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SaaS module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script 1.0.8

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The Perfex CRM SaaS module is a revolutionary solution for Perfex CRM owners looking for a multitenancy installation and usage charging feature. This module offers seamless integration with Perfex CRM, providing an exceptional user experience without file replacements or similar tasks that affect core files. It also allows for the use of every payment method of Perfex CRM to check out SaaS plans and pricing policies, including recurring invoices.

The module solves real-world problems and opens up unlimited possibilities for SaaS-based businesses. It features a multitenancy architecture, isolated databases, centralized management, unique subdomains, white labeling options, user access control, billing and subscription management, extensive reports, and integration-ready features.

The module offers various plans, trial plans, per-plan modules, usage limits per plan, email templates/reminders, and configuration options such as automated cPanel/WHM installation, SaaS landing page (optional), automatic tenant generation, manual (SuperAdmin) tenant generation, automatic plan upgrade/downgrade, and optional custom URL for the landing page.

The Perfex CRM SaaS module is designed to cater to multiple businesses without compromising efficiency, security, or user experience. It is the ultimate solution to propel your CRM services to new heights and can be installed and activated in just a couple of minutes. A complete documentation and step-by-step screencast instructions are available for further assistance.

SaaS module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script Are you a Perfex CRM owner seeking a SaaS solution?
The groundbreaking SaaS module for Perfex CRM is now available!

SaaS module for Perfex CRM Nulled Script The SaaS module for Perfex CRM is the long-awaited feature of multitenancy installation and use pricing, officially recommended by the Perfex CRM team, and the marketplace’s #1 SaaS solution!

With our module, Perfex CRM owners may now build several installations for their customers and bill them correctly with a valid license.
The SaaS module bridges the gap and meets the demands of the vast majority of Perfex CRM customers who seek a SaaS solution for their enterprises.

SaaS module for Perfex CRM with Multi Tenancy Support – 1

It has a user-friendly interface that is inherited from the core and is simple to use. It integrates seamlessly with Perfex CRM and delivers an amazing user experience without requiring file changes or other operations that impact essential files.

Perfex CRM accepts all payment methods for SaaS subscriptions, and the price policy includes recurring invoices! You may even make every third-party module accessible for activation using your tenant plans!

SaaS plugin for Perfex CRM with multi-tenancy support – 2

This module addresses real-world challenges and opens the door to limitless possibilities when using Perfex CRM for your SaaS enterprises.

This cutting-edge SaaS Module, which includes robust multitenancy support, unlocks Perfex CRM’s full potential. With this module, you can transform your CRM platform by allowing many enterprises or organizations to function smoothly from a single Perfex CRM installation.

SaaS plugin for Perfex CRM – Multi-tenancy support – 3

This strong multitenancy design allows for a flexible and scalable CRM environment. Easily construct isolated and secure instances for each tenant, providing data protection and tailored experiences for each corporate unit.

Isolated Databases: Each tenant has its own database, eliminating conflicts and maintaining security requirements, as opposed to systems that employ a single large database, clogged with records and slowing down the whole installation.

Centralized Management: Easily manage many tenants from a single admin interface. Switch between tenants, see metrics, and track performance to streamline your management process.

Unique Subdomain: Impress your customers by providing a subdomain to each tenant.

White Labeling: Put your logo front and center! Use our white labeling options to rebrand the CRM interface with your company’s logo and color scheme, giving your CRM platform a more unique look.

User Access Control: Each tenant’s user rights and access levels should be strictly controlled. Customize roles and privileges to guarantee data security and a more personalized user experience.

Billing and Subscriptions: Make it easy for your renters to handle their bills and subscriptions. Provide a variety of subscription options, manage recurring payments, and keep track of invoices easily. The SaaS module dynamically displays currency depending on the end-user’s local currency.

Extensive Reporting: Use extensive reporting capabilities to assess and monitor the performance of each tenant. Gain insight into their use habits and provide them with useful data-driven suggestions.

Integration-ready: The SaaS module connects smoothly with the current Perfex CRM infrastructure, enabling a simple adoption process with no technical barriers.

Optional Custom Landing Page URL: You can now provide your consumers with a one-of-a-kind and branded experience by specifying your own custom landing page URL.

PageBuilder: With our simple page builder, you can unleash your creativity and easily create gorgeous landing pages, making it easier than ever to display your items and engage your customers.

SaaS plugin for Perfex CRM with multi-tenancy support – 4


Embrace the future of CRM with Perfex SaaS Module and cater to numerous enterprises without sacrificing productivity, security, or user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned CRM provider or an aspiring entrepreneur, SaaS Module is the best option for taking your CRM services to the next level.

Get the Perfex CRM SaaS Module now and see your CRM platform change into a strong multitenant environment!

Current Feature List

Plan types include trial plans and per-plan modules.

Usage Limits per Plan (Including the Unlimited Option)
Limit utilization of invoices and customers.
Limit the use of contracts.
Limit the use of projects.
Limit the use of estimates and credit notes.
Limit the use of payments.
Limit the utilization of items.
Limit the use of proposals.
Limit the consumption of expenses.
Limit the use of tasks.
Limit the utilization of Support Tickets.
Limit the utilization of leads.
Limit the utilization of staff members.

Email Templates & Reminders
Welcome Email Verification. Email Expiration Find My Tenant’s Email

Generic Configuration Options.
Automated cPanel/WHM installation (API token)
SaaS landing page (optional)
Tenant generating options include automatic and manual (SuperAdmin). Tenant generation
Automatic Plan Upgrade or Downgrade (depending on Cron)
Tenants may activate and deactivate individual components.
Optional Custom URL for the landing page (Proxy/Redirection mode)
Landing Page WISIWYG Page Builder


Perfex CRM offers a multi-tenancy SaaS module with 5 demos available.
Keep in mind that the demo site refreshes every hour (:05).

← New Signup Demo
To try the tenant-based experience (new SaaS user registration), click the button below:

Perfex CRM SaaS Service Demo

* Scroll down to the PRICING section.* All new signups will get a free trial.

← SuperAdmin Demo.
Click the button below to try SuperAdmin Experience:

Perfex CRM SuperAdmin Demo.

Login email is [email protected].
Password: 11223344.


It takes only a few minutes to install and activate. We produced comprehensive instructions on the installation and setup of the SaaS module, which is available online.

Please review the prerequisites and installation/configuration videocast instructions.

SaaS plugin for Perfex CRM with multi-tenancy support – 6

While documentation offers everything you may need, including step-by-step screencast videos, our support staff will also be accessible to assist you.



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