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YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode nulled plugin 2.33.0

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Hide the price or the Add to Cart button on product pages to use your store as a catalog.
What you can get from it:
You may transform your e-commerce into a basic online catalog by disabling purchases.

You can restrict purchases to users who have registered on your site; you can disable the Add to Cart button or the price on specific products or categories; and you can add a custom call-to-action on product pages to encourage users to take the desired action (e.g. contact you by phone or email).


YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode nulled plugin Create a catalog of goods and online services and invite buyers to contact you for a specific pricing estimate or further information.
Do you want to present a catalog of items without having them instantly accessible for purchase? Or do you want to filter buyers and restrict access to full data to registered users only? Do you want to take inventory but leave things online? Perhaps your shop is temporarily closed due to the holidays, or you are preparing for a sales time and need to temporarily cease sales.

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode transforms your online store into a catalogue by eliminating Add to Cart buttons and access to checkout pages, concealing product pricing, and replacing them with configurable buttons, text labels, and inquiry forms.

Enable ‘Massive catalog mode’ with a single click and quickly disable your shop’s Cart, Checkout, and all add to cart buttons.
If you have a large product catalog and wish to rapidly conceal the Cart button and the Cart page, you may do it with a single click. When you’re ready to sell, simply one more click and your catalogue will be transformed into a fully functional e-commerce store.

Schedule your shop’s opening and closing hours to block users from placing orders on specified days or times of day.
Have you scheduled a trip for Christmas or a summer vacation and don’t want to worry about fresh orders coming in?

Do you want to shut the store on Wednesdays to refresh the inventory? You may close your store for particular time periods, days of the week, or hours of the day with a single click: your items will be displayed but not purchaseable.

Hide pricing and Cart buttons from all goods or just certain products, tags, or categories.
Do you want to make just certain goods available for purchase and set up the catalog mode for others that cannot be bought immediately? You will be able to construct an infinite number of rules and apply them to your preferred items.

Allow unregistered users or users from specified countries to utilize the catalog mode.
Do you want your product pricing to be shown exclusively to people who have created an account? Or maybe limit sales to customers from a specified geographical area? These are just a few of the cases that YITH Catalog Mode may assist you with.

Replace the pricing and Cart buttons with personalized calls to action and labels.
If your items cannot be bought immediately, you should usually encourage people to contact you and request a dedicated pricing quote or just additional information. You could also want them to create an account or log in to your store. You may design a plethora of compelling phrases and calls to action for your items with our button and label builder.

Enable an inquiry form on your product pages to make it easier for consumers to contact you.
Select whether to include a contact form on the product pages to make it simpler for your customers to reach you. You may use the plugin’s default form (which you can edit by revealing the fields you want) or show a form created using one of the following plugins: Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Ninja Forms, or WP Forms. You will be able to see the product page the request was filed from in the email message you get.

Combine the catalog mode with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor.
You may allow each vendor set up and manage the catalog mode for their own store if you utilize YITH Multi Vendor.


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