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User Role Editor Pro nulled plugin 4.64.2

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User Role Editor Pro nulled plugin – Edit user roles simply.
Are you pleased with the normal WordPress nulled themes roles list or how the user privileges are distributed? Do you want to alter anything in the user rights and permissions system?
The User Role Editor WordPress plugin may assist you. Edit any current position, create a new one, and fill the chosen role with the skills you need. Assign newly generated roles or capabilities directly to users.

User Role Editor Pro version features

User Role Editor Pro nulled plugin Why go Pro? The Pro edition provides more capabilities. It is free of advertisements. Buy the Pro edition and join the 3810 current subscribers. Look at the Pro version’s extra features list and make the correct effective decision:

  • Block specified admin menu items on a per-role basis.
    Show the front end menu item for everyone, logged-in users, logged-in users with chosen role(s), and not
  • only logged-in visitors (more information…).
  • Block selected navigation menus from modifying for a certain job (more information…).
  • Block chosen widgets and sidebars using the “Appearance” menu based on your job (further information…).
  • Block certain meta boxes (dashboard, posts, pages, custom post kinds) for roles.
  • Block access to additional roles for the chosen position (further information…)
  • Per nulled plugins access for roles and users with the “activate_plugins” capability (additional details…)
  • Export and Import User Roles
  • Multi-site: Manage roles and users for all sites from a single location using Network Admin: modify,
  • duplicate roles to all subsites, give roles and capabilities to users, and replicate existing users and their
  • rights throughout the network.
  • Multi-site: Restrict single-site administrators’ access to the specified user capabilities and Add/Delete role
  • operations inside the User Role Editor.
  • Multi-site: Superadmin may create unique lists of themes that can be activated by chosen single-site

Features that limit content editing access include:

  • Force all custom post types to utilize their own custom capabilities set rather than one based on the ‘post’,
  • such as ‘edit_videos’ instead of ‘edit_posts’.
  • Activate the “Create” feature for posts, pages, and custom post kinds. For example, without the ‘create_post’
  • feature, users will only be able to modify existing posts.
  • Users can only update selected posts and pages if they have the post/page ID, category/taxonomy ID, or author user ID.
  • Users may limit their access to Gravity Forms using a list of form IDs.
  • Content view access restrictions for specific roles and using short_codes (additional details…)
  • Manage which widgets are shown for each role (additional information…).
  • The admin page permissions viewer displays the user capabilities list verified by this page and the plugins
  • linked to it at the bottom of each admin backend (wp-admin) page (further information…).
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