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Fiberchat ADMIN App Mobile App Template 1.0.20

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The Fiberchat Admin app is a user management tool that offers various features such as a clean design, secure login, real-time statistics, countrywise data, user management, search by name, phone Firebase UID, user profile, permissions, app settings, and more. The app also allows users to manage calls, media sending, text messages, new logins, device info, emulators, and more. The installation service offers three packages, with the Basic Installation package priced at 49USD. The package includes changes to app name, color theme, logo, splash screens, onboarding screens, build.apk files, server setup, and connecting with the user app. The company offers a full refund if the purchased item is not downloaded, but no refund is issued if downloaded. The business hours are Monday through Friday, from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM, with Wednesdays off.

Fiberchat ADMIN App Mobile App Template FEATURES LIST:
The Fiberchat Admin app is used to administer and control the Fiberchat User application.
The app has the following features:

1. Clean Design
2. Secure Login.
3. Administration Security PIN Screen
4) Dashboard
5. Real-time Statistics
6. Country-wise statistics
7. Manage Users
8. Search by name, phone number, and Firebase UID of users
9. User Profile.
10. Allow or Block User
11. Approval Required Switch
12. Settings/Control Panel
13. Manage user app settings.
14. Usage Controls.
15. Allow or Block Calls.
16. Allow or Block Media Sending
17. Allow or Block Text Message Sending
18. Allow or block new logins.
19. Gather user device information 20. Allow or block emulators.
21. Android Maintenance Switch.
22. iOS Maintenance Switch
23. Allow or Block User
24. See Total Users.
25. See Recently Joined Users.
26. View User Profile
27. View user profile data, including audio/video calls, media sent, and app visits. 28. Review user call history.
29. See User Last Seen
30. See User Joined On Time. 31. See Approved/Blocked Users
32. Version control for user apps.
33. User App Settings
34. Version control for administrative applications
35. Admin App Settings
36. Send notification to users.
37. View admin notifications 38. Set terms and privacy policy.
39. Edit Admin Profile and Picture
40. IsCalltotallyHideFeature Switch?
41. Is24hrsTimeFormat Switch?
42. Allow Creating Groups Switch
43. IsAllow Creating Status Switch
44. Allow Creating Broadcasts Switch
45. Does LogoutButtonShowInUserSettings Switch?
40. The Maximum File Size Allowed field
46. Group Member Limit Field 47. Status Delete Time Field
48. Feedback Email Field 49. Additional Powerful Features

Our Installation Service includes three distinct bundles. For Admin App, Basic Installation is sufficient:
Basic Installation Package – 49 USD.
For our Premium Clients who bought the Premium Installation package for User App, we give the Basic Installation of Admin App for just 49 USD.

Delivery Time: 1–2 days
1. Change the app’s name, color theme, logo, splash screens, and onboarding screens (if applicable).
2. Create (.apk) file and Android app bundle package.
3. Server Setup and Others
4. Connect with the User app.
5. Setup Push Notifications and Other Third-Party APIs

– Regular License: One Project Installation per Purchase Code.
– Extended License: 10 Project Installations for a Single Purchase Code.

Please keep in mind that once you have exceeded the project(s) limit, you will be unable to install any more projects. It is essential to use caution while creating the Firebase Project. Errors will not be considered.

We provide a complete refund if the bought item is not downloaded. However, if the item is downloaded, no refund will be given. It is recommended that you make an educated choice before making any purchases from us.

Our business hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
From 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM, Indian Standard Time (IST/GMT +5:30).

Any requests made by email, comment, or chat will be handled exclusively during business hours.
Thank you.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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