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The WooCommerce API Manager is a powerful tool for software and online services that allows users to sell license keys and subscriptions. It handles license activation, deactivation, status checks, and more. Users can also renew subscriptions manually, upgrade/downgrade license keys, and release updates. The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes is available for WordPress plugin and theme developers.

Automated payment processing is available when paired with WooCommerce Subscriptions and a billing gateway. The API Manager allows users to unlock software with a license and authenticate customer access through purchased API Key activations. The API Manager also allows for the creation of API Resources from Order line items containing selected products.

The WooCommerce API Manager can be used to make recurring income selling software or services, turning WooCommerce products into API Resources accessible with a License Key. These resources can be software, services, apps, memberships, subscriptions, or anything accessible over the internet. The most common product types are Simple, Variable, Simple Subscription, Variable Subscription, and Group.

The API Manager works by allowing customers to buy an API Resource with a defined number of activations or unlimited activations, which remains accessible until it expires. It also works seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions for advanced API resource time management.

The WooCommerce API Manager is a tool that secures software with an API Key, acting as a WooCommerce Software License Manager. This key provides access to an API Resource, allowing client software to activate, deactivate, check the status of an activation, and receive updates. All software downloads use secure, expiring URLs to ensure only customers have secure access. The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes was developed to make selling API Keys for WordPress plugins and themes easier.

Amazon S3 File Download Support is built-in, allowing file downloads to be served securely by Amazon S3, making issues with local web server setup, web hosts, firewalls, and WooCommerce file download changes unnecessary. Three types of API Key types are available: Master API Key, Product Order API Key, and Associated API Key. API Access Expiration is a time limit for API Keys, which can be renewed by the store or manually. Variable WooCommerce Subscriptions allow customers to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions.

The WooCommerce API Manager allows product creation based on sales model and WooCommerce structure. An API Resource can be sold as a simple/simple subscription product or a variable/variable subscription product with variations. Each variation can have a single number of activations or unlimited activations.

The WooCommerce API Manager is an easy product API form for both software and non-software products. It offers secure download URLs, plugin update screen tab control, API access expiration, full API access control, built-in API debugging, free products, and SmartCache for caching database and API queries. The API Manager also allows for free products and offers free products for existing customers.

The API Manager also features an Order screen for API Resources and API Resource activations, with the Master API Key always listed and the remaining details can be hidden. The My Account Dashboard allows for easy setup of WordPress plugins and themes, allowing automatic updates and communication with all API Manager APIs.

The plugin alert screen allows customers to easily find the activation screen when a plugin is activated, and the plugin update screen displays information as if it were a plugin from WordPress.org. To get started, download, install, and activate the WooCommerce API Manager in your WooCommerce store, read the extensive documentation, and enjoy more revenue using API Keys to control API Resources for your site.

WooCommerce API Manager nulled plugin Sell license keys and subscriptions to software and internet services to expand your subscription company.
WooCommerce API Manager Software Licensing and Subscription
Sell licensed software.

When a consumer purchases your product, provide them with licensing keys. Integrate with any programming language to ensure that only paying clients may use your app.
Full licensing API
Handle license activation, deactivation, status checks, product listing, api key verification, software update deployment for your customers’ licensing keys, and more.
Renew Subscriptions
Customers may renew their built-in API Manager subscriptions manually.
Subscription renewal emails are sent 30 days, 7 days before, and 1 day after a subscription is slated to expire, and include a renewal link.
Upgrade or Downgrade Subscriptions
Allow your clients to update their license keys and provide additional features or activations. Pairing with WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to prorate the upgrade and give extra savings.
Release Updates:
Update your product using the integrated licensing API to provide your users with new features and problem fixes.
One-click and automatic updates are available.
Software updates may be downloaded via Amazon S3, a distant URL, or a local server. All URLs are converted into secure URLs.
Drop-in library The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes is now available to WordPress plugin and theme developers.
Automated Payment Processing.
When used with WooCommerce Subscriptions and a compatible billing gateway, subscription renewal fees are automatically paid.
Software may be unlocked with a license, which prevents usage until activated.
Online Subscription Service
Authenticate customer access by activating the bought API Keys.
Block access until the API Key is enabled.
Check the API Key activation status.
Determine which products/API resources are accessible via the API.
Determine the subscription level based on the API key and number of activations available.
When used in conjunction with WooCommerce plugin Subscriptions and a supported billing gateway, subscription payments are automatically processed.
Existing Store Setup
To set up a WooCommerce shop with existing items and orders using the WooCommerce API Manager, follow these steps:

Edit each product to be used with the WooCommerce API Manager by checking the API checkbox, then filling out the API tab form and, if it is a variable product variation, a few API Manager details like the amount of activations.
API Resources will be generated automatically from Order line items containing the API goods that have been chosen. Order line items containing WooCommerce Subscription product categories will also be automatically generated. The APIs currently provide access to all API resources via client software or an internet service.
To take use of all available functionality, either include the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes in your plugin or theme, or create an API client to connect to the API Manager APIs as described in the documentation.
Moving from Other License Managers
WooCommerce Software Add-On
The WooCommerce API Manager includes a tool for importing WooCommerce Software Add-on data. The API Manager may also respond to API questions meant for the WC Software Add-on, thus it is safe to uninstall it after the data import is complete. Clients may migrate at their own speed to new client software that takes use of the API Manager’s powerful API capabilities.
Make a recurring income selling software or services.
The WooCommerce API Manager converts WooCommerce products into API Resources that may be accessed with a License Key. API resources (products) include software, services, iPhone or Android apps, memberships, subscriptions, and anything else that can be accessed over the Internet. The most popular Product kinds are Simple, Variable, Simple Subscription, Variable Subscription, and Group. Subscription product types are established using the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, which enables automatic payment collection on the renewal anniversary. There is also support for API access expiry time limitations for WooCommerce product purchases that need manual renewal.

How does this work? The consumer purchases a Product (API Resource), which includes an API Key with a set number of activations or unlimited activations. The customer uses the API Key to access the API Resource, which is managed by WooCommerce API Manager. If the API Resource has an expiry time, it is available till then. The WooCommerce API Manager integrates flawlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions to provide even more comprehensive API Resource time management.

WooCommerce API Manager API Key Type:

Sell API keys as licenses for software and automated updates.
The WooCommerce API Manager protects your program with an API Key by serving as a WooCommerce program License Manager. When used with software, the API Key is equivalent to a License Key. The API Key grants access to an API resource. Client software may use an API Key to activate, deactivate, check the status of an activation, retrieve information about updates, check for updates, and receive updates, among other things. All software downloads use secure, expiring URLs to ensure that only your customers have secure access to the program they paid. Software downloads might originate from the WooCommerce store’s local server, Amazon S3, or a distant server.

To make selling API Keys for WordPress plugins and themes easier, the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes was created as a PHP library that can be dropped into a plugin or theme in less than 5 minutes for API Key authentication and software updates using the WooCommerce API Manager. Learn how to get a copy of the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes.

Amazon S3 file download support is built-in.
File downloads are best handled by Amazon S3, which is globally scalable and incredibly cost-effective for any size organization. Set up your file as specified in the guidelines, then copy and paste the Amazon S3 URL. Amazon S3 will serve your content securely. Using Amazon S3, concerns with local web server configuration, web hosts, firewalls, WooCommerce file download modifications, and other obstructions may be fully eliminated.

Flexible API Key Types to Match Store Workflow
There are three sorts of API keys, allowing for a customizable API key model for every store.

Master API Key: Ideal for clients that wish to use the same API key for everything. Can be used to activate any API Resource bought using this single API Key. Providing a one-stop solution makes its usage simpler and more easy for the consumer, resulting in higher satisfaction. If necessary, the business owner may disable customer access to all API resources using the Master API Key.
Product Order API Key: Ideal for shop owners who want their consumers to use different API keys for each purchase. Allows you to activate a single API Resource from a single order. Can be used for more fine-grained control by the shop owner or the client, who may opt to allow just workers or a friend to access that API Key.
Associated API key: It works similarly to the Product Order API Key, but you have control over which goods and orders it is linked with. When an API Key is connected with an API Resource, it may be produced by another plugin, site, or imported and saved in a custom table that the WooCommerce API Manager uses. This enables shop owners to utilize API keys in a unique manner.
WooCommerce API Manager Subscriptions
The WooCommerce API Manager supports API Access Expiration, which is just a time restriction for an API Key that functions similarly to a subscription. The consumer purchases a product and has access to that product (API Resource) until the API Access time restriction expires, after which the client must renew the time limit by purchasing the product again. When the product is a WooCommerce Subscription, the shop may automatically renew it and send the client an email with a receipt, or the customer can renew it manually. A Variable WooCommerce membership enables customers to increase or reduce their membership. All API resources are handled by API key activations. A product may have one or more activations, and any of the API Key types listed above may be used to authorize access to the API Resource. The decision to utilize the built-in API Manager Subscriptions or WooCommerce Subscriptions is dependent on the product and store’s requirements.

Flexible Product Types
The WooCommerce API Manager enables you to create products based on your sales model and the framework supplied by WooCommerce. An API Resource (Product) may be marketed as either a basic or variable subscription product with variants. Each simple and variable variation may have a single number of activations or limitless activations for purchase. For variable product variations, each variation can have a varied number of activations, including one with infinite activations.

WooCommerce API Manager Features:
Easy Product Setup


Simple product API form for both software and non-software items.

Secure Download URLs
WooCommerce API Manager File URL

URLs for the local server, Amazon S3, or remote are wrapped for security and have an expiry period to prevent unauthorized usage.

Plugin Update: Screen Tab Control
WooCommerce API Manager API Tab Options

Plugin update tabs may be added and deleted.

API Access Expiration
WooCommerce API Manager API Access Expires.

Products that are not WooCommerce Subscription types may utilize the API Access Expires field to restrict API Resource access in the same way that subscriptions do.


Full API Access Control
WooCommerce API Manager: API Key Control

Store owners may deactivate a customer’s API access if necessary.


WooCommerce API Manager offers built-in debugging options.

There are numerous possibilities for attractively structured debugging data that is saved in custom WooCommerce logs.

Store owners may provide free items to current consumers, as well as provide non-free things.

The API Manager use SmartCache to cache database and API queries at important stages in the data process, significantly increasing the performance of essential services like data and API answers. SmartCache only updates the cached data that is requested when the data changes or when an expired cache is requested but must be updated. As a consequence, performance increases dramatically while server load decreases dramatically. When SmartCache is paired with object caching, the result is very fast performance. SmartCache enables the API Manager to grow seamlessly to any degree of traffic volume.

Order Screen API Resources.


Order items that are API Resources are shown on the Order screen, along with relevant information.

Order Screen API Resource Activations.
WooCommerce API Manager: API Resource Activation

API Key activations are shown on the order page and may be withdrawn if required.

My Account Dashboard API Keys
WooCommerce API Manager Product Order API Key: Hidden

On the My Account > API Keys tab, the Master API Key is always shown. The remaining data may potentially include the Product Order API Key, or it can be concealed, as seen in the picture. The customer may delete activations that were not correctly erased by client software via the dashboard.

My Account Dashboard API Downloads
WooCommerce API Manager API Downloads:

On the My Account > API Downloads page, API Resources that are software items may be downloaded and stored to Dropbox if that option is enabled. All URLs are safe and will expire at the time period specified in the settings.

Easy WordPress Plugin and Theme Setup
The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes enables the API Manager to quickly set up WordPress plugins and themes. The WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes enables WordPress plugins and themes to perform automated updates and interface with all API Manager APIs to conduct operations like activation, deactivation, and so on. This is an example.

WooCommerce API Manager Plugin Alert.

When the plugin is active, the client may quickly go to the activation screen.


Once activated, the API returns the activation totals. The Product ID field in the screenshot above is optional.

WooCommerce API Manager Plugin Update

When an update is released, the client may see and update the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin.

WooCommerce API Manager Plugin Details

Depending on the information received and the tabs selected in the settings, the plugin view details page shows information similar to that of any WordPress.org plugin, so the client will recognize it. Learn how to get a copy of the WooCommerce API Manager PHP Library for Plugins and Themes.

How To Get Started
Purchase this extension. 🙂
Download, install, and activate the WooCommerce API Manager on your WooCommerce shop.
Read our thorough documentation to get started in the correct direction.
That is it! Sit back and enjoy more earnings by using API Keys to manage API Resources for your website!
Need more reason to buy? When you buy a Todd Lahman LLC-developed plugin, you are receiving the best extensions for your WooCommerce business. Rest confident that when you buy our items, we care about your store’s success just as much as you do.

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