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JustFans is a premium content creators SaaS platform that offers a mobile-first, minimalist, and user-friendly design for launching a social network site focused on premium content. The platform features advanced articles, advanced feed modules, and payment options like monthly subscriptions, bundles, tips, and pay-to-unlock articles. Key features include advanced article creation, monetization options, and support for various payment processors.

JustFans also offers a messaging application, real-time messaging and alerts, and various emailing drivers. The platform also supports various storage drivers, including local, AWS S3, and DigitalOcean spaces.

JustFans’ efficient, mobile-first layout includes a powerful admin panel with over a hundred options, RTL/LTR and translateability ready, and an easy-to-use custom theme generator. It also includes strong SEO practices, custom hand-drawn vector illustrations, social logins, two-factor authentication via email, email deliverability check during registration, integration with reCAPTCHA for public forms, a referral system, and suggestions for new posts and profile pages based on OpenAI.

The platform is built using Laravel for the backend and Bootstrap and jQuery for the front end, with additional front- and back-end drivers from third parties.

JustFans Nulled Script

JustFans – Premium Content Creators SaaS platform

SimplyFans is a top-notch content maker. With SaaS, a fully-featured PHP platform, you can quickly launch your own social network site focused on premium content.

A mobile-first, minimalist, and user-friendly design powers the experience, which includes features like RTL support, translation options, and themes for both light and dark modes. A variety of payment options, including monthly subscriptions, bundles, tips, and pay-to-unlock articles, are available to your artists.

Key Features:

• A module for creating advanced articles
Uploading many files at once
Uploads of corrupted files
Previews of the uploaded files
Save a revised version.
Use FFmpeg to convert videos; upload only in mp4 format.
Image and video watermarking
Notifies users
Scheduled posts (date of release and date of deletion)
post-description recommendations powered by AI
• Module for advanced feed
Swipeable gallery, full-screen view, and bidirectional feed module
Galleries that can play back music, video, and images
Share feedback in the form of comments, responses, and more.
Posts featured on a profile
• A search module with options to sort results by posts and users, as well as photographs and videos.
The ability to monetize content and work with various payment processors
Processors of payments for Stripe and PayPal
Processor for CCBill payments, specifically for pornographic content.
Bitcoin payment processors Coinbase and NowPayments
Deposits, tips, and unlocks are exclusively handled by Paystack.
MercadoPago (unlocks, tips, and deposits only)
Cashless Transactions
Subscribe on a monthly, biannual, or yearly basis.
Special membership deals for a short time
Blog and User Advice
Buy access to all posts.
Commercials from
Account creation is free and available to all users.
Public profiles (available to everyone)
Streaming in real-time
RTMP Ingestion: Creators must have OBS or a suitable equivalent.
HLS Adaptive Bitrate Output
Public and private streams
Live feeds that need a subscription or pay per view
Live viewer counter and live stream conversation Stream video on demand.
• Support for various storage drivers
Files stored locally
Files stored in AWS S3 (support for CDN and presigned URLs)
Wasabi archived documents
Files were kept in DigitalOcean spaces.
Compact storage
Storage with PushrCDN
• Messaging application
Both real-time messaging and alerts
Media files (audio, video, and photos)
Marketing communications
Generalized communications
Websocket drivers for Pusher and Soketi • alerts for users (email and in-site live alerts) • bookmarks for users (allow users to store items for later)
• User lists (permit users to create their own lists to store other users)
A variety of emailing drivers, including Log, Mailgun, and SMTP
• The option to prevent right-clicking on user postings; • The ability to generate invoices for every transaction; • The ability to impose creator’s identity verification

• parameters controlled by the user
Personal information (login name, full name, birthday, address, email, website)
My Account (Password Reset)
Settings for your wallet (deposit and withdraw)
Account settings (access invoices and transaction records)
Prices (base rate, packages, and deals)
Manage and see your subscriptions in the settings.
Customizing alerts
Personal information (choose between a public and private profile)
Check the identity settings.

Efficient, mobile-first layout (PWA app component included)
Featuring: • Light and Dark Themes; • A powerful admin panel with over a hundred options • RTL/LTR and translateability ready An easy-to-use custom theme generator
Sitemaps, schema.org, and social media meta are all examples of strong SEO practices.
Features such as: • Custom, hand-drawn vector illustrations; • Social logins (Facebook, Twitter, and Google); • Two-factor authentication via email (GAO-blocking capabilities); • Email deliverability check during registration; • Integration with reCAPTCHA for public forms; • A referral system; • Suggestions for new posts and profile pages based on OpenAI
• And much more besides.

Experts in the field
Laravel governs the backend.
Built using Bootstrap and jQuery for the front end.
Extra front- and back-end drivers from third parties
Things needed
Here in the documentation area, you can find the complete list of prerequisites.

php nulled script
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