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YITH Auctions for WooCommerce nulled plugin 4.0.0

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The simplest method to include an auction system similar to eBay into your shop.
What you can get from it:
You will profit from an excellent model company that attracts clients who often participate in auctions to get things at low rates.

You will sell unique and refined products without depreciating their market value by establishing a minimum starting price to increase profit margins; You will use scarcity and competition principles to offer an ad hoc product, such as a custom or out-of-stock item, that your customers will perceive as unmissable.

YITH Auctions for WooCommerce nulled plugin Manage online auctions to sell your products: the business model that people can’t get enough of.
Do you understand what an online auction is?

I’m sure you do, and you’ve undoubtedly contemplated selling things on eBay, the number one network in this industry that has built an empire on this kind of sales and gotten millions of people acclimated to buying online via their bids, participating in a sort of purchasing race.

Users who are interested in auctions are enticed by the opportunity to get things at cheap costs and are compelled to submit a bid, which in most instances results in an instant price increase when they are outbid.

Auctions are simple: anybody may submit a bid on a certain object, and if no other bid surpasses the previous one, the person who placed the highest bid wins the item. This helps customers to get the greatest price on items and allows suppliers to make a profit that is sometimes more than expected.

Using our YITH WooCommerce Auction plugin, you will not only be able to create auctions for your products, but you will also be able to create a real portal for online auctions, allowing all of your vendors to create auctions of their own and allowing you to earn a percentage of each of their sales.

Set your starting price, reserve price, and “buy now” price.

You may set a starting price, a reserve price (the lowest amount you’re ready to accept for the goods), and a selling price for each auction to enable consumers to buy the thing right away without participating in the auction.

Set the auction to use manual or automated bids.

You may choose whether customers must put their bids manually for each auction or whether they can enter the maximum amount they’re ready to spend and the system will increase bids automatically until they reach the limit they set.

Create a regular auction or a Dutch auction in which the user with the lowest bid wins.
In a traditional auction, the highest bidder wins, however in a Dutch auction, the lowest bidder wins.

Set up hidden auctions to conceal bids.
You may mark an auction as “secret” to conceal previous bids from other users.

Set a “fee” for signing up and participating in the auction.
You may establish a cost for each auction that users must pay before putting a bid. They will be taken immediately to the checkout to pay the charge.

YITH Auctions for WooCommerce nulled plugin Choose whether to charge the auction winner an additional commission.
Since version 3.0, you may require the auction winner to pay an extra commission to cover expenses such as taxes, management or legal fees, and so on. You may display the commission fee on the auction product page or just when the winner is about to pay for the won item on the checkout page.

Choose from four different countdown layouts (or display merely the auction length).
The plugin provides four contemporary and appealing countdowns to inform users when the auction concludes. You may choose a style that better suits your theme, change the colors, or deactivate the countdown to display simply the auction’s finish date.

Select whether or not to enable the “Watchlist” to allow users to keep track of the auctions in which they are interested.
Allow your users to sign up for the auction and get email alerts, or put the auction to a “watchlist” that they can follow via the connected widget or their account.

Request confirmation from users before posting their offer.

YITH Auctions for WooCommerce nulled plugin Reduce the amount of bids placed just for the sake of curiosity or without genuine interest by requiring users to confirm their bids before posting them and notifying them of their duties if they win the auctions.


To bid, users must register or log in and provide a valid payment card.

By integrating our YITH nulled plugin Stripe, you can increase the security of your auction site by requiring users to enter a valid credit card in order to bid.

When the auction closes, create an order with the status “pending payment” to pay for the auction item.
Sending an email to the auction winner and asking them to pay for the item without specifying how or when they should do so could be a double-edged sword: to streamline the payment process for the auction product, you can enable the dedicated option and generate the order to pay for this item completely automatically. The produced order will have a “pending payment” status, and the auction winner will be sent to the checkout page via the link in the email.

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