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Rocket LMS is a comprehensive learning management system designed for online education companies. It offers various types of material, including video courses, live classes, and text courses, and integrates with various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and S3. It also supports online booking of meetings, teacher registration, and organizational education. Rocket LMS is fully customizable, with RTL frontend support, plugins for professionals, and a variety of languages. It also features a tutor locator, localization system, live lessons, SCORM-compliant courses, a Club of Reward Points, and software as a service packages.

Rocket LMS is suitable for various industries, including multi-instructor education, selling instructional goods, multi-institutional organizational education solutions, meeting booking systems, file-selling systems, subscription-based sales mechanisms, and video streaming platforms. To get started, simply purchase Rocket LMS, follow the installation instructions provided in the package, or contact support via CRM for free installation. The platform is designed to be responsive, customizable, and compatible with various devices and platforms.

Rocket LMS is a versatile LMS that allows administrators, educators, and organizations to create courses, access them through direct purchases or subscriptions, and schedule live meetings with available teachers. The product is fully compatible with RTL languages and supports various payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paytm, PayU, Paystack, Zarinpal, Paysera, CashU, Yandex Checkout, Mercadopago, Bitpay, Midtrans, Flutterwave, and Payfort.

Customization options include translation into any language, font styles, colors, sizes, additional and customized pages, and CSS and JS code. Rocket LMS was developed using Laravel, SCSS, Webpack, and Bootstrap, and features multiple content types, single and multiple instructors, organizational education, online meetings, S3 storage support, social and SMS login, subscription system, Google Calendar integration, and customizable content, messages, photos, CSS, and JS codes.

The LMS also includes an accounting system that includes transaction monitoring, sales analysis, sophisticated reporting, refunds, manual accounting, payouts, invoicing, offline payments, and more. It can be deployed on a low-cost shared hosting plan and is multilingual and easily translated, supporting all official currencies and the RTL mode.

Rocket LMS is an innovative LMS platform that offers various features to enhance the educational experience. It includes variable commission rates, personnel and permissions, a fully responsive design, quiz and certification plugins, badges and incentive system, marketing campaigns, notifications, and a user-friendly admin interface. The platform also provides various classes, sections, notifications, multilingual content, affiliate and referral marketing, SCORM courses, in-app live classes, SaaS packages, Reward Points System, tutor Finder, forum and community, course bundles, store and marketplace, drip content, private mode, manual enrollment, assignment and homework, course statistics and analytics, noticeboard, and in-app video calls.

Rocket LMS allows for the creation of quizzes, certificates, badges, incentives, and marketing campaigns. Instructors can earn badges based on their activities, while users can be assigned to various user groups and rewarded with additional discounts and commission rates. The admin interface provides complete control over all aspects of the platform, including accessibilities, reports, and lists.

The platform also features various panels with different data types for teachers, users, and organizations. Users can charge their accounts using an offline payment system, create professional customer loyalty clubs, and use the Reward Points System to earn points for various activities. Additionally, Rocket LMS offers a variety of features such as course bundles, store and marketplace, assignment and homework, course statistics and analytics, noticeboard, and in-app video calls for direct meetings on the platform.

Rocket LMS is a platform that allows users to plan meetings and conduct peer-to-peer or group video conversations directly on the platform. It features various features such as registration incentive, cashback, quiz bank, future courses, installments and partial payment, secure host, Jitsi meetings, course waitlist, gift products, multi-currency, device limit, auto content permission, course capacity, maintenance/coming soon, admin panel URL, update management, AI content generator, and form builder.

The package includes source code for Rocket LMS, extensive documentation, helpful information, six months of free assistance, and free installation for control panel hosting plans. Paid plugins are not included in the package but can be purchased separately. The support package provides longevity updates, ongoing bug fixes, paid modifications, assistance with product characteristics, and free installation for hosting plans that include control panels like cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, CWP, and others.

The license type for Rocket LMS is PHP scripts or PHP nuled scripts. The plugin bundle includes plugins for subscriptions, payment via check, payment gateways pack, exam and certification, system for meetings, textbook courses, SMS verification, bulletin board, integration with Bigbluebutton, corporations, content in many languages, affiliate & referral, software as a service packages, live in-app system, reward points program, tutor locator, SCORM training, community & forum, course discussion board, shop and marketplace, content drip, analytics and course statistics, enrollment by hand, homework & assignments, course bulletin board, course package, internal LMS (Private Mode), video calling within the app, refunds, installation (partially paid), protected video storage, Jitsi live training, future courses, free registration, send a present, support for several currencies, questionnaire bank, waiting list for courses, AI content maker, and form maker.

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Why should you use Rocket LMS?
• A complete solution for online education companies
• Determined by actual business demands and requirements
• Various sorts of material (video courses, live classes, text courses)
• Both public and private courses
• Exam and Certification
• Integration with YouTube, Vimeo, and S3.
• Integration with Google Calendar
• Online booking of one-on-one and group meetings
• One or more teachers
• A system of organizational education
• Reminders for meetings and webinars
• Permissions for users
• Commissions that vary
• Integrated accounting system
• Class assistance system
• Bulletin Board
• Subscription system
• 30 global payment gateways
• Payment via check
• SMS and social media login
• Support for several live class systems
• Multilingualism
• Completely responsive
• Completely customisable
• RTL frontend support
• Plugins for professionals
• Affiliate and referral program
• Content in many languages
• Tutor Locator
• System of localization
• Live lessons inside the app
• SCORM-compliant courses
• Club of Reward Points
• Software as a Service Packages
• Community & Forum
• Course Discussion Board
• Virtual & Physical Product Store & Marketplace
• Content Drip
• Analytics and Course Statistics
• Duration of Course Access
• Enrollment by Hand
• Internal LMS (Private Mode)
• Homework & Assignments
• Course Package
• GDPR Compliance
• Article Submission on the Front End
• App-Only Mode for Mobile Devices
• PDF Viewer Online
• Change the colors and fonts from the Admin Panel
• Notifications and Reminders for Courses
• Home Builder with Drag and Drop
• Device Restrictions (Avoid Duplicate Login)
• Registration Incentive Bonus
• Coupons for the First Purchase
• Purchase Returns & Cashback
• Question Bank for Quizzes
• System for Upcoming Courses
• Waiting List for Courses
• Payment Plans & Partial Payments
• Safely store videos (avoid course downloads)
• Jitsi Meeting Assistance
• Support for several currencies
• Video Call System inside the App
• Give Courses as a Present
• Advertisement Bars at the Top and Bottom
• Universal Private Courses
• Capacity for Courses (Universal)
• Modes for maintenance/coming soon
• Administration Panel Update
• Modify the URL of the Admin Panel
• Instructor Profile Discussion
• …


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Rocket LMS comes with two design styles, which you can see in the links below:

Style 1 (Animated Header) Demo
Full-width Header Demo Style 2

URL to the Admin Panel
[email protected] is the user name.
Administrator is the password.

[email protected] is the user name.
Instructor is the password.

[email protected] is the username.
Password: student

[email protected] is the user name.
organization as a password


Learning Management System – Rocket LMS – 6


Learning Management System – Rocket LMS – 7

Rocket LMS – Learning Management System – 9Rocket LMS – Learning Management System – 8Rocket LMS – Learning Management System – 9

Rocket LMS – Learning Management System – 11Rocket LMS – Learning Management System – 10Rocket LMS – Learning Management System – 11


Rocket LMS is a full-service online education platform. It may be used for:
• Developing a multi-instructor education platform for offering live classes, video courses, and text courses.
• Developing a platform for selling instructional goods.
• Developing a multi-institutional organizational education solution.
• Developing a meeting booking system for one-on-one and group meetings.
• Establishing a file-selling system.
• Developing a subscription-based sales mechanism for educational resources.
• Developing a platform for video streaming.
• …

Everything is in place for you to launch your internet company now! Simply buy Rocket LMS and follow the installation instructions provided in the package, or contact support via CRM and request free installation.

Courses will be able to be created by administrators, educators, and organizations.
Students will be able to access courses via direct purchases or course subscriptions. They also schedule live meetings with teachers who are available.
The payment will be split between the content supplier and the administrator.
Admin may also handle anything from the professional admin section.

Is the product compatible with RTL languages?
Yes, the product fully supports the RTL direction at the front end.

What are the server specifications?
Please join in to our CRM using this link and go to the knowledge base from the side menu for hosting/server suggestions. We recommended many hosting options to meet various demands. The documentation also includes it.

Can I use shared hosting to operate the product?
There are no restrictions with shared hosting options.

Can I use YouTube and Vimeo to store videos?
Yes. They may be used as free and secure video storage.

Which payment methods are accepted?
There are 15 gateways available for various nations. Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paytm, PayU, Paystack, Zarinpal, Paysera, CashU, Yandex Checkout, Mercadopago, Bitpay, Midtrans, Flutterwave, and Payfort are some of the payment methods available. Paypal, Razorpay, and PayU are all supported. Others need the use of plugins. Check our CRM for a list of supported countries.

What aspects of the product might be customized?
– It may be translated into any language.
– Each and every phrase and picture
– The whole set of preconfigured contents
– Font styles, colors, and sizes
– Additional and customized pages
– CSS and JS code

What technologies are used in development?
Rocket LMS was built using Laravel, SCSS, Webpack, and Bootstrap.

Rocket LMS functions


Rocket LMS is jam-packed with valuable features, which you can see on this page and in the live demo. Key characteristics are also available in the following list:

Multiple content kinds are supported by Rocket LMS, including video courses, live classrooms (Webinars), text-based courses (Plugin), SCORM courses (Plugin), and articles.

Single and numerous instructors: Rocket LMS may be used as a marketplace or as a single teacher service.

Organizational education (Plugin): Rocket LMS supports organizations and institutions, allowing you to associate students and teachers with specific organizations and institutes. Different pricing might be set by organizations for their own pupils.

Online meetings (Plugin): Instructors and organizations will be able to sell online meetings in addition to educational products, and students will be able to schedule online, in-person, and group meetings.

Payment gateways (3 included): 30 gateways are supported for various countries. Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paytm, PayU, Paystack, Zarinpal, Paysera, CashU, Robokassa, Mercadopago, Bitpay, Midtrans, Flutterwave, Payfort, Braintree, Mollie, Alipay, Authorize.net, Instamojo, Izipay, Klarna, N-genius, Payku, Paylink, Sslcommerz, Payhere, Toyyibpay, Voguepay, JazzCash, Paysera. Offline payments are accessible as a premium plugin as well.

Support for Vimeo and Youtube: You may utilize Vimeo and Youtube video URLs as course components, allowing them to be used as free and secure video storage.

S3 storage support: Reduce your hosting expenses by using S3 storage services such as Amazon S3 and Wasabi.

Social and SMS login: Users may log in to the system via social accounts (Google and Facebook), as well as SMS and login. Twilio is used by Rocket LMS for SMS login.

Subscription system (Plugin): In addition to standard cart purchases, students will be able to subscribe to courses by buying various subscription plans. You may also establish limitless subscription plans to provide consumers access to all platform content for a certain amount of time.

Google Calendar integration: Because Rocket LMS is coupled with Google Calendar, users may add all events, such as live class sessions, meetings, and so on, to their Google calendar, and events will be recalled to them immediately, ensuring that nothing is missed.

All of the contents, messages, photos, CSS, and JS codes will be fully changeable.

Change colors and fonts from the admin panel: Instantly match the platform color to your brand! From the admin panel, you may change all of the colors and fonts.

Accounting system: Rocket LMS contains an accounting system that incorporates transaction monitoring, sales analysis, sophisticated reporting, refunds, manual accounting, payouts, invoicing, offline payments, and other features.

Support for shared hosting: No need to pay for pricey VPS or dedicated servers! Rocket LMS may be deployed on a low-cost shared hosting plan.
Rocket LMS is multilingual and easily translated. All official currencies are represented. The RTL mode is supported.

Variable commission rates: Using variable commission rates, you may increase user loyalty. Define and promote higher commission rates for the most active teachers.

personnel and permissions: Create personnel for various departments with varying degrees of access.

Fully responsive: A high-quality responsive design makes information available on a variety of devices.

Quiz and certification (Plugin): Create an infinite number of quizzes and certificates to attach to courses. In addition to text questions, you can create video and graphic quizzes.

Rocket LMS comes with a robust certification system that lets you build quiz-based certifications and course completion certificates.

Badges and incentive system: Create several badges based on the instructor’s activities. Instructors will be automatically given badges.

Users may be assigned to various user groups and rewarded with additional discounts and commission rates.

To carry out marketing campaigns, there are numerous marketing features available, such as advanced discount codes, content promotions, highlighted courses, course discounts, advertising banners & modals, email newsletters, and so on.

Notifications: After each associated process, automatic notifications will be issued. You may also send users promotional and personalized alerts.

In the gorgeous admin interface, you have complete control over everything. Functionalities underpin many accessibilities, reports, and lists.

Students will be able to communicate with professors via a simple and efficient course support system. Users may also generate support requests for the administrator.

various panels: Rocket LMS features various panels with different data kinds for teachers, users, and organizations.

Offline payments (Plugin): Users will be able to charge their accounts using an offline payment system, and the money will be applied to their account after admin permission is received.

Class choices: Each class has numerous options such as class capacity, private classes, class start date, class reports, FAQ, filters, rating, invited instructors, and so on that enable you produce professional instructional content for various educational purposes.

Course Sections: Divide course content into sections and chapters.

Noticeboard (Plugin): Display notifications on the noticeboard and send individualized messages to students.

Multilingual Content (Plugin): Create website content in several languages. The material will be loaded in the language of the user.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing (Plugin): Use the affiliate marketing capability to give your platform additional strength. Users will be able to make money by selling courses on your site.

SCORM Courses (New in v1.5): Add an interactive educational experience to your platform. Publish Adobe Captive, iSpring, or any other software-created courses.

In-App Live Class System (New plugin in v1.5): Hold live classes on your platform with fantastic features like live chat, screen sharing, and so on. Your users will not be sent to a third-party app. Consider displaying a live class screen on your website… It looks great! This functionality makes use of the Agora API.

SaaS Packages (New in v1.5): Define multiple service packages and restrict different features for instructors and organizations, such as courses, meeting time slots, live class capacity, organization instructors, and students. Users should upgrade their accounts to have access to more features.

Create a professional customer loyalty club on your website with the Reward Points System (New plugin in v1.5). Your users will earn points for various activities such as purchasing, charging their accounts, publishing courses, passing a quiz, achieving a certificate, comments, course reviews, joining the newsletter, referring users (Affiliate), receiving badges, course completion, meeting reservation, and engaging with your platform. Users will be able to use points to enroll in courses or convert them to account balance.

Tutor Finder (New in v1.5): Allows users to locate the best teachers based on many criteria such as tutoring level, tutoring topic, meeting type (Online, In-person), meeting time and day, location on the map, age, and gender. This feature contains a lovely wizard that collects data from the student and displays the best matches.

Forum & Community (New plugin in v1.6): Enhance your LMS platform with a professional forum and community functionality. Users will be able to develop new topics in various categories and chat with one another on various themes.

Course Forum (New in v1.6): Allow course participants to post questions in the course forum. Questions will be answered by other students and the lecturer. Resolved questions may be marked as “Resolved” by students.

Course Bundle (New in v1.6): Combine many courses into a bundle and offer them as a package.

Store & Marketplace (New in v1.6): Add a multi-vendor marketplace and store functionality to your platform, allowing users to sell both actual and virtual goods.

Drip Content (New plugin in v1.6): Limit student access to course chapters and files using various limiting settings such as time and sequence content. You may choose whether students must access course sections X days after buying the course or must pass the prior part.

Do you wish to operate an LMS solution for internal purposes? Use Private Mode (a new plugin in v1.6). You may restrict which people have access to courses for enrollment by setting the private mode.

Manual Enrolment (New in v1.6): From the admin panel, manually enroll students in courses, bundles, and goods.

Assignment & Homework (New in v1.6): Define multiple assignments for each course with varied choices such as grade, deadline, and so on to improve the educational process.

Course Statistics and Analytics (New in v1.6): Visualize course information and statistics.

Course Noticeboard (New plugin in v1.6): Send various colored messages to course students.

In-app Video Call (New plugin in v1.7): Use the in-app video call feature to have meetings directly on the platform. Allow users to plan meetings and conduct peer-to-peer or group video conversations directly on the platform. There is no need to utilize another video conferencing service to hold meetings.

Registration incentive (New plugin in v1.7): Provide a registration incentive to your website users and encourage people to register on your website. Allow customers to access the bonus immediately or need them to do particular activities, such as recommending others or making referral purchases, to do so.

Cashback (New plugin in v1.7): Encourage your platform users to make purchases and recharge their wallets with a certain % or fixed amount after making purchases. Define various cashback conditions, and the money will be recharged to the user’s account when the payment is completed.

Question Bank (New in v1.7): Define various questions for a quiz and show a set amount of questions to viewers at random or in a sorted order. By providing users with random questions, you may create more accurate quizzes.

future Courses (New in v1.7): Inform your platform users about future courses. Users may subscribe to forthcoming courses, and they will be notified when the course is published. Obtain early adaptors for your course before posting it.

Installments and Partial Payment (New plugin in v1.7): Use the installment (Partial Payment) to sell diverse resources such as courses, and configure upfront, payment phases, length, and interest for installments. Disable platform or course access for late payments. For each payment, the system will email a payment reminder.

Secure Host (New plugin in v1.7): Are you concerned about your videos and courses being accessed, downloaded, and disseminated by unauthorized individuals? Make use of this tool to protect your video material against unauthorized downloading.

Jitsi Meetings (New in v1.7): Hold live lessons on Jitsi and enjoy a low-latency live video experience.

Course Waitlist (New in v1.7): Enabling the waitlist option for your course ensures that you never lose out on prospective students. When the course’s capacity is achieved or the course is in session, users may join your course waitlist. Inform your waitlist subscribers about upcoming events.

Gift Products (New in v1.7): Allow your platform’s users to give courses or other resources as presents to their friends instantly or at a later date. The receiver will get an email confirming receipt of the gift.

Multi-currency (New in v1.7): Sell your courses in multiple currencies and convert course pricing based on the currency chosen. Make payment gateways for each currency accessible. Take your company global.

Device Limit (New in v1.7): Limit the number of logged-in sessions for users and eliminate account sharing.

Auto Content permission (New in v1.7): User-created material (courses, contents, and so on) will be automatically published without admin permission.

Create private courses that will not be featured on the product page, and the admin may manually add students to them via the admin panel.

Course Capacity (New in v1.7): For all course categories, you may establish a specified capacity so that only a restricted number of people can enroll in the course.

Maintenance/Coming Soon (New in v1.7): Enable this option to notify users about the status of your platform’s maintenance or launch.

Admin Panel URL (New in v1.7): Change the URL of your website’s admin panel to boost platform security.

Update Management (New in v1.7): From the admin panel, update your platform to the most recent version.

AI Content Generator (New in v1.8): Generate text and pictures using the OpenAI API for a variety of uses such as course descriptions, thumbnails, SEO descriptions, blog entries, and so on. The system is integrated with many OpenAI models, allowing you to leverage various APIs.

Form Builder (New in v1.8): Create variable forms with a variety of input types, share them with users, and gather data via surveys, etc., based on your company needs. You may also apply forms to other procedures, such as registration, becoming an instructor, and establishing an organization form, to get more tailored information from users.

• Source code for Rocket LMS
• Extensive documentation
• Helpful information
• Six months of free assistance
• Free installation for control panel hosting plans (cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, Hostinger, Hostgator, and so on).


• Plugin for subscriptions
• Payment via Check
• Payment Gateways Pack (includes PayPal, PayU, and Razorpay)
• Exam and Certification
• System for Meetings
• Textbook Courses
• SMS Verification
• Bulletin Board
• Integration with Bigbluebutton
• Corporations
• Content in many languages
• Affiliate & Referral
• Software as a Service Packages
• Live In-App System
• Reward Points Program
• Tutor Locator
• SCORM Training
• Community & Forum
• Course Discussion Board
• Shop and Marketplace
• Content Drip
• Analytics and Course Statistics
• Enrollment by Hand
• Homework & Assignments
• Course Bulletin Board
• Course Package
• Internal LMS (Private Mode)

• Video Calling Within the App
• Refunds
• Installment (Partially Paid)
• Protected Video Storage
• Jitsi Live Training
• Future Courses
• Free Registration
• Send a Present
• Support for several currencies
• Questionnaire Bank
• Waiting List for Courses

• AI Content Maker
• Form Maker

You will get all future plugins for free if you purchase the plugins package.

The following plugins are chargeable and not included in the package, and you may buy the plugin bundle at the current pricing based on your company needs.

View plugins and price by clicking here.

Rocket LMS is a product that is supported. We will provide help to our clients in accordance with Codecanyon’s support rules, and you will receive:
-Longevity updates
-Ongoing bug fixes
-Paid modifications
-Assistance with product characteristics
-Free installation (for hosting plans that include control panels like as cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, CWP, and others)

Our CRM will be used to manage the support process.

You may choose the license type from the table below.



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