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FoodKing is a comprehensive food delivery app and restaurant management system designed to support single and multi-branch restaurants. It features a robust POS system, user-friendly applications, a website, and an app for delivery personnel. The system is built with Laravel Framework and Vue, allowing for efficient and intelligent management of all aspects of restaurant operations.

Features include multi-branch, Pos, distance-wise delivery charges, location search, schedule order, aesthetic user interface, home delivery, takeaway, coupon, voucher, easy payment system, order tracking, chat, branch-wise user management, product variation and addons, multi-language, multiple payment gateways, advanced reporting system, and a single-page application.

Customers can easily filter products by category-wise list and grid view, manage product quantity, and place orders. The checkout page allows customers to select the nearest branch, select delivery address, and select payment gateways like cash on delivery and other card payment options. Customers can also view their order details, previous orders, and chat options with the branch manager.

Frontend features include a home page, branch switch, language switch, search item, menu-wise item search, menu page, variation page, cart page, checkout page, delivery address system, delivery time, payment gateways, and more. The app also allows users to edit their profile, change their phone number, email, and more.

FoodKing is a powerful tool for restaurant owners looking to streamline their operations and grow their businesses.

FoodKing is an advanced restaurant administration system and food delivery application that is built to assist single-branch and multi-branch establishments. A comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) system is integrated with user-friendly applications, such as a website, an application for delivery personnel, and an app for consumers. The administrative interface of the system is loaded with functionalities and was built using Laravel Framework and Vue. This enables you to effectively and intelligently oversee all facets of your restaurant’s activities. With the robust tools provided by FoodKing, you can achieve accelerated growth and seamless management.

Links to Flutter Admin App Demos

FoodKing Front End WebsiteFoodKing Admin Panel Download FoodKing Delivery App Download FoodKing Customer App

No contact Qr Table Ordering and Menu Ordering System
What does the FoodKing food ordering system and delivery application include?
Multilingual functionality
Payment Gateways are provided by Foodking.
Foodking offers MSG91, Twilio, Nexmo, Bulk SMS, and Clickatell.
Multi-branch, point-of-sale (POS), distance-based delivery charge, location-based search, order scheduling, aesthetically pleasing user interface, home delivery and takeaway, coupon and voucher capabilities, chat support, order tracking, easy payment system, branch-specific user management, product variation and add-on management, multi-language support, multiple payment gateways, advanced reporting system, spa, single page point-of-sale (POS), and invoicing system are some of the features offered by Foodking.
System for QR Code Table Ordering
Menu item page, responsive user interface, category, cart, order particulars, item variation
User-responsive administrative interface mobile application Flutter delivery application
Demonstration Credentials
WEB & APP LOGIN CREDENTIALS Admin 123456 is the password for [email protected].

Password: 123456 Customer email: [email protected]

Password for Delivery Man: 123456 Email address: [email protected]

Email address for the Branch Manager: [email protected] Password: 123456

Password for Pos Operator: 123456 Email address: [email protected]

Visible to users is the homepage. He can now configure the current location and grant access to the location. Present here are two varieties of food in addition to the variant categories of food. such as non-veg and veg.
Logging into the system requires the user’s email address and password. Alternatively, he may register for this by providing certain details.
Customers can effortlessly filter products using both a category-based list and a grid view.
There are potentially numerous options available to consumers when they decide on a product, including variations, extras, and add-ons. They are able to administer and add product quantities to the card with ease.
The “process to checkout” icon could bring up the transaction site for the consumer. It will redirect the consumer to the login page if they do not have a login; once they have logged in, registered, or logged in as a guest, they will be able to access the transaction page.
The transaction site serves multiple purposes. Initially, the client has the option of selecting takeaway or delivery for the product. Currently, choose the closest branch. Afterward, enter his delivery address. In the event that the delivery address is unavailable, you must first generate one. Select the time at which he can receive the order and the payment gateway, including options for cash on delivery and credit card payments. The consumer is permitted to redeem the coupon for the discount if they possess one. Navigate to the “Place Order” page.
On the order summary page, the consumer can now view the details of his transaction as well as the current status of the order.
The option to view the preceding order is available. The consumer can view their previous transaction by selecting “My Order” from the user drop-down menu and then clicking the link labeled “My Order.”
There is an option for chatting. where patrons can communicate with the branch manager via messaging with ease. To initiate a conversation, navigate to the chat menu via the user dropdown and choose a branch.
Customers can manage their addresses by selecting “Add a New Address” from the user drop-down menu, entering all required information, and selecting the map location.
If the client is able to modify their profile, navigate to the user drop-down menu and select “Edit profile.” He can now modify his email address, phone number, and so forth.
The Homepage
Specify location
Branch relocation
Language transition
Inquiry item
Item search by menu (Category)
Veg/non-veg item filtering
Suscription to a newsletter
Footer division
Menu site
Item search by menu (gird and list views)
Alternate webpage
Demonstrate variation (2- and 3-variation)
Proceed to the purchase
Cart page arrangement
Configure each product catalog to include variations and add-ons.
The checkout sequence
Select the branch option
Systematize delivery address
Add delivery time
Integrate a payment gateway
The PayPal
The stripe
The RazorPay
The FlutterWave
The PayStack
The Bkash
The SSL Commitment
Prepaid MercadoCashless Pago SenangPay Transactions
Vanity Mollie
Item inventory as well
Implement a coupon system
Item orders
Establish my order list (current and past orders)
View orders (current and previous, as well as cancel orders)
Utilize a guest access
Register Password Forgotten
Address in a CRUD profile modification
Password Modification Messing System
Alternative page
Make contact with us
With regard to ourselves
Conditional terms and conditions
Regarding privacy
Dashboard (1)
The items
Information on Items Variations
Item supplements Item accessories
Activated orders
Orders Placed
Order details
Reply to Invoice
User information
Coupons and Promotions
Evaluation (removal)
Constant push notification
Corrupt Messing
Users [Author
Admin staff
Security for Profiles (modify password)
Placement-specific orders
Security of the Delivery Boy Profile (Password Change)
Placement Orders
Customer Profile Security (password modification)
Placement Orders
Account-Related Exchanges
The Reports
Sales commodity (the commodity with the highest volume of sales)
Credit Balance (balance in the user pocketbook)
A configuration
Company Website Icons and Logo
Filial Branches
Courier Currencies
The Taxes
Attributes of Items in Item Categories
Pages of Sliders Languages
Notifications via SMS
Social events (supply)
Gateways for OTP Analytics Cookies Payment
Update to Role & Permissions Application License Code Addons

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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