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FoodTiger Nulled Script 3.6.0

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FoodTiger is a PHP script designed for food delivery, allowing users to create their own meal delivery service. The script is built on Laravel 8 and offers a demo site with updated credentials. Users can register restaurants, add drivers, and allocate orders. Entrepreneurs can accept orders through the system and mail, manage their restaurant, and assign subdomains. Workers can be registered and allocated to the restaurant, and customers can place orders. The project is available for installation on shared hosting or virtual private servers. The php Script is a nulled script.

FoodTiger Nulled Script

FoodTiger – Food delivery – Multiple Restaurants

A brand new and very effective PHP script, FoodTiger, is built on top of Laravel 8. In a matter of minutes, you may launch your own meal delivery service.

There is a demo site that is updated every hour.
The website address is https://foodtiger.site/.

Documentation about the demo credentials may be found on the demo website.

A person in charge
In your capacity as administrator, you will have the ability to register restaurants, add drivers, and allocate orders to respective drivers. Take a look at the sophisticated stats that show how many orders have been placed.

entrepreneur who owns a

will be able to accept orders for their restaurant via the system as well as through the mail. They will have the ability to either reject or accept the order. There will also be the ability to administer their restaurant, including categories, merchandise, and other aspects. One subdomain is assigned to each restaurant.

Those who drive

There are workers working for you. Through the system, you are able to register them. Additionally, as soon as the restaurant accepts your order, you will be able to allocate it to them. Delivery of the order will be made by drivers, who will thereafter update the status to “delivered.” In the near future, they will have a mobile application.

The customers

Customers are the ones who place orders at the restaurant via your establishment. Individuals have the ability to register, provide their address, and place an order with the restaurant of their choice.

Instructions for installation
This is a project built on Laravel. You have the option of installing it on shared hosting or virtual private servers. Shared hosting instructions are provided here. Mobidonia’s Gitbook: https://mobidonia.gitbook.io/mresto/docs/installation

php Nulled Script

php Script

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