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YITH GeoIP Language Redirect nulled plugin 1.1.5

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Redirect people from all around the globe to sites written in their native language.
What you can get from it:
You will have complete control over any IP-based redirects, displaying only ad hoc websites devoted to a certain language or country.

You will increase your conversion rate by displaying personalized and targeted information to your clients.

YITH GeoIP Language Redirect nulled plugin Allow people from all around the globe to see your website in their native language!
So your internet company is finally taking off, and you’re beginning to sell all over the world, not just in your own nation.YITH GeoIP Language Redirect nulled plugin You translate the pages on your website, but your consumers still need to know where they can locate your items in their native language.

This significantly reduces the conversion rate for any nation, thereby nullifying any work you put into particularly targeting a specified area of the globe on which you want to concentrate your investments and data research.

You may also choose to distinguish some of the material on your sites, such as pricing and shipping costs, but without knowing where your customers are coming from, you may be compelled to show the same version of your website to everyone.

With YITH GeoIP Language Redirect for WooCommerce, you can instantaneously and automatically redirect people from any nation to the appropriate version of your website, and you can do so for every single page and even particular files.

You will have total control over the source of your users and will be able to manage it in a simple and rapid manner, so check out all of the advantages our plugin has to offer and enhance your sales all over the globe!

Create redirect rules with a few mouse clicks.
And without having to make any changes to your website files, all from your WordPress dashboard.
GeoIP Language Redirect Redirect Rules

Only allow users from a certain country to utilize the rules.
This allows you to generate targeted redirects.

Set up a redirect for the whole website or just certain URLs.
Redirections may also be made on posts, media, pages, categories, and tags.
redirection of origin

Set the HTTP status code.
For each of the redirects you’ve established

Create at least one redirect rule for your website.
Select the country where the reroute rule applies.
Select the HTTP status code to be associated with each redirect rule.

Create a redirect based on your website domain and custom URLs.
URLs that match regular expressions
all of your website’s posts (or just one)
all of your website’s pages (or just one of them)
all of your website’s categories (or just a few)
all of your website’s tags (or a single one)
all of your store’s items (or just a few)
the store’s archive page
Choose a destination URL from the list below:
a unique URL
a website post a website page a website product detail page
a tag detail page and a category detail page
Choose which devices must have redirect rules applied:
PC, mobile, and all devices
Choose to just redirect visitors who visit the page for the first time (after that, they will no longer be redirected and will access the specified page on a regular basis until the cookie expires).
Users from a certain country should not be routed.
Prevent the redirection of one or more IP addresses.

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