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BLUEPOS Mobile App Template 1.1

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BluePOS is an Android-based online cashier point of sale application with a PHP admin backend API. It allows quick sales records, inventory management, employee roles, purchases, stock management, and reports. The application can be connected to a Bluetooth thermal printer for direct sales receipt printing. It also features a data backup and restore system for future device issues. BluePOS is suitable for various businesses, including retail, wholesale, grocery, pharmacy, workshops, and salon rentals. It is compatible with Android 10-13 and has an attractive user interface. The application comes with a full Android source code, backend API, and demo app.

BLUEPOS Mobile App Template BluePOS is a web-based cashier point of sale application that operates on the Android platform and features a php admin backend API. By utilizing BluePOS, users are able to perform various tasks such as managing inventory and customer data, accessing employee roles and making quick sales records, controlling stock and purchases, and generating comprehensive reports including profit and loss statements, stock item reports, and most preferred item reports. Additionally, sales receipts can be printed directly from a Bluetooth thermal printer by connecting this application to it. Additionally, BluePOS incorporates a data backup and restore mechanism to enhance the security of the database in the event that complications arise on your device in the future. BluePOS is an Android-based POS solution. FAST, amiable, and into the future!

Android Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) BLUEPOS – 1 With Admin Backend API

This application is ideal for the following types of businesses: retail store
Wholesale vendor
Grocery retailer
Salon Rental and Pharmacy Workshop, Among Others

Principal features:
Supervise numerous business personnel and administrators.
Generate product details utilizing barcodes and images.
Modify product details.
Produce receipts using a capacitive POS printer
Product addition via QR code
Product addition via barcode
SKU (product stock management) system
The item by category
Product search utilizing QR and Barcode System for point-of-sale with a shopping trolley.
Diverse operators.
Numerous establishments.
Transactional statement Stylish user interface.
Android versions 10 through 13 are compatible. Developed using the Android Studio IDE
The languages used for development are Cordova, HTML, and Java.
Supplementary documentation.
Manage employees with multiple roles.
plus many others.

The application’s purchase will grant you access to the complete Android source code.
API backend APK file.
The practice of documentation.

Backend Demo: Backend Email and username: [email protected]

The password is 123456
Sample App:

Registration of a new user is possible subsequent to the installation of the APK. or

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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