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Ultimate POS is a comprehensive ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing application that has been continuously updated and improved over the past four years. With over 4,000 businesses worldwide, it offers a wide range of features and is available for purchase at a reasonable price. The application is designed to help businesses grow their operations and is updated with new features every four years.

The application supports multiple businesses, multiple locations, and customizable invoice layouts and schemes. It also allows users to create roles and create unlimited users with different roles. The application also allows users to manage single and variable products, manage purchases, and manage expenses.

The application also offers reports, such as purchase and sale reports, tax reports, contact reports, stock reports, expense reports, cash register reports, and sales representative reports. Other useful features include setting currency, timezone, financial year, and profit margin for a business.

The Ultimate POS is translation ready and offers a simple three-step installation process. The application is available for purchase and sale, and is available for both admin and cashier users.

The Ultimate POS application is a comprehensive ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution that has been thoroughly tested and updated over the years. It offers features such as stock adjustment, express checkout, and recurring expenses. The application has also been updated with new features such as page leave confirmations, invoice scheme dropdowns, recurring expenses, and permission to view product stock value. The application has also addressed minor issues such as stock transfer, stock mismatch, product variations, opening balance, and other minor improvements.

The latest release, V3.3, introduced new features such as getting stock value by selling price and purchase price, giving the same price to all variance of variable products at once, date range filter in cash register reports, and the ability to select invoice layout in the POS screen. It also added a date range filter for cash register reports and a date range picker filter in customer/supplier -> sales/purchases.

The application has also been updated with improvements such as import sales from excel sheets, featured products in the POS screen, permissions for access printers, access tables, Acess types of service, and package subscriptions. It has also addressed issues with profit and loss reports, shipping charges, POS screen payment issues, stock adjustment deducting from sales, total sold issues in the stock report, and credit limit issues in customers.

The UltimatePOS software has undergone several updates and improvements over the years. The latest release, V2.19, introduced various features such as different types of services, price group options, location-based default payment accounts, and location-based products. It also introduced a credit sale button in the POS screen, allowing users to add customers directly from the booking form. The software also introduced a profile picture or avatar for users to upload, new status overdue and partial overdue for sales and purchase invoices, tax in expenses, and an optional due date display in invoices.

In the latest release, V2.17, the software introduced a combo product, exporting all products selling price group price and importing all products selling price group price. It also added an option to configure the data-table default page entries value and added custom labels for payment methods. The software also improved the opening balance due to customers, the account deposit from field in the deposit form, and fixed issues with transaction payment date and logo in email notifications.

In addition to these updates, the software has also introduced several new features, such as compatibility with the Manufacturing module, bulk editing multiple products in one time, display of customer reward points in the invoice, and the ability to mark a product as “Not for selling.” The software also introduced a new report for item purchase-sales-opening stock-stock adjustment mapping, and fixed product duplicates when stock management is disabled.

The UltimateFosters software has undergone several updates and improvements over the years. The latest release, V2.13, was released on April 9th, 2019, and includes several improvements such as enabling/deactivating products, decimal precision for currency and quantity, PHP-CS-Fixer & Prettier, service staff selection, printing invoice buttons in recent transactions, currencies, query optimization, indexing, mobile number addition to customer dropdowns, mass delete products message improvement, auto refresh orders, stock report improvement, and disabling category or brands from the POS screen products filter.

V2.12.4 was released on March 18th, 2019, and V2.12.3 was released on March 8th, 2019. These updates included filters in List Purchases, Sales, Products, and dashboard improvements. V2.12 was released on February 11th, 2019, and V2.11.4 was released on January 9th, 2019.

New versions 2.11.3 and 2.11.2 were released on December 26th, December 5th, and November 12th, respectively. These updates include improvements in product description, product description field, mail driver option, expense payment modal, footer total improvement, and more. The software also includes compatibility releases for WooCommerce addons and other miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

The latest version of the software, V2.10, was released on 5th October 2018 and includes improvements such as sending email and SMS notifications for purchases and sales, support for all countries’ SMS providers, improvements in purchase and sell returns, stock transfer and adjustment, and POS screen improvements. The software also includes a time saver for adding similar products and invoices, a setting screen redesigned for easy management, and fixes for opening stock issues and product lists showing the same product multiple times.

V2.8 was released on 21st August 2018 and includes improvements in contact form design, total in sales, purchase, and expense tables, shipping hidden from invoices, and search by contact ID on Purchase and Sell. V2.7 was released on 10th August 2018 and includes compatibility for SaaS and Superadmin optional Premium Modules, 3 new custom payment methods, and the ability to store backup files in the cloud.

V2.5 was released on 16th July 2018 and includes support for restaurants, salons, and related businesses, appointment and bookings, table allocation, service man assignment, modification options, beep notifications, custom SKU for product variations, and two new reports. V2.4 was released on 22nd June 2018 and includes product image upload, application backup, category filter, new lot report, cash return and purchase delete issues, and quick addition of suppliers and customers from the Purchase or Sell screen.

The Ultimate Fosters software has undergone several updates, including the introduction of sub-taxes for group taxes in invoices and tax reports, a field for website and four custom fields in business locations, and improvements in stock expiry reports. The software also features a new elegant and classic invoice design, more fields for adding/editing products, and quick checkout using credit/debit cards. The POS screen has been redesigned, with more shortcuts added, customizable buttons, and new reports such as product purchase and product sell reports. The software also supports contact IDs and HSN codes for GST countries like India. The software also includes a new sell feature, allowing users to sell quickly with the POS screen or create an invoice via the “Add Sell” screen. The software also supports receipts (thermal ESC/POS) and allows partial payments. The software has also been updated with translations for various languages, including Spanish, French, German, Hindi, and Albanian. The ultimate POS software is now available in multiple languages and is compatible with various payment methods.

Ultimate POS Nulled Script Our 10+ years of business expertise have heavily influenced this product. We’ve been adding and enhancing it for over four years, with 200+ releases and 1000+ features, and it’s utilized by over 4000 enterprises globally. This product will never cost $19, $29, or $39. It is intended for people who are serious about growing their company. When you purchase UltimatePOS, you’ll get a great deal.


Ultimate POS Nulled Script Coming Soon:
Ultimate POS is the best ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution – 1

The next version, 5.3, was published on October 25, 2023. Change Log.


Please do not ask for help in the comments area; instead, file a ticket on our website at https://ultimatefosters.com/support/.

Ultimate POS – The best ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution – 2

Ultimate POS – The best ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution – 3

Ultimate POS: The Best ERP, Stock Management, Point of Sale, and Invoicing Application – 4

POS application for all businesses


Ultimate POS – The best ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution – 5

Ultimate POS – Best ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution – 6.


POS application for all businesses





Ultimate POS – Best ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution – 7.


Ultimate POS Nulled Script Demo Login URL: https://ultimatefosters.com/ultimatepos-demo/
Username: admin
Password: 123456.
Cashier or Salesperson Login:
URL: http://pos.ultimatefosters.com/login.
Username and Password: cashier/123456
Important Document Links:

Complete documentation.
Installation Guide
Tax Guide
Setting up GST and HSN codes
Installing Thermal Printers
Tables, Service crew, Reservations, Modifiers, Kitchen for Restaurants, Saloon, Service center
Server requirements:
PHP 7.2 or above.
MySQL database
Here is the installation guide: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/installing-ultimatepos.

Are future updates free?
Yes, future LIFETIME updates are free.

Do I have to pay to update to the newest version?
NO, you get updates for free.

Ultimate POS Nulled Script Will it function offline?
Yes, it works offline.

What hardware does it support?
– Barcode Scanner
– Receipt or Thermal Printer (with ESC/POS instructions).

Does it support our currency?
Yes, we support all currencies. If you do not see the currency mentioned, please let us know in the comments. We will add it within minutes.

Does it support languages other English?
Yes, UltimatePOS is translation-ready.

Do you support the item?
Yes, certainly.

Does it support GST/VAT taxes?
The tax is fully configurable. GST, VAT, and group taxes may be defined as a mix of CGST and SGST. These taxes may be specified when adding buy and sell orders. You may see the tax report to see the specifics of input and output taxes for a certain time period.
Key features:
Multiple businesses/shops:
Create several companies in the program.
There is no limit on the number of enterprises.
Each firm maintains its own inventory and accounting records.

Add Locations / Storefronts / Warehouses:
Create several locations for your company or store.
Manage all of them simultaneously.
Stocks, purchases, and sales may be recorded differently by geography.
Customize the invoice layout and design for each location.

User and Role Management:
A powerful user and role management system.
Predefined roles: Admin and Cashier
Create various roles with permissions based on your needs.
Create an unlimited number of users with varying responsibilities.

Contacts (customers and suppliers):
Mark the contact as either a customer, a supplier, or both.
View transaction information for a contact.
View the complete Credit/Debit balance amount.
Define your payment terms and get payment warnings a week before the due date.

Manage single and variable goods.
Classify items by brand, category, and sub-category.
Add goods with varying units.
SKU numbers may be added manually or generated automatically using prefixes.
Receive stock notifications for cheap stock.
Save time by allowing the system to automatically determine the selling price based on the buy price and profit margin.
There’s no need to enter variations every time; instead, construct a variation template and utilize it whenever you need to produce variable goods.

You can easily add purchases.
Add purchases for several locations.
Manage paid/due purchases.
Receive notification of due purchases a week before the payment deadline.
Add Discounts and Taxes.

Simplified interface for selling goods
Default walk-in customers are automatically added to a business.
Add a new client from the POS screen.
Ajax-based selling screen – reduces reloading time
Mark an invoice as draft or final.
Various payment methods
Customize the invoice layout and design.

Manage expenses:
Easily include business expenditures
Categorize expenditures.
Analyze spending by category and company location with the expense report.

Purchase & Sale Report
Tax Report
Contact Reports
Stock Reports
Expense Report
View Trending Products, dig down by Brands, Categories, Sub-categories, Units, and Date Ranges.
Expense Reports
Cash Register Report
Sales Representative Report

Another helpful feature:
Set the currency, timezone, fiscal year, and profit margin for a firm.
Translation is ready.
Predetermined barcode sticker settings.
Create your barcode sticker settings.
Manage Brands, Tax Rates, Tax Groups, Units, Categories, and Subcategories.
Installation is simple, taking just three steps.
Detailed documentation.
Stock Adjustment
Express Checkout
Works offline.

Demo Login URL: http://pos.ultimatefosters.com/login.
Username: admin
Password: 123456.

Register a new business at http://pos.ultimatefosters.com/business/register.

UltimatePOS Application has been extensively tested to ensure that there are no difficulties, however if you notice any, please notify us at http://ultimatefosters.com/support/.

For any pre-sales or support inquiries, please leave a remark at codecanyon or contact us here: http://ultimatefosters.com/support/

With this program, you may save time on the tedious process of bookkeeping, accounting, and inventory management. In addition, you will have all of the necessary information for a thorough study of your firm.

Ultimate POS – Best ERP, stock management, point of sale, and invoicing solution – 8.

Version Log:

All release notes are available at https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes-version-log-for-ultimatepos/v4-x-release-notes/.

New Version 4.3 (May 19, 2021):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/v4-x-release-notes/#V43-Released-May-19-2021
New Version 4.2 (May 2, 2021):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/v4-x-release-notes/#V42-Released-May-2-2021
New Version 4.0 (March 4, 2021):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/v4-x-release-notes/#V40-Released-March-4-2021
New Version 3.7 (December 21, 2020):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V37-Released-December-21-2020
New Version 3.6.4 (November 23, 2020):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V364-Released-November-23-2020
New Version 3.6.3 (November 13, 2020):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V363-Released-November-13-2020
New Version 3.6.2 (November 6, 2020):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V362-Released-November-6-2020
New Version 3.6.1 (November 4, 2020):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V361-Released-November-4-2020
New Version 3.6 (October 19, 2020):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V36-Released-October-19-2020
New Version 3.5.2 (September 10, 2020):
FIX: Stock transfer and stock mismatch.
FIX: Product Variations.
FIX: Opening Balance
Fix: Other minor
Version Log:

New Version 3.5 (August 25, 2020):
Version log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V35-Released-August-25-2020
Version Log:

New Version 3.4 (July 7, 2020):
Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V34-Released-July-7-2020
NEW: Many screens now provide page leave confirmations to prevent data loss.
NEW: Invoice scheme option added to the POS screen.
New: Recurring costs.
NEW: Ability to examine product stock value-added.
IMPROVEMENT: Spaces decreased in invoices
IMPROVEMENT: Contact form improved: Added additional fields: Title, first name, middle name, last name, address line 1, address line 2, date of birth.
IMPROVEMENT: User max discount validation has been introduced for fixed type discounts.
IMPROVEMENT: Recurring invoicing problem resolved.
IMPROVEMENT: The tax report has been updated to include data on input tax, output tax, and expenditure tax.
IMPROVEMENT: Removed the POS screen reset when changing pricing group.
FIX: Weighing scale product search problem.
FIX: Fixed the problem with the user’s maximum discount
New Version 3.3 (June 9, 2020):
Release Notes
NEW: Calculate stock value based on selling and buy prices. In the stock report, you may learn about the possible profit for each stock.
NEW: Set the same pricing for all variations of variable items at once.
NEW: Date range filter added to the cash register report.
NEW: A hide price option on slender invoices has been introduced for gift receipts.
NEW: Option to choose invoice layout on the POS screen.
NEW: The user maximum sale discount has been applied.
NEW: Option to choose invoice layout on the POS screen.
Improvement: Fixed height added to the sale list.
Improvement: Added customer information to thin invoice.
Improvement: Show current product stock on the add buy screen.
FIX: Category dropdown problem is addressed.
FIX: Black theme color problems are resolved, and the background color from module names is removed on the side menu.
Improvements and stability.
New Version 3.2 (May 20, 2020):
[NEW]: Import Sales from Excel Sheet (Beta)
[NEW]: The POS screen now includes featured goods for commonly used products.
[NEW]: Permissions added for Access printers, Access tables, Acess kinds of service, Acess Package Subscription.
[IMPROVEMENT]: The due date is removed from the invoice after it is paid.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Custom field labels may be changed from Settings rather than in the language files.
[IMPROVEMENT]: In the detailed invoice design, customer custom fields are shown on distinct lines.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Payment information have been added to the add expenditure page.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Filter by business location on the dashboard, if several locations exist.
[Improvement]: Date range picker filter in customer/supplier->sales/purchases
[IMPROVEMENT]: The Product Sell Report now includes a complete report with purchase line data.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Added the SKU column to the Product Purchase and Sell reports.
[IMPROVEMENT]: If enabled, lot number will be included to the product sale report.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Design of the User View Page
[IMPROVEMENT]: In the dashboard, allow export options for all tables.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Ability to activate or disable login for a user.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Design improvements to improve the appearance of View Contact, Supplier, and View Users.
[IMPROVEMENT]: Design modifications for suspended invoice dialog, including a remove option.
[IMPROVEMENT] If enabled, show the lot number in the product sales report.
[FIX]: Add shipping charges to the profit and loss report for the sales problem.
[FIX]: Sometimes there is a payment problem on the POS screen.
[FIX]: Stock adjustments are deducted from sales.
[FIX]: Issue with total sales in the stock report when multiple locations are enabled.
[FIX]: Credit limit problem for a client.
[FIX]: Credit sales problem is fixed.

New Version 3.1 (March 26, 2020):
New Version 3.0 (February 27, 2020):
RELEASE NOTES (Read the release notes before upgrading.)
Patch Version 3.0 (March 6, 2020):
RELEASE NOTES (Read the release notes before upgrading.)
Patch release for version 2.19 (January 13, 2020):
New Version 2.19 (January 8, 2020):
RELEASE NOTES (Read the release notes before upgrading.)
NEW: Service types (such as dine-in, third-party service, parcel, courier, and so on), with the possibility to establish multiple pricing categories for each service. Also, the kind of service breakdown in view registered.
NEW: Price grouping option for places added.
NEW: A location-based default payment account for various payment methods.
NEW: place-based items; choose the place where the product will be offered. Additionally, product locations may be assigned in bulk.
NEW: Enable/disable payment methods from the business location.
NEW: Credit sale button on the POS screen.
NEW: Adding customers straight from the booking form.
NEW: Product Warranty
NEW: position has been added to the cash register; you can now specify the position of the cash register before opening it.
NEW: Profile image or avatar for users to upload.
NEW: New status overdue and partial overdue for sales and buy invoices, which extended the pay term date with a filter for screening them.
Improvement: Include tax in your costs.
Improvement: Made the alert quantity field optional on the Add Product page.
Improvement: Displaying the due date on invoices.
FIX: Product images in the POS screen are occasionally not shown.
FIX: Cashflow Balance
Overall Code Improvements
New Version 2.18 (November 26, 2019):
[NEW] Redesigning the Login & Registration page to appear nice
[NEW] Test email and SMS sets in the settings.
[NEW] Allow selection of datetime in pos screen
[NEW] Activate or deactivate business location
[Improvement] Cash register total sales, cash sales, and credit sales
[FIX] Account book transaction balance on the same day and time
[FIX] Profit & Loss report fixes and improvements
[FIX] Decimal stock sales are fixed
Miscellaneous corrections and improvements.
New Version 2.17 (November 1, 2019):
NEW: Combination product.
NEW: Export all goods’ selling prices and group prices
NEW: Import all goods’ selling prices as group prices
NEW: Option to customize the data-table default value for page entries (options added under business settings -> System).
NEW: Account types and subtypes.
IMPROVEMENT: The default selling price on the purchase screen now includes tax rather than omitting it.
IMPROVEMENT: Display “Current Stock Value” in the stock report.
IMPROVEMENT: Opening balance owing is added to the customer’s total payable on the invoice.
IMPROVEMENT: Account deposit field changed to optional in the deposit form.
FIXES: Stock expiration report fixes.
repairs: Various repairs and improvements.
New Version V2.16.3 (September 19, 2019):
IMPROVEMENT: Location permissions were transferred from roles to users. Document Link
NEW: More preset ranges added to the date range picker; Javascript language files updated.
NEW: Search settings have been introduced. Document Link
NEW: Custom payment method labels have been introduced. Document Link
IMPROVEMENT: Show contact information on print ledger.
IMPROVEMENT: Converted all csv to xls import for improved compatibility.
FIX: Transaction payment date problem resolved.
FIX: Logo problem in email notice is addressed.
FIX: Datatable decimal number problem on print fixed; Label print decimal number issue solved.
New Release: V2.16.2, August 30, 2019.

Fixes and improvements.
New Release: V2.16.1, August 28, 2019.

Hide the admin role from non-admin users when creating users.
Submit an alert problem for adding/editing sales.
“Not for sell” column added to import product
Quickly add customers from the POS screen displays custom fields.
When modifiers are removed, their prices reset.
Improved printing of barcode stickers
Database decimal column length changed.
New Release: V2.16, August 19, 2019

Release details: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V216-August-19-2019
NEW Module: Compatible with the Manufacturing module.
Bulk edit several goods at once.
Display client reward points on the invoice.
Mark a product as “not for selling” in add/edit products.
Enable reservations option has been added to module settings.
Sub-Units have been added to goods to allow you to choose just the appropriate units for your chosen units.
New Release: V2.15, August 7, 2019

BIG FEATURE: client Reward Point; Increase client loyalty by awarding them reward points.
Customer/Supplier ledger
Miscellaneous improvements
Important Note: If you’re using the Essentials module, upgrade it to the newest version V1.0 after upgrading UltimatePOS to 2.15.
Release Details: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V215-August-7-2019.
New Release: V2.14.3: June 18, 2019.

The Essentials module includes support for the HRM function.
Improved the user profile.
Item Report: item purchase-sales-opening stock-stock adjustment mapping report is now available.
Closing stock in the Profit & Loss report will subtract stock adjustments.
When stock management is deactivated, product duplicates are fixed.
New Release: V2.14: May 29, 2019.

Discounts by category, brands, and start-end date
Many changes have been made to the Profit & Loss report, including Gross Profit, Profit by Category, Profit by Brand, Profit by Date, Profit by Invoice, and Profit by Day.
Gross Profit in the Profit and Loss Report
Stock report was added to the product list.
Product list: Show the price of the product and the price range for the changeable product.
Product list: Show price and available stock total in all locations.
Quickly add products from direct sale.
Add purchase returns from all purchases by a supplier (no need to pick any specific purchase invoice).
Print a packing slip.
To show a product picture in an invoice, enable it in the invoice layout.
Performance enhancements in reports and other parts.
Show custom fields on the contact information page.
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
New Release: V2.13: April 9th

Release details: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V213-9th-March-2019.
NEW: Activate or deactivate goods in the product list.
NEW: Currency Decimal Precision (number of digits shown after the decimal for currencies)
NEW: Decimal precision for Quantity (number of digits to display after the decimal in currencies).
NEW: PHP-CS-Fixer and Prettier (improved code standards)
NEW: Service Staff may be specified for each line in sales. Related modifications in the service staff report and added to the orders page.
NEW: Print invoice button in recent transactions on the POS screen.
NEW: Currency additions.
IMPROVEMENT: Optimize queries and index data for quicker loading and searching.
IMPROVEMENT: Add mobile number to customer selection on POS screen.
IMPROVEMENT: The mass remove product message has been enhanced.
IMPROVEMENT: Implemented auto-refresh orders on the Kitchen and Orders pages, with adjustable refresh times.
IMPROVEMENT: Stock report improvements
IMPROVEMENT: Disabling categories or brands also disables the POS screen’s product filter.
FIXES: Sale return subtracted from sales representative report, customer owing on balance sheet and tax report.
FIXES: Drafts and quotes in lines were deleted from the product sales report.
Other corrections and improvements.
New update: V2.12.4: Released on March 18, 2019.

Maintenance Release (no new features introduced; no need to upgrade if you have a prior version installed). https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V2124-18th-March-2019
New updates: V2.12.3: Released on March 8, 2019.

Filters for List Purchases, Sales, and Products
Show available stock on the product search dropdown on the POS screen.
Display the opening balance on the reports and contact information page.
Improvements and fixes to the dashboard.
Other small improvements.
Contact opening balance problem is solved.
Dashboard numerous ajax calls are decreased.
Fixed the invoice due display problem on the dashboard.
HTML code enhancements
New updates: V2.12: Released February 11th.

Cleanup, fixes, and improvements from the V2.12 release.
Release notes and documents: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V2122-18th-February-2019.
</il> https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V2122-18th-February-2019.
New updates: V2.12: Released February 11th.

Release notes and materials are available at https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes.
Payment Accounts, Related Reports and Features
Subscriptions (source: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/sales-sell/sales-subscriptions/).
Multiple units of a product. (For example, buy in a box and sell in parts.) (Source: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/products/product-units/)
Invoice external URL (Document: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/sales-sell/invoice-external-url)
Show a customer’s entire owing amount on an invoice.
Opening Stock Improvement
Opening Balance for Customer Improvements.
Dashboard graph upgrades – location-based graphs and corrections
Overall corrections and upgrades.
New updates: V2.11.4: Released January 9th.

Update Instruction
NEW: Minimum sale price added to the pos/sale screen.
NEW: Added Document Upload and Download capability in Payments.
NEW: Filters on the cost list introduced.
NEW: Turkish translations added.
Enhancements: Improved uploads. Uploads directory shifted from storage to public.
Improvements: Purchase/Sell algorithm.
Improvements: Stock Report now displays all varieties.
Fix: Product buy, product sale, purchase payment, and sell payment reports for location filtering.
Fix: Expense on the profit and loss report.
Fix: Delete the purchase.
Fix: The registration details problem has been resolved.
New version 2.11.3, December 26th.

Maintenance release
New version 2.11.2, released on December 5th.

NEW: Implemented quick add product from the POS screen.
NEW: Suspend sale option added to POS screen.
IMPROVEMENTS: The Add/Edit Product screen now includes a product description area. Quickly add goods and import CSV files.
IMPROVEMENTS: Disable the submit button when the form submission is implemented.
IMPROVEMENTS: Mail driver option added to the corporate email settings.
IMPROVEMENTS: Expense payment mode has been introduced.
IMPROVEMENTS: The footer total in the sell and buy lists has improved.
IMPROVEMENTS: Pos screen design is enhanced.
IMPROVEMENTS: Phone, alternative mobile, and website fields added to the registration forms.
IMPROVEMENTS: Images corrected /install/fix-image (after logging in with administrat_username and removing app/storage).
IMPROVEMENTS: Debug enabled by default.
FIX: Sales list footer total problem resolved.
FIX: The customer group report and buy payment report location problem has been resolved.
FIX: Tax report tax details problem is addressed.
FIX: Sale total and Sale due problem in numerous locations addressed.
Fix: Other fixes
New version 2.11 was released on November 12th.

NEW: New invoice design displays all taxes in column form.
NEW: New payment permissions, pricing and discount edits on the POS screen.
Payment Report Improvements.
IMPROVEMENTS: Purchase and Sell Return Payment enhancements
IMPROVEMENTS: Detailed invoice design enhancements
IMPROVEMENTS: View and print individual payments.
IMPROVEMENTS: Sales agent’s name on invoice
enhancements: Sub-Category UI enhancements.
enhancements: Shipping information field enhancements in the sale screen.
IMPROVEMENTS: Barcode label printing.
Variable Product Improvements.
IMPROVEMENTS: Compatibility release for the WooCommerce plugin
Miscellaneous upgrades and fixes
V2.10 (Released: October 5, 2018)

NEW: Sending email and SMS alerts for purchases and sales.
NEW: SMS notifications are now supported by ALL nations’ SMS providers, as well as RESTFul API support.
NEW: Purchase Return.
IMPROVEMENTS: Increased sales return
IMPROVEMENTS: Stock Transfer Improvements to Select Lot Number and Expiry
IMPROVEMENTS: Stock Adjustment Improvements to Select Lot Number and Expiry
POS Screen Improvements:
IMPROVEMENTS: Allow subtotal modification in POS screen.
Many more fixes and improvements.
V2.9 (Released: September 11th, 2018)

NEW: Import customers using a csv file.
NEW: Price groups. Add numerous pricing for a product, such as retail and wholesale prices, as well as prices for different company locations.
NEW: Language change option on Login/Register page.
NEW: Copy/Duplicate items (Time Saver when adding comparable products)
NEW: Copy/Duplicate Sell Invoices. (Time Saver when adding comparable sell invoices)
NEW: Save and add another button on the Add/Edit product screen (time saver).
IMPROVEMENTS: Redesigned the setting panel to make it easier to adjust settings.
IMPROVEMENTS: Merge POS settings into system settings to control settings from one spot.
FIX: Added an opening stock problem to the product list.
FIX: Product list displays the same product many times.
Other fixes and improvements.
V2.8.1 – August 23, 2018.

Quick Fixes
V2.8 – August 21, 2018

NEW: Opening balance added for customers and suppliers.
IMPROVEMENT: The Add/Edit contact form design has been enhanced.
IMPROVEMENT: Added Total to the sale, buy, and spending tables for better visibility.
IMPROVEMENT: Shipping is concealed from the invoice if 0
IMPROVEMENT: Zeros after the decimal point with product stock.
IMPROVEMENT: Search contacts by contact ID in Purchase and Sell.
IMPROVEMENT: Reports improvements: product purchase and sale report, stock report.
ISSUE: Dropbox backup (needs PHP 7.2)
V2.7 – August 10th, 2018

NEW: Support for SaaS and Superadmin optional Premium Modules
additional: 3 additional Custom payment methods introduced, allowing you to create additional payment ways based on your requirements.
NEW: Backup files may now be stored in the cloud, including Local, Dropbox, and AWS S3 Document. Never lose your data again.
enhancements: Significant enhancements in Backup: Complete log with Download/Delete option.
IMPROVEMENTS: Include payment received data from the Add Purchase screen.
IMPROVEMENTS: Include payment received data from the Add Sell screen.
IMPROVEMENTS: Customer screen Action: Pay Due Amount for Multiple Invoices at Once.
IMPROVEMENTS: Sale Payment Report and Purchase Payment Report with Date Range Filter and Total Display in Table
FIX: Lot number problem on POS screen.
V2.6 – July 30th, 2018

NEW: Added a Shipping Charge option in Sales and the opportunity to print invoices.
NEW: Lot number and expiration option added to Sales, with ability to print in invoices.
NEW: Credit Limit amount introduced for clients (0 = no credit, blank values = unlimited credit).
NEW: Fixed/percentage discounts for each product in the sale screens.
NEW: Calculator has been added.
NEW: Additional theme color choices have been introduced.
IMPROVEMENT: Unit price and tax now shown in a modal on the sale screen.
IMPROVEMENT: Option to show salesperson on invoices.
IMPROVEMENT: Ajax Base path enhancements.
IMPROVEMENT: Quickly add customers from the POS screen authorization check.
IMPROVEMENT: Changes to the sell return arrangement.
FIX: Quantity decimal problem.
FIX: P&L calculation
V2.5 (MAJOR Release: July 16, 2018).

Advance Support for Restaurants, Salons, and Related Businesses.
Appointment and Bookings
Table Allocation (For Restaurants, Salons, and Related Businesses).
Assigning a Service Man to an order (for example, waiter, barber, technician, etc.)
Service Man Order Screen
Modifiers (for restaurants, like more cheese)
Beep Notifications on success and mistake
Custom SKUs for product variants.
There are two new reports: the table report and the service staff report.
4 Custom fields added to Add/Edit Product and import CSV
V2.4.2 (Released: July 4, 2018)

Labels may be printed for goods with 0 stock or even when “Stock Management” is deactivated.
POS screen barcode scanner problem repaired
Fixed XSS security problem
Minor fixes & improvements for V2.4
V2.4.1 (Release: 22 June 2018)

Fix release for V2.4 .
V2.4 (Release: 12 June 2018) \\

Product Image upload implemented
Application Backup (Guide to enable backup)
POS screen Category Filter – added “All Category” Option
Added filter by Brand in POS product
New Lot Report added
Cash Return issue Fixed, Purchase Delete issue fixed
Minor usability improvements
V2.3 (Release: 31 May 2018)

Quick Add Suppliers & customers from Purchase or Sell screen.
Auto Generation of reference number with prefixes on Purchase, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer , Expenses, Contacts, Purchase Payment, Sell Payments, Business Location, Product SKU
View Purchase, Sell in the same page (click on the rows in Purchase list or sell list) without going to a different page.
Display sub-taxes for Group taxes in Invoice & Tax report
Added field for website & 4 custom fields in business locations. Fields also displays in invoice.
Stock expiry report improvements
Add/Edit Opening Stock via ajax in product list
Increase or Decrease font size in any screen (Useful if you think font size is small)
Auto Start application tour in first login
Sticky Sidebar
Cashier Location Issue fixes (after updating go to edit cashier & add assign location to cashier)
New seperate screen for Sales Return (beta)
V2.2.1 (Intermediate Release: 18th May 2018)

Bug fixes with Opening stock.
New beautiful invoice design, with options to choose invoice design
Elegant & Classic Invoice design (choose from Invoice layout)
More fields in Add/Edit Product (Rows, Positions, Product Weight)
Improvements in POS screen, Quick checkout using Credit/Debit Card
Import Opening Stock from CSV
V2.2 (Release: 04th May 2018)

Show barcode in sales receipt
Giving quotation(Estimates) & printing of quotations
Convert quote to final invoice.
Printing of purchase
Added barcode in purchase print
Arabic language, Support for RTL
Delete of Sales
V2.1 (Release: 19th April 2018)

Improvement to import Products. (Adding Opening Stock, Expiry for opening stock, Enable IMEI or Serial Number for a product)
Delete of Purchase.
Adding of “Lot number” of items while purchasing.
Adding Rack Details of a product.
POS Sales improvement – Not allowing sales when paid amount is higer than invoice amount
MAJOR RELEASE – V2.0 (Release: 7th April 2018)

POS screen complete redesigned
New layout – works super excellent in full-screen mode.
More Shortcuts added.
Configurable buttons
Configurable layout
Product Suggestion based on category and sub-category.
IMEI or Serial number for Mobile & Electronics stores .
Classify Customer into Groups and sell at different prices ( Retail customer, Wholesale customers ). Customer Group Reports.
New Reports added: Product Purchase report, Product Sell report.
Contact ID added for contacts.
HSN code support for GST countries like India.
Delete of Products
Sales commision percentage to automatically calculate commissions based on the sales.
Thermal printer invoice layout improved.
Inline Discount for each product in add/edit/view purchase screen
Remove expired product from expiry report.
Much more improved french translations (Thanks to Riad Baziz for helping us a lot here)
Remove compulsory from Tax field.
Modification in the business registration page
V1.3 (Release: 18th March 2018)

Products with Expiry (Need to enable from settings)
Product expiry report.
Commission Agents (Needs to Enable and set as per requirement in settings)
Currency Placement (Before or After Amount)
Add item to a new row or increase the quantity if exist in POS screen. (In Settings)
Stock Transfer between different business locations.
Adding/Editing of Opening Stock in Add/Edit Products.
V1.2 (Release: 24th February 2018)

Adding, Editing, Downloading documents for Purchases and Expenses.
New reports: Profit & Loss Report
View “Today’s Profit” directly from the Top navigation bar.
Import products via CSV.
Improvements in sell receipt
Keyboard shortcuts for POS screen with options to configure your own shortcuts.
Huge improvements in POS screen in terms of usability and reducing billing time.
New Sell feature – Now sell quickly with POS screen or create invoice via “Add Sell” screen.
Stock accounting method added: LIFO / FIFO.
Increased money value support.
V1.1 (Release: 7th February, 2018)

Assign One or Multiple locations to a user role.
Stock Adjustment added
POS screen improvements
POS screen – Express Checkout added.
Expenses related to a staff or user can be added (like salary)
Cash Register added.
New reports added: Expense Reports, Cash Register Report, Sales Representative report.
Support of Receipt (thermal ESC/POS) added.
Business Locations wise settings added for Receipt.
Purchases payment can be done in Partials (Previouly was only Paid Or Due)
Installer Improvement
Translations added for – Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Albanian



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