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Codebase is a flexible UI framework built with Bootstrap 5, ECMAScript 6 (ES6), and Sass, allowing for the creation of various pages using the same layout. It does not use jQuery for its core JS functionality and features a dark mode. It comes with two versions, HTML and PHP, and a Laravel 10 Starter Kit to help you build your Laravel 10-based project. Codebase is a professional, modern, complete, and flexible UI framework that can be used for various projects, including web applications, backend websites, custom admin panels, admi dashboards, CMS, CRM, portfolios, blogs, and business websites. It has undergone numerous updates, including a live preview, and has been updated with the latest dependencies. Codebase is a result of hundreds of hours of design and development, following best practices and using the latest technologies. It enables you to build fast, reliable, user-friendly web applications and websites that look great and work seamlessly across various screens and devices.

Codebase is a front-end component library based on Bootstrap 5 and offers a range of features and utilities. It is built with Sass, a modular approach, and includes a Laravel 10 Starter Kit, RTL support, and a range of tools for easy coding. Codebase’s layout is responsive, adaptive, and flexible, allowing for seamless creation across mobile and desktop devices. It features a super-fast UI with GPU-powered sidebar animations and smart CSS styles. Codebase also provides custom JS APIs for easy manipulation of blocks and layout. The package includes ready pages, Font Awesome 6, and Codebase Docs for better understanding. Codebase is committed to continuous feedback and aims to improve its products with the smallest possible footprint. The design is designed to be invisible and enhance the user experience, allowing content to breathe and attract users’ attention. The template content is fictional and used for demonstration and example pages. MyPhotoPack provides free images, and avatars are included in the live preview.

Codebase is an exceptionally versatile UI framework constructed from Bootstrap 5, ECMAScript 6 (ES6), and Sass. Its streamlined and potent architecture allows for the creation of any type of page. Its primary JS functionality is not dependent on jQuery, and it has an aesthetically pleasing dark mode. It includes two distinct variants, HTML and PHP, to assist you in launching your project immediately. In addition, a Laravel 10 Starter Kit is provided to assist you in developing your Laravel 10-based project. It is designed to be as lightweight and time-efficient as feasible. Its many distinctive features and complete modularity will assist you in constructing your next incredible product.

Codebase is an all-inclusive, contemporary, professional, and versatile user interface (UI) framework that can be applied to the development of UIs for web applications, backend websites, websites, custom admin panels, Admin dashboards, content management systems (CMS), CRM, portfolio, blog, and business websites. We urge you to examine the live preview in detail and explore every one of the included features.

Codebase Site Templates Dashboard Templates and the Laravel 10 Starter Kit Base of Code: Bootstrap 10 items: 5 Admin Dashboard Template and Laravel 10 Starter Kit Base of Code: Bootstrap Template for 5 Admin Dashboards and Laravel 10 Starter Kit – 11 Twelve items from the Codebase: Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template and Laravel 10 Starter Kit.

13 Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Templates and a Laravel 10 Starter Kit from Codebase 14 items from the Codebase: Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template and Laravel 10 Starter Kit 15 items from the Codebase: Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template and Laravel 10 Starter Kit

Features of the Changelog Bootstrap 5 5.7 Update – October 12, 2023
The Elements Procedure
Establishing Authentication
Two Factor Alternative to Two Factors
Classic Two-Factor IMPROVEMENTS
Numerous design enhancements
Numerous minor corrections
13 dependencies have been brought up to date.
5.6 Revision as of July 5, 2023
5.5 Revision as of March 10, 2023
5.4 December 6, 2022 Update 5.3 August 10, 2022 Update
5.2 Revision—15 July 2022 5.1 Revision—10 February 2022 5.0 Launch—2 December 2021
Update to BOOTSTRAP 4 4.3: September 17, 2021
4.2 Revision as of June 16, 2021
4.0 Amendment—15 October 2020; 3.4 Amendment—12 March 2020; 3.3 Amendment—15 January 2020; 3.2 Amendment—12 September 2019; 3.1 Amendment—4 April 2019; 3.0 Amendment—6 December 2018
2.2 Update as of 10 July 2018
2.1 Revision—April 28th, 2018
Update 2.0: January 24th, 2018
1.4 Revision as of December 1, 2017
1.3 Revision as of October 20, 2017
1.2 Revision as of September 15, 2017
Release 1.1: August Eleventh, 2017
Hundreds of hours were devoted to the design and development of Codebase. It was constructed with additional attention in consideration of the insightful feedback gathered in recent years. It employs cutting-edge technologies and adheres to best practices. It will empower you to develop websites and web applications that are aesthetically pleasing, dependable, and user-friendly, while also functioning flawlessly on a wide range of displays and devices. It will serve as a valuable instrument in assisting you in developing a product that elicits the desired emotions and credibility for your enterprise.

Principal Features
Bootstrap 5 Codebase is built upon the most recent iteration of the most widely used front-end component library globally. It is loaded with incredible new utilities and features.

Absence of jQuery
The absence of jQuery in its fundamental JS functionality enables effortless integration with a variety of JS frameworks.

Dim mode
It includes a custom-designed, aesthetically pleasing dark mode for each of its color schemes and example pages.

Both HTML and PHP
Select the one that finest aligns with the specifications of your undertaking.

The Laravel 10 Initial Kit
Utilize the provided starter bundle to give your custom Laravel project an immediate boost. It includes a few page examples and primary assets that are immediately compatible with Laravel Vite.

RTL Support Commencement Additionally, RTL pages are provided as a reference for initiating your RTL endeavor.

Implemented Sass
The Codebase CSS framework was constructed entirely modular-style using Sass. It is simple to comprehend, modify, and expand in order to meet your needs or the requirements of your project.

Gulp 4, Webpack 5, Babel 7, Browsersync, and Autoprefixer comprise the automation.
Codebase is preconfigured with the most recent tools in an operational state. You need only enter a console command to begin developing your project. Compilation of ES6 or Sass, CSS prefixes, the web server, or live refreshing are not concerns. Everything functions flawlessly, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks.

Pure Code
Working with the code of another individual can induce unease and hinder productivity. We make every effort to guarantee that your interaction with Codebase will be precisely the opposite.

Effective Layout
The codebase’s architecture is adaptable, flexible, and responsive due to its flexbox construction. It allows you to generate a wide variety of visually appealing and responsive web pages for desktop and mobile devices.

Ultra-Quick UI
Intelligent CSS styles and GPU-powered sidebar animations will guarantee an incredibly quick experience for your desktop and mobile users.

Tailored JS APIs
Layout and manipulate blocks in any way desired using function calls.

The Constituents
Selected and integrated third-party JS components that provide customized functionality to your pages. A design that is entirely modular will enable you to utilize only those components that are required for your projects.

Prepared Pages
An extensive selection of meticulously crafted prepped pages. Motivate yourself to produce your own.

Font Awesome 6 Codebase includes the most recent iteration of the most widely used icon library worldwide.

The process of documentation
The Codebase Docs, which are included in the program, can serve as a useful resource for familiarizing oneself with the overall framework and expediting the initiation of a project.

In regard to feedback
We gain a deeper understanding of you by consistently considering your feedback. We are able to determine where to concentrate our efforts and develop/improve quality products to better meet your requirements.

Dedicated to Handcrafted Designation
We are devoted to our craft and delight in designing products that will facilitate your success and make your life simpler. We are meticulous with minor details and consistently strive for excellence.

Reliance on the commitment
Our work is our absolute dedication, and we abide by our initiatives. Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive products with the smallest possible footprint and to enhance them with each update.

A Greater Less Is More
Our stance is that design ought to be imperceptible and serve to augment the user experience rather than obstruct it. This facilitates the circulation of your content and directs the focus of your users to the intended area.

Advocate for
While Codebase is extensively annotated and documented, you may still require additional assistance; therefore, please utilize the contact form on our profile to reach out to us. We would be delighted to be of further assistance to you in a timely manner.

Remarks or Credits
Unless otherwise specified, the content in the template is fictitious and does not represent genuine functionality. Its sole purpose is to illustrate and supplement the pages with illustrative instances.
MyPhotoPack offers remarkable free images. The license ensures that every image is contained within the template.
Avatars are exclusively featured as a demonstration during the live preview.

Site Template

Site Template

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