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Bhojon-restaurant software is an easy-to-use point-of-sale (POS) system designed for restaurants. It offers a range of sophisticated capabilities to automate manual activities and streamline restaurant operations. Bhojon’s Nulled Script provides a comprehensive solution for restaurant management, including online ordering systems, customizable websites, cloud kitchens, QR-based order-taking systems, and desktop and offline programs. The software also includes a dynamic dashboard, real-time report reservation, account management, human resource administration, and a list of shipping methods. The Bhojon-restaurant software also includes a mobile app for displaying food and beverage menus, an admin panel for restaurant administrators, and the option for customers to order food or drink items.

Bhojon Nulled Script

Bhojon – Best Restaurant Management Software with Restaurant Website

This is the greatest restaurant management software and a point-of-sale system for restaurants, and it is called Bhojon. The Bhojon-restaurant software is without a doubt an easy-to-use point-of-sale (POS) system for restaurants, which allows you to handle your restaurant’s billing.
As a result of the evaluation of Bhojon’s intelligent features, you will be able to transform all of the activities that are performed manually in your restaurant into an automated form.

Considering that it provides a wide range of sophisticated capabilities that can be used to automate your restaurant, Bhojon is an all-in-one solution for restaurant administration. Some examples of add-ons include online ordering systems, customizable restaurant websites, cloud kitchens, QR-based order-taking systems, and desktop and offline programs of the same kind.

You may learn more about Bhojon Nulled Script by visiting the demo links below:

Demonstration Website: https://bhojon.bdtask-demo.com/demo-classic/

Super admin login here: https://bhojon.bdtask-demo.com/demo-classic/login

The default demo may be found at https://bhojon.bdtask-demo.com/demo-default.

If you want Custom Waiter Mobile Apps, please see the following demo: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bdtask.waiters.

Please visit this page if you need custom kitchen mobile apps.

Order Management System for Restaurant POS Software
Production Control
Purchase Administration
Dynamic Dashboard
Reservation of a Real-Time Report Table
Account Management for Various Payment Methods
Human Resource Administration
List of Shipping Methods Food Management Unit and Ingredients
Website for a Restaurant
Display a food and beverage menu on any mobile device with a different screen size. Tablets and smartphones, for example,.
Mobile applications should be platform-independent (iOS or Android); see whether multi-language support is available. This is a distinct addon module that is chargeable.
The food and drink menu may include images (and videos).
Admin panel for restaurant administrators, where admins may add, read, change, and remove menu items.
Restaurant managers will be able to create new users and assign jobs such as waiter and administrator.
The customer has the option of ordering one or more food or drink items.

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