed] Track playback offline.
[Fixed] Capacity to include remarks.
[Fixed] Load profiles of performers.
[Fixed] Capability to enter night mode.
[Fixed] Configuration of ringtones.
[Fixed] Capacity to include queue tracks.
[Fixed] Enabling dark mode renders the song inoperable.
[Fixed] Capability for playlist additions
[Fixed] Twenty or more reported bugs.
Stable version v1.2.7 as of November 18, 2022
[Update] Update to latest Xcode.
[Update] DeepsoundSDK updated with current Xcode
(…) [Added] New SDK Encryption system
(…) [Added] System for events [Added] System of products [Added] System of stations [Added] Credit card (Stripe) [Added] Wallet system [Added] Payment systems: RazorPay [Added] and Paystack [Added] System for cashless payments [Added] The SecurionPay method of payment [Added] Payment system Authorize.Net [Added] The ApplePay method of payment [Added] Display Pro badge
[Added to] Static Orientation
[Added to] Dim Mode
[Added to] UI Alteration
[Update] Enhance the quality of the code.
The modules have been updated.
[Update] UX/UI optimization.
[Revision] Social Login.
[Revision] Localization.
[Fixed] Twenty or more reported flaws.
Stable variant v1.2.6 August 2, 2021
[Update] Upgrade to Xcode 12.5.1 or later.
[Update] Xcode 12.5.1 has been applied to the DeepsoundSDK.
(…) [Added] Novel encryption mechanism
(…) [Added] Commentary on the Article.
[Added to] Dim Mode
[Added to] UI Alteration
[Added to] Notifications via Push
[Update] Enhance the quality of the code.
The modules have been updated.
Google AdMob has been updated.
[Update] UX/UI optimization.
[Revision] Social Login.
[Fixed] Geographical localization.
[Fixed] Twenty or more reported flaws.
Stable version v1.2.5 as of March 6, 2021
[Update] Install Xcode 12.4 or later.
[Update] With Xcode 12.4, DeepsoundSDK has been updated.
[Added to] Dim Mode
[Added to] UI Alteration
[Added to] UIWebviews Eliminated
[Added to] Notifications via Push
[Added] Color parameters for the application.
RTL Compatibility [Added].
[Update] Enhance the quality of the code.
The modules have been updated.
Alamofire has been updated.
Google AdMob has been updated.
[Update] UX/UI optimization.
[Revision]Social login.
[Fixed] Geographical localization.
[Fixed] Critical display malfunction
[Fixed] Over thirty reported problems.
The stable version 1.2.4 will be released on December 1, 2020.
[Update] Upgrade to Xcode 12.0.1 or later.
[Added to] UI Alteration
[Added to] iPhone Pay
[Added to] UIWebviews Eliminated
[Added to]Enhanced song display
[Added to]Touchscreen lockup enhancements
Localization has been supplemented.
(…) [Added] Song importation.
[Admob] [Added].
[Update] Enhance the Quality of Code.
The modules have been updated.
[Update] UX/UI optimization.
[Fixed] The process of filtration.
[Fixed] Over thirty reported problems.
V1.2.3 Stable on July 5, 2020
[Update] Utilize the most recent Xcode 11.5.
[Increasing] Capacity to view song lyrics.
[Added] functionality to share, amend, and delete albums.
System for Chat [Added].
[Added] Capabilities to share, amend, and delete albums.
[Added] System for blogs.
Register with WoWonder [Added].
[Added] Session management.
(…) [Added] Two-factor authentication is utilized.
(…) [Added] System for Bank Transfer Payments.
[Added] The capacity to acquire albums.
Track is disliked [Added].
[Added] Deezer, Soundcloud, and iTunes imports.
[Included] Night Mode.
[Added] Speed of Playback Increase
[Added] Capability for Track Editing
[Added to] UI Alteration
[Update] UI/UX Design Update
[Fixed] 30+ Bug Reports Replied for.
V1.2.2 Stable on March 5, 2020
Install Xcode 11.2.1
Apple Pay has been added for extended licenses.
Implemented Google Ads.
Added the capability to bypass the registration process.
UI Alteration.
Bug corrections.
V1.2 Stable on 14/12/2019
The capability to examine user purchases has been added.
Pro subscription programs have been added.
The ability to pay with PayPal has been added.
Improvements to the user interface (UI).
Bug corrections.
v1.0 Stable on August 17, 2019
Capability to register and log in through the application.
Added Capability for Playlist Creation
The capability to view recommended content has been added.
The capability to view favorites has been added.
New Capability to Observe Top Songs.
Enhanced Capability to Observe Popular Songs.
Availability of recently played songs has been added.
Extra Capability to Navigate by Genre.
Added Capability for Sound Uploads.
Protected the application against unauthorized uses
Empty state pages have been added.
Added capability for remote lighting.
The Dark Mode user interface design was added.
Increased Capacity To Report Sounds.
New system for caching images.
A server key was added to the API.
Added commenting functionality.
Complete multilingual system with support for Arabic
Ability to examine and contribute to the page for preferred audio
Added Capability to View and Search for Any Type of Sound
Capture of Artist Profiles Added
Added Capability for Album Viewing
Added Capability for Playlist Viewing
Outstanding Player UI Added
The capability to share audio has been added.
Added the capability to modify profile information.
Additional Capability to Modify Password.
Added Capability to View Sound Descriptions.
Added Capability for Notification Viewing.
Additional support for full-screen viewing.
Capture Video Panel data by dragging it down the Request App Permissions system.
Native Emoji keyboard view has been added.
Banner ads have been added to pages.
Regex for numerals, hashtags, and mentions has been added.
Display of alerts, toasts, success, errors, loadings, and more has been added.
Significant improvement in the app’s performance.
Presently supports all types of Host TLS2/TLS3.
Added a system to restrict users.
Users are now able to recover their accounts via email address via the Forget Page.
Animations: Animations have been introduced to pages and products.
Materials Design: Completely redesigned application
Image cropping and rotation have been added.
Added preference screens for settings.
Install Complete Documentation and resolve errors.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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