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The eCommerce industry relies on entrepreneurs’ planning, hard work, store features, good support, and marketing costs to attract new customers. This online store is an all-in-one solution for those looking to create a single or multivendor eCommerce store. The software allows users to sell everything in one MegaStore or create separate stores for each category, allowing them to run any type of online store such as fashion, jewelry, electronic, grocery, ebook, software license key store, or all products in a single eCommerce store.

GeniusCart offers affiliate marketing features for store owners, allowing them to convert visitors or customers into affiliate marketers. This feature generates tons of new visitors every minute without spending thousands of dollars. The E-Commerce Script also includes exclusive features not available in most eCommerce stores, such as whole sell, commission based product selling, subscription based product selling, order tracking, dynamic coupons, product stock, invoice management, premium packaging, real-time notification, multiple admin and stuff, secret login by admin, multiple currency, multiple language, messaging system, and real customer rating.

GeniusCart is the latest All in One single or multivendor eCommerce store with mobile apps for a fraction of the cost. It provides standard dashboard statistics, country and tax management features, dynamic category management, advanced product settings, bulk product upload and management, product reviews and comments management, standard coupon management, customer and vendor withdrawal management, payment gateways, smart currency management, social links management, email templates management, payment gateways, smart currency management, social links management, email notifications, dynamic contact section, advanced searching and sorting technique, vendor panel, smart dashboard statistics, country wise tax management, state wise tax management, category-based commission system, subscription earning system, withdrawal earning, commission-based earning, category-wise coupon making system, type-wise product activate and deactivate system, reward information, Facebook Pixel, vendor profile slider, total earning system in vendor panel, deposit system in user panel, reward system in user panel, Google Captcha verification used in frontend, Authorize.net,Mercadopago, Flutterwave, SSL competitorz, and mobile money.


Success in the e-commerce sector is primarily dependent on the marketing expenses used to draw in new clients, as well as the entrepreneurs’ preparation, diligence, and store features.

This online shop is the one-stop answer for you whether you’re searching for a single or multivendor e-commerce site. For those who want to establish an internet shop that may sell anything, this software has been built! A typical internet shop is limited to selling one kind of product, such as digital, license key, or physical goods. However, this program allows you to either establish a distinct store for each category or sell everything in a single MegaStore. It is thus possible to operate any kind of online shop, including those selling jewelry, fashion, electronics, groceries, ebooks, software licensing keys, and all items under one eCommerce platform.

With the help of this online store’s fantastic affiliate marketing tools, business owners can turn every visitor or client into an affiliate marketer. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars advertising your eCommerce business since anybody can sign up and promote it via various channels for affiliate money. This feature will bring in loads of new visitors every minute!

This is not the last chapter! This E-Commerce Script is the most potent script from our team and includes several unique features not seen in most eCommerce businesses in addition to all the standard eCommerce capabilities! This system may be used as a single vendor shop, and if you decide to expand into a multivendor store in the future, you can quickly convert your single vendor store to a multivendor store using the admin panel. Additional features include bulk sales, commission-based and subscription-based product sales, order tracking, dynamic coupons, product inventory, invoice management, premium packaging, real-time alerts, multiple admin accounts, secret admin login, multiple currencies, multiple languages, messaging systems, and real customer ratings, among many other things.

This online shop will undoubtedly help you succeed in the eCommerce sector, saving you thousands of dollars in marketing expenses, and need no coding knowledge.

GeniusCart: One- or multi-vendor e-commerce platform with a marketplace for both physical and digital products

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For a fraction of the price, we have recently announced our finest all-in-one eCommerce shop with mobile apps for single or many vendors! With this newest tool, Genius Shop, you may construct any sort of business. Before the discount expires, get it.

GeniusCart: A Single or Multiple Vendor E-Commerce Platform for Digital and Physical Products – 2
Standard Dashboard Statistics in the Admin Panel
Number of total pending and processing orders shown
displaying the finished order numbers
displaying the total number of clients and items
displaying the total number of posts
displaying some statistics for the last thirty days and forever
Access the dashboard to see recent orders and client information.
Find out about recent and well-liked items.
displaying a sales graph for the last 30 days
Obtain the most popular and top referral data in the chart.
Obtain comprehensive order information with specific data.
Acquire all outstanding and ongoing orders.
Information on completed and declined orders, as well as tools for country and tax management
Discover the possibility to calculate taxes.
Management of Subscription and Withdraw Earnings
Controls commission revenue
Adaptive Category Control
able to produce new goods
Obtains and oversees the administration of all deactivated items and catalog products.
Enhanced Product Configuration
Obtains and oversees every affiliate product.
able to develop fresh affiliate goods
Upload products in bulk and handle option to manage product reviews and comments
Standard Coupon Management: Oversees Every Customer’s Withdrawal Process
Managing Every Transaction Within The System
Control the default picture of the customer
Deposit Management for Customers
oversees the management of all vendors’ withdrawals
Vendor Subscription Management Controls All Vendor Verifications Pending Verification Management System Manages Default Background Color
Construct and be capable of overseeing any vendor subscription plan
oversees every user ticket
Handling of Conflicts
Managing Blog Categories
Management of Blog Posts
Symbol, Favicon, and Loader Control
Owner Site Theme Management Oversees Packaging and Shipping Procedures
Locations of Pickups Handling
Typical Content Management for Websites
Management of the Nation and State Oversees the Management of Affiliate and Footer Informations
The administration of the arrival section and the slider is handled by the arrival page image settings, which are updated by the website maintenance management.
oversees the day’s deal and the contents of partners
Customization of the Advanced Home Page
Contact Us page Management FAQ page Management
Handling of Other Pages
Email Templates Management Sendiio Configurations Handling Capable of Configuring the Getresponse Setting
Possibility of Customizing the Sendiio Email Group Sending Feature Configurations
bits of data related to payments Administration Oversees Payment Gateways
Astute Currency Handling
Advanced Accounting
Management of Social Links
Controls Google Login Settings; Facebook Login Settings
Language settings for the website and admin panel Font choice control
Employee Administration Capable of controlling every subscriber’s website, including role management and cache clearing
Modify the Password and Profile Changing System
Password Recovery Program
Panel of Users
Statistics on the Smart Dashboard
System for User Registration
Displaying the affiliate amount and total balance
Details about the account shown
Showing the total and the pending order number
Obtain all the details on recent orders.
Managing Affiliate Information
Typical trait for withdrawal
sophisticated deposit method
Obtain all transaction information.
Management of rewards
Order Monitoring Program
Management of Favorite Sellers
able to communicate with other users using the messaging feature
Capable of Opening a Ticket for Specific Problems
Capable of Starting a Conflict for Specific Order Problems
Utilize the Selling Plans to Begin Selling
Account Settings with the Ability to Update Contact Details and Account Status
Change your password, use the recovery system, and much more.
Additional Dynamic Elements
Able to remark on the product and write a review after it has been purchased Choosing the Typical Blog Sharing Option
Use Facebook Opportunity to log in.
Use Google Advantage to log in.
Facilities for Google Captcha
Dynamic Contact Section with Email Notification System
Advanced Method for Sorting and Searching
Smart Dashboard Statistics for Vendor Panel
Obtain the total number of pending, processing, and completed orders.
Obtain the sold item number and total products.
Obtain the whole salary amount.
displaying information about recent orders and items
Get a typical graph of sales over the last thirty days.
Ability to build Affiliate Products: All Products Management Manages All Orders; New Product Creation feature
Bulk Product Upload Function, Affiliate Products Management, Advanced Withdrawal Banner Settings and Shipping Methods are managed by the System Service Section Management. Management Oversees Social Link Management, Packaging Settings
Change Password and Edit Profile – Password Recovery System Demo
Admin Demo: https://product.geniusocean.com/geniuscart/admin/login; Website Demo: https://demo.geniusocean.com/geniuscart/

Admin Login: Password: 1234; User: [email protected]

Product: geniusocean.com/geniuscart/user/login; User Demo:

User login credentials are [email protected] and 1234.

https://product.geniusocean.com/geniuscart/user/vendor-login is the vendor demo.

User login credentials are [email protected] and 1234.

Modify the Log in Version 4.0!
Nation-Wise Tax Administration
State-by-State Tax Administration
Commission system based on category, Tax computation system, Subscription earning system, and Withdrawal earning commission based on category Sort-by: Coupon-making system Product Activation and Deactivation Details for the Reward System
Vendors of Facebook Pixel may create their own profiles. Slider
Total Earnings System in Vendor Panel; User Panel: Deposit System
User Panel’s Reward System
Frontend uses Google Captcha Verification
Mercadopago Flutterwave SSL merchants Mobile money, among many other things!
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