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YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin With only one click, you may recover up to 60% of orders and abandoned carts.
According to recent study, around $4 trillion in items are abandoned in carts by e-commerce customers each year. What’s more, more than 60% of these carts may be reclaimed and converted into sales. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart does just that: it assists you in converting abandoned carts into purchase orders.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin Users quit their shopping carts for a variety of reasons, including a lack of urgent money or a sudden interruption that causes you to forget what you were doing. Fortunately, YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart can remember your consumers where they left off and urge them to finish their purchase by delivering coupons with a special discount on the goods they desire.

Choose whether to retrieve all users’ orders and carts or just those with a certain user role.
You may select whether to recover all users’ orders and carts and so send automated emails, or just those with a certain user role, using the dedicated option.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin  Guest user carts may be saved and recovered.
When the option “Recover carts of guest users” is enabled, the contact information entered by the user will be retained and used to send the automated email to recover the purchase if the user fills out the checkout forms but does not finish the transaction. To ensure complete transparency, you can also display a checkbox asking for the user’s approval to the use of personal data to send promotional emails exclusively to those who ticked the option.

Choose the number of minutes after which a cart is deemed abandoned and the time interval after which the automated email to reclaim the cart is issued.
The essence of the plugin is the automation configuration: pick how many minutes a cart shall be regarded abandoned and plan the automated email delivery after a certain time period (one hour, 24 hours, three days, etc.). After you define these conditions, the plugin will work discreetly and continually to recover carts that might otherwise be irrevocably lost.

Select the time range after which an email will be sent to users who made an order but did not pay, inviting them to finish the transaction.
Schedule the automated sending of emails to persuade consumers to pay for the purchase after a certain amount of time (one hour, 24 hours, three days, etc.) following the order’s completion. After you’ve defined these criteria, all you have to do is monitor your dashboard and assess the success rate of recovered carts and orders.

Use one of the available templates to send the initial emails to recover orders and carts with a single click.
Are you concerned that you won’t know where to begin after installing the plugin? No worries: we’ve included two email templates that are ready to go. You will just need to activate them by clicking the yes/no button, and the plugin will be ready to use, sending emails to the first customers who leave their cart or fail to finish the payment of an order on your store. You may tweak and change the templates to your liking, or you can build new ones.


YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart nulled plugin  Create an infinite number of emails and decide when to send them to users.
The plugin comes with two default emails: one for recovering abandoned carts and another for recovering unpaid orders. However, you can design an endless number of emails with diverse content and automated sending timings to establish a comprehensive customer recovery plan. For example, you may give a 5% discount in the first email that is delivered after 24 hours, a 10% discount in the second email that is sent after 48 hours, and a persuasive content in the last email that uses scarcity and urgency concepts (“Last chance to use the coupon code…”).

Attach a discount coupon to emails to urge users to purchase the things remaining in their basket. A discount coupon is a great method to keep consumers returning to your store and encouraging them to buy items they were interested in. It just takes three clicks to add the coupon to the email, choose whether to provide a fixed or % discount, and set the expiry date. You may generate an endless number of coupons, each with a different value, and choose a code to identify coupons delivered via our plugin emails (in our live demo, for example, we use the abbreviation “RAC”).


Using the connected dashboard, you can keep track of recovered orders and carts.
The plugin features an easy, useful, and contemporary dashboard from which you can continually monitor the amount of abandoned carts and pending orders, emails sent, recovered carts and orders, and, most importantly, the money obtained as a result of the recovery approach used. Nothing beats viewing the panel of a plugin and seeing these figures increase over time. It’s true!

Receive an alert once a cart or an order is retrieved.
You may select to get a notification email every time a cart and an order are recovered after sending the promotional emails if you want to track the outcomes of your cart and order recovery plan without entering the backend of your e-commerce.

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