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Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script with numerous unique features, including geotargeting, device targeting, premium membership, a powerful dashboard, admin panel, and a series of CMS tools. It has been actively developed for over 9 years and offers a live demo with an admin account and user account credentials.

The script includes features such as bio profiles, advanced QR generator, software as a service (SaaS), team feature, custom domains, campaigns, link rotation, splash and overlay pages, geotargeting, device targeting system, custom parameters, plugins, pixel tracking, Slack, WordPress, and Zapier integrations. Users can also enable private services, anonymous user history, social logins, easy translation, full-featured blog, dedicated help center, advanced API system, URL validation and reCaptcha plugin, full-featured administration panel, responsive template with 3 schemes, and a 1-click updater.

The script also includes a built-in language manager, a full-featured blog, and a dedicated help center. The advanced API system requires users to authenticate using a unique API key upon registration, and the script comes with a reCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha plugin. The admin panel allows users to manage URLs, users, and custom pages, as well as control all features from the admin panel.

The script has a responsive template with three schemes, including dark mode, and supports child themes for easy customization. The script is quick and easy to install, with a step-by-step installation process. A 1-click updater allows users to update the script directly from the admin panel.

Premium support is available for purchasers of the product, providing answers and quick tips. Requirements include PHP 7.4+ and PDO Module, mod rewrite enabled, curl enabled, and ImageMagick with RSVG for advanced QR designs.

Premium URL Shortener Nulled Script Premium URL Shortener Nulled Script Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener software with a lot of cool features. It converts a lengthy link into a short smart link that you can use to track clicks and improve your marketing efforts. It gives you a variety of tools to easily setup a link shortening website. Geotargeting, device targeting, premium membership, a robust dashboard and admin panel, and a suite of CMS tools are among the features. It has been being developed for almost 9 years, which means it will continue to improve with each update (great value!).

Premium URL Shortener Nulled Script

Premium URL Shortener Nulled Script URL Shortener Live Demo
You may run the script using the credentials shown below. This is both an administrator and a user account. Simply click “Admin” at the top of the page after signed in to enter the admin panel. Please keep in mind that the demo will be refreshed every week.

Admin Login

Administrator: [email protected] / admin

adminpass is the password.

Login Page | Overlay Page | Statistic Sample Page

Example of a Short URL with a Frame | Example of a Short URL with a Splash

Custom Page | Custom Splash

Some Fantastic Bio Profile/Link Features in Bio Generator

Create stunning bio profiles, distribute a single link, and track traffic. Add widgets and connections to your social network accounts, and personalize your bio profiles with eye-catching colors.

Advanced QR Code Maker

Create one-of-a-kind QR codes and distribute them to the world. Use several sorts of QR codes, change the colors, add your brand, choose from various forms, and track scans.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

With the enhanced license, the script transforms into a SaaS platform that handles all payments by Stripe, PayPal, and bank transfer automatically.

Team Highlight

The new team function enables you to invite members to your group and manage your account as a group. This is ideal for group work!

Personalized Domain

Custom domains are supported for both users and administrators. If your users prefer to use their own domain, they can simply add it and get started. The administrator may also add other domains for consumers to utilize. If you don’t want clients to use your primary domain name, this is ideal.

Campaigns and the Link Rotator

The campaign function enables you to combine together certain links and produce a unique link that you may share to others. That particular URL will enable them to view and access all of the links in the campaign. Campaign data are also aggregated for all links in the campaign.

Pages with Splash and Overlay

The script now generates a separate page for media URLs such as Youtube, Vine, Dailymotion, and so on (See Demo). Users may now build their own splash page, which may be a paid service. As overlays, other CTA popups are also accessible.

System for Geotargeting and Device Targeting

Users may reroute visitors to a different page depending on their location, which includes both the nation and the state of their device. This feature may be turned off in the admin panel or on a per-plan basis.

UTMs and custom parameters

The user may enter custom parameters such as affiliate tags or utilize the system to enter UTMs.

Pixel Mapping

Users may choose from over 15 providers, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest.

Integrations with Slack, WordPress, and Zapier

Set up Slack and enable your users to use custom commands to shorten URLs right from Slack! Your users may configure Zapier, and the script will alert Zapier whenever a new link is shortened or someone clicks on a link! The script also provides a WordPress plugin for your clients to utilize to simply shorten URLs.

Private Assistance

Do you intend to use this script on your own? No worries. Simply activate the private option in the admin panel, and only you and the accounts you create will be able to access and utilize the site’s features.

History of Anonymous Users

Anonymous users may now trace their past ten URLs without registering. From the admin panel, you can quickly activate or disable this feature.

Logins for Social Media

Users may now log in instantly using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.

Simple Translation

Using the built-in language manager, you can quickly convert this script to whatever language you choose. With the press of a button, you may create a new translation, amend an existing one, or even remove it. Because everything is now automated, languages will be added to the menu immediately away.

Full-Service Blog

From the admin panel, you can easily create your own blog. There is no requirement for third-party software.

Dedicated Help Desk

With the click of a button, you can create your own help center and add questions and answers to assist your customers. There is no requirement for a third-party service provider!

API System Advanced

Users must authenticate using a unique API key assigned to them upon registration in order to use the powerful API system. A registered user’s URLs are automatically saved on their account.

Plugin for URL Validation and reCaptcha

A comprehensive validation and URL filtering system provides you with peace of mind. Several options are built in to prevent the system from processing “inappropriate” URLs or domain names (including tlds). In addition, the script includes reCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha. When enabled, the Captcha system will only be visible to anonymous users (those who have not registered).

Comprehensive Administration Panel

A robust administration panel gives you complete control over your website. It allows you to manage URLs, users, and custom pages. You can also use the admin panel to control all of the features by enabling or disabling them with the click of a button. You can manage Advertisement, Captcha Systems, Frames, API Systems, User Registration, URL Filtration, Themes and Maintenance, and other features.

Responsive Template with 3 Schemes including Dark Mode with built-in Template Editor

The default theme comes with 3 schemes (default, light and dark). You can easily edit the layout and the theme to fit your need with the new in-script editor. The script now supports child themes allowing you to easily customize the theme without worrying about updates overwriting them.

Quick & Easy Installer

Powerful, quick and easy installer sets up your website in a minute. You don’t need to go through the hassle of dumping SQL files and editing PHP files. It provides a step by step installation of this software.

1-Click Updater

Update the script directly from the admin panel with the click of a button. Hassle-free!

Enterprise-level Documentation

Extensive and thorough documentation helps you understand all aspects of the product. Views Docs

Premium Support

As a purchaser of our products, you are entitled to premium support. If you have a question, we would be happy to answer it. Also if you need a quick hint, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please don’t forget to follow us and to rate this awesome script. For development & customization, please visit https://gempixel.com.

Requirements PHP 7.4+ and PDO Module

Mod Rewrite Enabled

Curl Enabled

ImageMagick with RSVG for advanced QR designs



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