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Xavier Nulled Script 3.2

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Xavier is a PHP login script that offers a user management panel for website protection. It allows users to protect pages or parts of the website based on their login status or membership in a user group. The script comes with sample pages and scripts for login, registration, and forgotten passwords. Users can manage their settings through the admin panel, which can be added, edited, banned, or deleted. The script is customizable and based on Bootstrap, and can be integrated with pre-existing websites. Key features include complete logging capability, access to data and login sessions, user groups, and the ability to involve regular users in administrative tasks. The script also includes a Bootstrap CSS-based admin skin that can be customized to allow only one user to log in at a time.

Xavier Nulled Script

Xavier – PHP Login Script & User Management Admin Panel

Protect your website or its content with only a few lines of code by using the Xavier PHP Login script, a user management login script with an admin panel at the backend.

You may implement page protection with only one line of PHP code at the top of any page by simply dropping the script into an existing website. Parts of pages may also be protected. Protect certain parts of your website or user interface based on their login status or membership in a user group. Alternatively, you may make your pages protected, depending on whether you are an administrator or not. The script comes with sample pages and scripts for things like login, registration, and forgotten passwords. You may modify them to match your needs or use them in conjunction with your current website.

Manage your users and tweak your site’s settings with the help of the admin panel. Users and groups may be added, edited, banned, or deleted by an admin. It is very customizable and based on Bootstrap.

Key Points
Works as-is or may be easily integrated with pre-existing websites.
Site pages or parts may be protected based on login status, group status, or group-level status.
Optional Captcha (and other security measures) to prevent bot registrations.
With PHP sessions, users may log in, go about the site, and remain signed in.
Complete logging capability.
Access data and login sessions for each user. Detail data.
User groups have selectable levels.
Involve regular users in administrative tasks by promoting them to the role of administrator.
The user’s session ends when there is no more input.
Individual homepages for users.
Profile settings, passwords, and email addresses are all modifiable by users.
Use the function to retrieve a forgotten password.
Activation by email or administrator is optional.
A welcome email is optional.
Users may be added, activated, banned, edited, or deleted by the admin.
Active users may be seen and displayed.
Note the IP addresses, last login date, and date of registration for each user.
Finds the Most Active Users Online.
Each password is hashed and salted separately using BCRYPT.
Alter the length of the username or password.
Verify your email and password throughout the registration process.
A Bootstrap CSS-based admin skin that is very customizable
Make it so that only one user can log in at a time.
Plus a plethora of more material…
Check out the Angry Frog website for a free online demo. Enter the credentials P4ssw0rd and login as an admin.

Here we have the author’s support. If you are experiencing problems with the script, please contact us by email (found under the “support” button). Alternatively, you may use the comments area to make any general questions or remarks. Along with the script, you will find comprehensive instructions.

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