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DashCode is a powerful and versatile admin dashboard template based on React, Vue 3, HTML, and Tailwind. It offers a user-friendly, fast, and scalable solution for developers looking to build web UIs for their apps. DashCode features multiple dashboards, themes, layouts, components, and pages, with built-in customizable options. It is well-documented, offers continuous updates, and provides active support. The template has already created five conceptual dashboards, including analytics, ecommerce, project, CRM, and banking. The dashboards come in multiple color schemes and layouts, including horizontal, vertical, floating topbar, boxed, and bordered layouts. The dashboard also includes multiple Auth Pages, including invoice, pricing, testimonial, FAQ, blog, 404, coming soon, maintenance, profile, and seeings pages. The dashboard also includes 80+ advanced elements, such as cards, statistics, weather, charts, and maps, and an extensive collection of components themed with tailwind principles.

For the creation of a web user interface (UI) for an application, DashCode offers the most robust, simplest, and quickest React, Vue 3, and Tailwind templates that are also highly customizable and developer-friendly.

DashCode Site Templates Developers seeking a feature-rich, customizable, and developer-friendly administrative interface need look no further than DashCode. By adhering to the most stringent industry criteria, we have created an administration template that is not only incredibly scalable but also lightning quick and simple to use. Providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience, you will have the ability to construct any application of your choosing with minimal effort.

DashCode is an exceptionally customizable and developer-friendly admin interface template built with React, Vue-3, Tailwind CSS, and Headless UI. It includes a multitude of features that facilitate the development process.

Developer Convenient
HTML, React, Vue.js, and Tailwind
Pure Code
Diverse Dashboards
Diverse Themes
Diverse Layouts
Aspects and Pages
Integrated Customizer
Entirely Responsive
Thickly Documented
Constant Updates
Active Assistance
Theoretical Dashboards
You have been made to find it simpler. We have developed five conceptual interfaces thus far. If you are interested in developing a comparable application, you can begin using our conceptual dashboard without difficulty.

Ecommerce Dashboard for Analytics Dashboard for Project CRM Dashboard Financial Services Subjects for Dashboard Themes
Dashcode includes an assortment of color schemes. This means that you are entirely liberated to select the color scheme that best suits your needs and specifications.

Monochromatic Light Dark to Semi-Dark Layouts
Dashcode includes an assortment of preconfigured layouts. Thus, you have absolute discretion in selecting the layout that best suits your demands and specifications.

Collapsed Menu Layout Floating Topbar Layout Boxed Layout Menu Horizontal Menu Vertical Menu Unknown Layout
Bordered Vertical Menu Box Layout Absence of Topbar Applications
Multiple exquisitely crafted and magnificently designed applications are included with DashCode, allowing you to get started and develop applications more quickly.

Chat Email To-Do List Kanban Calendar Project Details Pages
Multiple-page designs provided by Dashcode are intended to accelerate your development. Instead of relying on our verbal assertions, please review our meticulously crafted pages.

Distinct Auth Pages
Empty Page of the Settings Page Invoice Page Pricing Page Testimonial Page Faq Page Blog Page 404 Page Coming Soon Page Maintenance Page
Superior Elements
More than eighty elements, including cards, statistics, weather, charts, and maps, are included in DashCode, which can be utilized effortlessly throughout the project.

Tables Cards Statistics Forms Cards
Hormonal Charts
Map Constituents
Dashcode offers a comprehensive assortment of components. Our components are designed in perfect parallelism with tailwind principles and are adorned with such themes.

Badge for Alert Avatar Accordion
Dropdown Button Card Carousel
Date Picker Image Modal Progress Bar for Pagination
Tooltip for Flipover Placeholder Tabs
Video Support: If you require any type of assistance or adjustments with this system, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Support Portal. We are delighted to be of assistance.

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