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YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp nulled plugin 2.2.1

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The most efficient technique to combine Mailchimp functions in order to design targeted and successful marketing campaigns.
What you can get from it:
You will be able to easily and quickly add your e-commerce consumers to MailChimp lists;

You will be able to segment your consumers based on their tastes; you will be able to develop targeted marketing for each customer type.

YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp nulled plugin Integrate MailChimp into your store and create targeted marketing for your consumers.
Using MailChimp, create targeted email marketing campaigns for your shop’s consumers. If you can handle your relationships in a more methodical manner, you will undoubtedly be more persuasive, and your shop’s sales will improve. This new YITH plugin can handle all of this automatically with a few easy motions.

You can handle email marketing campaigns for your e-commerce with YITH WooCommerce MailChimp in a few easy steps.
You may automatically or manually add contacts from your store following order generation or fulfillment.
You may use all of the advantages that an email service provider, like as MailChimp, provides to promote your new items, deals, store, or just remain in contact with your consumers.

We are all aware that email marketing is a highly strong instrument for shop promotion and sales growth, particularly when handled neatly and methodically with focused campaigns that have a considerably better sale conversion rate.

YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp nulled plugin Integrate the sophisticated “Ecommerce 360” tool to monitor purchases made after a MailChimp campaign.
Managing Interest Groups Successfully
If your users subscribe to one of your lists again, you may update their interests or add new ones to the old ones.

Control the interest groups directly from the plugin.
Without the necessity for access to MailChimp to facilitate your users’ subscriptions.
Organize your lists.
Selecting the associated interest groups or addressing the people in the preferred list.

Allow your users to subscribe to the newsletter from any page on your website.
Because of a convenient shortcode that you may easily edit from the linked part.
Make use of a side widget.
Quick and simple to implement, so you can direct your visitors to newsletter subscriptions from your store’s sidebars.

Modify the appearance of shortcodes and widgets.
You will have full access to edit any theme or plugin without touching any of its files.
Details from your lists may be exported.
Automatically with a single click, or by downloading a CSV file that you may freely use.

Create ad hoc marketing for people who are on your product’s waiting list.
Use the plugin in conjunction with YITH  NULLED PLUGIN Waiting List to export the list of users who have shown interest in your out-of-stock items to Mailchimp.
Register any orders placed on your website with MailChimp.
Directly from the Mailchimp Dashboard, you can develop campaigns based on client purchase preferences, manage abandoned carts, and track income from mailing campaigns.

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool.

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