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XT WooCommerce Floating Cart Pro nulled plugin 2.7.9

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The Floating Cart for WooCommerce is a powerful tool that enhances the online shopping experience by tracking customers’ purchases and allowing them to easily add or remove items. This feature not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces cart abandonment rates by up to 40%. The plugin offers features like a live preview customizer, fly-to-cart animation, coupons, cart totals, and more. It also includes a full checkout form, PayPal button, Ajax add-to-cart functionality, and priority email and help center support.

XT WooCommerce Floating Cart Pro nulled plugin Introducing the Floating Cart for WooCommerce, the ideal solution for improving your customers’ online buying experience. This clever cart follows your customers while they explore your business, allowing them to easily monitor their purchases and swiftly click the “checkout” button when they’re ready to finalize their transaction.

The Floating Cart allows your clients to simply add and remove things from their cart without ever leaving the page they’re on. This saves time and enables for a more convenient purchasing experience. Furthermore, the cart’s floating design allows users to see precisely how much they are spending and how many products are in their basket at any one moment.

How much would more sales and conversions be worth to you?

Have you ever had a site visitor add things to their basket but then exit your business without making a purchase?

Not only does the Floating Cart enhance the consumer experience, but it also increases conversions and reduces cart abandonment rates by up to 40%. This is accomplished by streamlining the procedure so that clients may finish their transaction with a few clicks. As a consequence, your firm will see an increase in sales and income.

Installing the WooCommerce Side Cart will provide your website a visually attractive symbol with an item count that is constantly displayed on all pages. When you click, the cart will appear. The Floating Cart also has a complete checkout form, which enables users to make purchases without having to refresh the page. This feature-rich nulled plugins includes a free shipping progress indicator, coupons, upsell and cross-sell options, a PayPal button, Ajax add to cart capabilities, and an auto-height feature, among others.

XT WooCommerce Floating Cart Pro nulled plugin Upgrade your online business and provide your consumers with the finest shopping experience possible by using the Floating Cart for WooCommerce. Try it now and see your sales skyrocket!


  • Live Preview Customizer
  • Enable the Fly to Cart animation.
  • Enable coupons.
  • Enable cart totals.
  • Enable total savings.
  • Enable the Express Checkout Form.
  • Enable Cart Menu Item and Auto Height.
  • Enable suggested products (related, cross-sell, and upsell).
  • Enable the Free Shipping Bar.
  • Choose Between Morph Slide Animation
  • Support variants, bundles, and composites.
  • In just one click, you may clear or restore your whole cart.
  • Display product characteristics in the cart and adjust cart width/height.
  • Apply Google Fonts.
  • Custom Colors/Backgrounds
  • Custom Icons (SVG, image, and font icons)
  • Choose from eleven loading spinner animations.
  • Disable cart display on certain pages and set device visibility choices.
  • Ajax add to cart on individual product pages
  • Ajax Add to Cart in Quick View Modals
  • Select the Checkout or View Cart button.
  • Option to activate the cart on mouseover display. Sub-total or Total
  • RTL Support
  • Automated updates and security patches.
  • Priority Email and Help Center Support.

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