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WP 2FA Pro nulled plugin 2.6.4

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WP 2FA Pro is a user-friendly two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress websites, enhancing website authentication, increasing team productivity, and ensuring data security. With intuitive, customizable wizards, users can add 2FA to their accounts without requiring technical expertise. WP 2FA offers various 2FA techniques, third-party integration, and customizable policies. It is easy to use, with broad app compatibility, customizable login pages, and the ability to use 2FA without dashboard access. Users can also add trusted devices as trusted devices, eliminating the need for manual input. Overall, WP 2FA is a powerful tool for enhancing website security and user experience.

WP 2FA Pro nulled plugin

Two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress websites

To enhance website authentication, increase team productivity, and assist clients and business partners in maintaining the security of their data on your website, add WP 2FA Pro nulled plugin to your WordPress.

To improve user and website security, provide your website’s authentication procedure an additional level of protection.

Within minutes, set up 2FA on your website. Intuitive, customisable wizards let users add 2FA to their accounts without requiring technical expertise.

Benefits and highlights of features of plugin

See what makes WP 2FA a strong, user-friendly two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress.

  • Select one of the many 2FA techniques
    Offer your users the choice to choose the most secure and practical 2FA technique from a number of options.
  • Third party integration
    Integrations of third parties services
    Including Push Notifications and SMS as additional authentication methods, integrate with companies like Authy and Twilio.
  • Completely customisable 2FA policies
    Enforce 2FA, provide users a grace period, and set up distinct 2FA regulations for certain user roles.
  • Easy to use WordPress 2FA
    Simple to set up & utilize
    Configure policies and everything else in a matter of minutes thanks to simple wizards.
  • Broad 2FA app compatibility
    Visitors to your website don’t have to download and become proficient with a new app. Any 2FA app may be supported by WP 2FA.
  • login page help
    Help with personalised login pages
    Straight out of the box, WP 2FA supports custom login pages like those provided by WooCommerce  nulled themes and other well-known plugins.
  • Without dashboard access
    Dashboard access not necessary
    Your clients may still set up and begin utilizing 2FA whether they access their data via a bespoke login page and dashboard or the standard WordPress nulled plugins dashboard.
  • 2FA trusted device on Windows
    Devices you can trust
    So they don’t have to manually input the 2FA code each time they need to access the website, users utilizing 2FA may add devices as trusted devices.

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