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B2BKing is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that offers a comprehensive solution for businesses operating in wholesale, B2B, hybrid B2B+B2C, or Private Membership. It includes features like product visibility control, customizable quote fields, quick orders via CSV upload, dynamic pricing, and invoice payment methods. B2BKing also offers a customizable tiered pricing table, shortcode for display of different content to different users, custom taxes, multiple buyers on one account, invoice payment gateway, and customizable shipping prices. Additional features include a Conversations frontend preview, wholesale order form, subaccount preview, and a 9 tier pricing preview. B2BKing is considered the most sophisticated wholesale e-commerce solution on the market, offering a lightweight and user-friendly interface.

B2BKing nulled plugin provides a comprehensive solution for using WooCommerce to operate a Wholesale, B2B, hybrid B2B+B2C, or Private Membership business.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the high price or if your support is about to expire so that we may provide you with extensive answers and information, as well as recommend presently available options and special offers.

B2BKing nulled plugin handles everything, from simple B2B features like concealing prices for guest users to more complicated features like tiered pricing structures, tax exemptions, VAT processing, and numerous purchasers per account. B2BKing provides expanded business registration and distinct B2B/B2C registration forms, as well as configurable billing fields, an invoice payment method, and negotiated pricing offers.
B2BKing is a simple-to-use but very powerful plugin with one of the most comprehensive feature sets of any b2b plugin. It contains all the usual wholesale features that other plugins provide, such as:

B2BKing nulled plugin Hide prices for guests and provide a wholesale order form with three theme options.
We provide separate registration for B2B and B2C businesses, as well as wholesale and tiered pricing options for different users.
Product Visibility Control
Details include minimum order quantity and value, tax exemptions, VAT number validation for EU VAT and VIES, quote requests, and offer conversion. (New!)
Manage Custom Quote Fields using 9 Field Types. (New!)
Quick Orders via CSV Upload. (New!)
Dynamic Pricing, Discounts, and Order Rules
Shipping and Payment Methods Control the minimum, maximum, and step quantities on product pages. (New!)
Many unique, specific characteristics are created to fulfill the demands of wholesale stores:

  • B2BKing nulled plugin Hide the whole website, shop, product bundles, and personalized/negotiated offers.
  • Purchase lists allow buyers to re-order and replenish stock, as well as engage in conversations and
  • messaging.
  • Automated Tiered Pricing Table
  • Tiered Price Rules: Create Tiered Percentage Discounts in Bulk. (New!)
  • Minimum and maximum order value to use a payment method.
  • Shortcode for Displaying Different Content to Different Users
  • Coupon use restrictions apply to both B2B and B2C transactions. Refer to the Product Information Table
  • for further information, including minimum order quantities.
  • Custom taxes and withholding tax
  • Multiple Buyers on One Account.
  • Display pricing with or without tax differently for B2C and B2B customers (e.g., logged in B2B users may
  • view prices including VAT, while other users see prices minus VAT).
  • Invoice Payment Gateway
  • Purchase Order Gateway.
  • Payment method discounts and surcharges.
  • Discounts: Buy X, Get One Free.
  • Download Purchase Lists in CSV format.
  • Many more capabilities include varying shipping prices for various groups, different currencies,
  • withholding tax (ritenuta d’acconto), and so on.
  • Send Quotes/Offers by Email – Also works for Guest Users. (New!)
  • Create offers and respond to quotes by offering PDFs with your company logo. (New!)
  • Change groups based on total purchase value (Rank System). (New!)
  • Coupon values differ amongst B2B user groups. (New!)
  • backorders. (New!)
  • Company Order Approval – Business Accounts may review, approve, or reject employee orders. (New!)
  • Reports and Analytics: View Sales Data for B2B Customers and Groups. (New!

B2BKing nulled plugin We think B2BKing is the most sophisticated wholesale e-commerce solution on the market today, with almost three times as many features as its rivals and a lightweight and user-friendly interface. No other plugin combines a wholesale order form, purchase lists, offers, dynamic rules, messaging system, wholesale pricing, and 130+ other features in such a robust and integrated manner.

When you acquire B2BKing nulled plugin now, you are investing in a strong product that will last a lifetime and provide amazing value for your current and future projects!
Need additional features?

Conversations frontend Preview

The Conversations feature includes chatting, quotation requests, negotiations, email alerts, multiple user integration (many users in the same business may engage using the subaccounts function), and much more:

Wholesale Order Form Preview the wholesale order form with AJAX search, SKU search, and buy list saving options. The order form includes three attractive themes with a variety of styles and choices.

B2BKing nulled plugin Subaccount Preview

The subaccounts functionality enables each organization to establish and manage many users, as well as specify rights for each one. A chat may have several users. The “placed by” column indicates which user placed the order.

B2BKing nulled plugin – The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin – 9 tier pricing preview.
You may specify price tiers and quantity in the backend, and the nulled  plugins will build a tiered pricing table for you. The table design will adapt to any theme by referencing the theme’s table class. Supports variable products.

Comprehensive documentation, with over 100 pages covering a broad range of subjects and activities. There is also comprehensive developer documentation for hooks, functions, snippets, and custom code.
Theme Compatibility
B2BKing is designed to work with any WooCommerce theme, and we frequently use it with the most popular ones on the market today: Flatsome, WoodMart, Shopkeeper, Avada, Divi, Porto, XStore, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok, Atelier, Legenda, Mr. Tailor, Aurum, WooPress, WooStore, Uncode, Storefront, and others. For more information on theme choices, see our theme information page.


Enable quotes for certain products or categories. Approve or reject employee orders.

  • Separate B2B and B2C stock.
  • Hide the stock for B2C Hide specific quantities.
  • Convert Quotes Into Offers
  • Users may download offers as PDFs with your company logo and send them via email, even to guest users.
  • Automatic group adjustments depending on the overall purchase amount.

Manage custom quote fields.

  • Features include CSV downloads of purchase lists, coupon use restrictions for B2B/B2C/Roles, and tiered
  • pricing in the product backend.
  • Purchase Order Gateway
  • Quick Orders using CSV.
  • Purchase List Downloads as CSV, Coupon Usage Restriction for B2B/B2C/Roles, Tiered Pricing in Product
  • Backend, and Tiered Pricing Table in Frontend.
  • Custom Information Table in the Frontend
  • Dedicated B2B Dashboard for Withholding Tax (Ritenuta D’Acconto).
  • Replace Cart with Quote. Request a Dynamic Rule
  • Product pricing on product page.
  • Tool for importing and exporting CSV files and editing bulk data.
  • Shipping is included in the VAT tax calculation.
  • Hide the webpage completely / force login
  • Accounting subtotals in currency-accurate format.
  • Dynamic cache and use detection
  • B2B Registration at Checkout and Wholesale Order Form Search by SKU.
  • Select several products and categories for dynamic rules.
  • B2B Registration Shortcodes
  • WPML Translation Support: Full Variable Product Support for all plugin functionality.
  • Customer Groups
  • Organize users into customer groups.
  • Automatic category modifications depending on Total Purchase Value (for example, moving “B2B” users to
  • “VIP” when they exceed $200,000 in purchases). (New!)
  • Controlling product visibility in certain categories.
  • Visibility may be changed individually for each user or group-wide.
  • Individual Product Visibility:
  • Category-based or separately specified for each product.
  • If individually set -> Group-based visibility, or individually set for each user
  • What you can do with this:
  • Product categories are provided exclusively to specified client groups.
  • Specific items are only offered to certain consumer groups.
  • Product categories are only accessible to select consumers.
  • particular items are provided solely to particular clients.

Shipping and Payment Methods

  • B2BKing nulled plugin Enable or disable shipping methods by user or group.
  • Enable or disable payment methods by user or group.
  • Registration Roles
  • Create custom registration roles, such as B2B, Reseller, and Individual Customer.
  • Upon registration, the user selects a role from a menu.
  • Depending on the job specified, users see specific unique registration fields.
  • Set approval as automatic or manual for each position.
  • Automatically assign registration roles to customer groups.
  • Two default roles: B2B and Individual Customers
  • Custom Registration Fields
  • Choose from nine distinct field types: text, number, textarea, checkbox, telephone, select, email, date, and file upload.
  • Determine for which registration roles a field should be shown.
  • Set the field as needed or not.
  • Set the field sort order.
  • Set the field as editable after registration.
  • Set the field label and placeholder.
  • Set the billing field connection so that following registration, “billing details” are automatically populated.
  • Ability to add custom fields to billing/checkout.
  • Ability to set custom fields billing-exclusive (not displayed during registration)
  • There are ten default registration fields, including firm name, address, and city.
  • Special VAT Field (EU VAT).
  • Add VAT to registration, billing, or both.
  • Make VAT visible just in certain countries.
  • Option for automatic VAT. VIES Validation
  • Add VAT to billing and checkout.
  • Make VAT obligatory or not?
  • Deep integration with “tax exemption”:
  • Provide users with tax exemptions based on whether they have a valid VAT.
  • Enable tax exemptions for users in certain countries, depending on whether they are B2B or B2C.
  • Prices are automatically configured to include or exclude the VAT suffix (new!)
  • For example, Austrian B2B users with proper VAT are exempt, whereas German users are not.
  • Another example is B2B sales, where VAT may be imposed to Italian clients but not to EU or non-EU
  • consumers. B2C sales: VAT may be imposed to Italian and EU clients, but not to non-EU consumers.
  • Learn more in the “tax exemptions” section.


Manual Account Approval.
  • B2BKing nulled plugin Dedicated “Registration Data” area of each user’s profile on the backend.
  • View account data for each user before approval.
  • Prior to acceptance, download the relevant files (for example, the corporate license).
  • Approve or reject the user
  • If you authorize the user, decide which customer group to assign the person to.
  • Email alerts when a new client requires approval or a user account has been authorized. See the dedicated “Email Notifications” section.
  • Custom fields enable extended billing and checkout.
  • Customers Panel
  • Sort users by company, group, and customer type (B2B/B2C), among other criteria.
  • You can see which users are primary accounts and which are subaccounts.B2B/B2C HYBRID SUPPORT
  • The plugin status may be either “B2B Shop” or “B2B & B2C” hybrid.
    B2B features are concealed for B2C users.
  • Individual control of whether the user is B2B or B2C.
  • Deep integration with additional features:
  • Integration with registration: enable users to register as either B2B or B2C.
  • Allow for manual account approval for B2B jobs and automated approval for B2C positions.
  • Only B2B users may access features such as “Quote Requests,” “Offers,” and “Conversations.”
  • Separate B2B and B2C registration, either by dropdown or totally via shortcode.

Enable just the components that you need. Easily deactivate the bulk order form, discussions, offers, buy

  • lists, and subaccounts.
  • Guest users have the ability to:
  • Hide pricing.
  • Hide the B2B website altogether.
  • Replace “price” with “request a quote” in conversations.
  • Integrated communications system between administrator and client
  • Conversations feature added to “My Account” for each unique user.
  • There are three sorts of conversations: Inquiry, message, or quotation request
  • Deep integration with the “Request a Quote” functionality.
  • Quote requests initiate a discussion and enable bargaining.
  • Deep integration with the “Subaccounts” functionality.
  • Multiple people may join the same chat.
  • A subaccount that has the “conversations” permission may engage in account conversations.
  • Conversation status: new, open, and resolved.
  • Website administrators may also initiate talks with users.
  • New discussion, new message. Email Notification:
  • Emails are only sent after messages have been unread for 10 minutes, therefore no email spam occurs.
  • Offers enable you to provide users/groups with specified goods, quantities, and unit pricing. For example:
  • 1000 boxes are priced at $0.1 a unit. You may make a special offer to a user after a negotiation. You may
  • also develop seasonal or special offers and distribute them to certain client groups.
  • Download offers as PDFs with the company logo. (New!)
  • Send offers and quotes by email. (New!)
  • Add an infinite number of goods to your offers and specify quantities and pricing.
  • Provides visibility.
  • Group visibility
  • Individual User Visibility
  • Offers area added to “My Account” for each unique user.
  • Users may see just the deals they have access to and add them to their cart and checkout from “My Account”.
  • Offers are great for haggling with users.
  • Offers are great for building seasonal or promotional packages.
  • Request a quote.
  • Configure custom quote form fields. Choose from nine distinct field types: text, number, textarea, checkbox,
  • phone, select, email, date, and file upload. (New!)
  • Convert quotations to offers with ease. (New!)
  • Users may initiate quotation requests from the “Conversations” section.
  • Users may initiate quotation requests from Cart and obtain a customized quote for their current cart items.
  • Quote requests are received by the website administrator in the backend.
  • When a new quotation request is submitted, the website administrator receives an email notification.
  • Quote requests initiate interactions and facilitate discussion/negotiation between parties.
  • Guest users may also seek quotations and give their email address to be notified.
  • Users may generate an infinite number of buy lists.
  • Users may add buy lists to the cart.
  • Save cart contents as purchase list: “Save as purchase list button” expands cart buttons.
  • The “Purchase Lists” area has been added to “My Account”.
  • Create purchase lists from My Account directly.
  • Create and change buy lists using the Instant AJAX-powered product search form.
  • Instant AJAX-powered product search form.
  • Instant subtotal computation.
  • Save the bulk order form data as “Purchase List” for later use.
  • Support for product pictures in search (new!)
  • Enforces stock quantity limitations (new!)
  • The shortcode enables you to put the bulk order form anywhere on the website.
  • The “Bulk Order Form” component is added to “My Account” by default.
  • Tiered pricing is now compatible (price adjusts with quantity). (New!)
  • Three stunning themes with distinct styles and styling (new!)
  • Multiple buyers per account (sub-accounts).
  • The “Subaccounts” component has been added to “My Account”
  • Each B2B account may build and manage sub-accounts for their business.
  • Subaccounts have access to the same prices and goods as the main account.
  • Set rights for each subaccount, such as see account orders, place orders, view discussions, buy lists, and offers.
  • Set the name, job title, phone number, email, username, and password for the sub-account.
  • Orders expanded with a “Placed by” column to indicate which user placed a certain order.
  • Account and several subaccounts may join in the same chats (with permission).
  • Email notifications
  • Email notice to the administrator about a new client.
  • Email message to the administrator that a new client requires manual inspection and approval.
  • The user will get an email warning that their account needs human inspection.
  • The user will get an email notice that their account has been authorized.
  • Email notice to admin and user when there is a new chat, message, or quotation request.
  • Dynamic Rules System
  • Dynamic rules allow you to specify discounts (amount or percentage), fixed prices, hidden prices, free
  • shipping, minimum and maximum orders (quantity or value), necessary multiples (box quantity / carton
  • quantity), tax exemptions, and add taxes or fees (amount or percentage).
  • Select which products/categories the rule applies to.

Select which users or user groups a rule applies to. You may also choose all registered users, visitor users, B2B users, and B2C users.

Add the following criteria to each rule: total cart amount and value, category quantity and value, and product quantity and value.

For example, a “free shipping” regulation applies only if the consumer purchases at least $1000 in merchandise and 500 items.

This provides amazing adaptability and complete control over each individual user.

  • Examples of what you can achieve:
  • Prices vary for various users of the same product: Mark sees $499, whereas John sees $399 for the identical thing.
  • Bulk discounts: Pricing decreases as quantity grows.
  • Tiered pricing: X price for 1-100 pieces; Y price for 100-1000 pieces.
  • Minimum product quantity.
  • Minimum cart total.
  • Group-based free shipping: exclusive free delivery for certain consumer roles.
  • Quantity discounts by client group
  • Minimum purchase threshold by customer group
  • Hide pricing for certain categories only.
  • Hide pricing only for certain goods.
  • Set a carton amount (such as 12 pieces per carton) for a product.
  • For information on how “Dynamic Rules” function, read our dedicated article: Dynamic Rules
  • The admin’s view of my account orders now includes a reorder option.
  • Reordering adds a remark to the administrator that a certain order is a reorder of X order.
  • Invoice Gateway Method
  • Tested with a variety of themes.
  • Compatible with leading WooCommerce Envato themes like Flatsome, Porto, Shopkeeper, XStore,
  • WoodMart, The Retailer, Electro Electronics, Bazar Shop, MayaShop, Savoy, Neighbourhood, Basel, Blaszok, and more.
  • Compatible with WooThemes themes, including WooStore.
  • Working outside the box with 99% of the available themes
  • 100% translateable, developed according to WordPress internationalization standards.
  • Translate B2BKing into any language.
  • Loco Translate has WPML support.
  • We now have customer-provided translations for the following languages: Italian, French, Dutch,
  • Norwegian, Polish, German, Russian, and Romanian (front end).
  • We are seeking for further translations! If you have a translation for your language, please email us. We are
  • especially interested in Spanish and Portuguese translations. We may provide further assistance or other
  • benefits in exchange.
  • Supports setups with two independent B2B and B2C websites as part of a WordPress multisite solution.
  • B2BKing is a long-term initiative that we are continually growing and supporting, with ambitious goals.
Does the license cover lifetime updates?

Yes! Lifetime updates are provided. Since the plugin’s inception, we’ve published 57 updates.

Is there help if I run into any problems?

Of course. We have a dedicated support center, and we strive to react to all issues within 24 hours or fewer on business days. Our 5.0 star review average demonstrates our dedication to providing prompt, helpful, and in-depth service.

We consider technological difficulties to be our responsibility. We handle every single issue that is reported to us and go into great detail to diagnose and fix issues, including testing directly on customers’ sites.

Can I test B2BKing before purchasing? Can I get a trial?

We are unable to give a trial since this is a downloaded product and you will get the entire code after payment (unlike SaaS alternatives). We have a comprehensive live demo where you can test both the backend and frontend. The plugin is also available for free (with restricted functionality) on WordPress.org.

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