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YITH Custom Thank You Page nulled plugin 3.7.0

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Customize the Thank you page that consumers see after making an order in your business by including text, upselling goods, coupons, and much more.
What you can get from it:
Create a unique bespoke Thank you page or set up several pages to appear depending on the goods or categories your clients bought or the payment method they used;

build an upsell strategy by promoting best-seller, featured, or related products on the Thank you page; encourage users to purchase again on your store by offering promotions and coupons on the Thank you page;
Increase traffic and promote your store by allowing consumers to share their purchases on social media or via WhatsApp.

YITH Custom Thank You Page nulled plugin The only way to personalize the WooCommerce Thank You page.
Thanking consumers for their orders made in your business is an essential step if you want to provide a great purchase experience and build customer loyalty.

It is critical to express thanks to people who have placed their faith in your brand and goods, and doing so correctly may turn into an effective upsell technique or a means to urge the customer to make a new purchase shortly.

WooCommerce’s default Thank you page is rather plain and uninteresting, since it merely displays a predetermined message and the order data. You can construct your personalized Thank You pages with YITH personalized Thank You Page for WooCommerce and add any sort of content: an image or an original photo, the Customer Care contact information, an emotive text, a selection of things to offer as upsell products, a 15% discount to use with the next purchase…All of these components may pique your consumers’ interest and make them feel at ease, which will make a difference and inspire them to return to your business.

Create an infinite number of personalized Thank You pages.

Create a single Thank you page for all orders made on your store, or numerous pages if you choose, and set up particular criteria to display them depending on the goods or categories bought by the customer or the payment method they used. According to the guidelines, you may provide assembly instructions or recommend a service for premium delivery ONLY IF they have bought a large quantity of items.

6 pre-made templates

Do you want to construct an amazing Thank You page but are unsure where to begin? Don’t be concerned! The plugin comes with six pre-configured themes that feature graphics and engaging text. You may customize any design to fit your requirements and use it in your business.


Using the block editor, you may make complex changes to the page.
Each Thank you page is essentially a page of your store that can be created and changed using the block editor. This gives you complete control over the page’s design: you may include whatever you want, such as text columns, photographs or graphics, a mailing form, shortcodes to handle advanced content, and so on.

Customize the order information and goods table.
The area of any Thank you page that includes the order data is the most important: items table (with pricing and ordered quantities), delivery method, payment method, and so on. This part provides clients with a summary of their recent purchase and enables them to confirm the accuracy of the information (size, color, quantity, price, and so on). You may pick which components to display or conceal, as well as adjust colors and fonts (for example, you can show product photos, which is not accessible on the default WooCommerce page).

Personalize the customer information section.
You may determine where the customer information will appear (top, bottom, after the items table, etc.) using the block editor, and you can adjust colors, format texts, and display payment and shipping information in the same block or in two columns using the plugin settings.

Custom Thank You Page YITH nulled plugin
Display an upsell area to promote best-sellers, highlighted goods, or related items.
Insert an upsell area on the Thank you page and choose the goods to display your customers from best-seller, highlighted, or similar products depending on the things bought, or select specific products from your store. An upsell area on the Thank You page will enhance income, customer happiness, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Provide a coupon to entice clients to make a new purchase.
The purchasing procedure has concluded, the order has been fulfilled, and the consumer is pleased and content (enjoying the advantages of endorphins, according to some research!): now is the ideal time to encourage them to make a new purchase and keep them engaged in your business. How? By providing them with a discount on their next purchase.

Increase website traffic by encouraging consumers to promote their purchases on social media.
A little em>special treat/em> to spice up your Thank You page? Allow your consumers to share their purchases on social media or via WhatsApp. It’s a terrific method to get people talking about your store and drive traffic, particularly if some of your customers are social media influencers with a large following.Create a printed version of the Thank You page using the builder.
Many consumers want to print the Thank You page in order to maintain an official document with the information of their recent transaction. You can now provide your clients with a user-friendly solution: produce a printed version of the page by selecting one of the built-in templates and modifying it using the integrated Gutenberg builder. When customers click the “Print” button, they will see precisely what they need: a PDF file with the purchase data, bespoke content, and a professional design that matches your brand.


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