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UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon Nulled Script 4.0

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UltimatePOS Advance is an all-in-one software that includes inventory management, invoicing, and POS (Point of Sale) Service. It can be used for various purposes, including department stores, medical footwear, liquor stores, sanitary supplies, hardware, salons, spas, home appliances, digital restaurants, retail, wholesale, and consulting. The UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon Nulled Script module offers support for creating an online WooCommerce store in minutes and keeping it in sync with your POS software. It also includes features like synchronization, API settings, product syncing options, detailed sync history, and compatibility with SaaS/Superadmin modules.

UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon Nulled Script New Release: V4.0; March 2, 2023.

Support for these goods is provided in UltimatePOS Advance.

Open an online WooCommerce store in minutes and keep it in sync with your POS program.

UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon Nulled Script There is no need to manually update goods across several applications (POS and Online Shop).
There’s no need to manually update stocks.
There’s no need to manually update orders from WooCommerce to POS.
There is no need to manually create and update categories in the POS or online store.
All of this may be controlled via a single application.

Before you purchase:

Note that this is not a stand-alone program, but a “Optional” expansion to UltimatePOS Advance.
This module is compatible with the SaaS/Superadmin module.
UltimatePOS Advance is all-in-one software that includes:

UltimatePOS to WooCommerce Addon Nulled Script Stock or Inventory Management
POS (Point of Sale): Service and Invoicing.
It may be used for all services.
Fashion & Clothing
Departmental Stores
Medical, Footwear, Liquor Shops, Sanitary and Hardware
Our services include salons and spas, home appliances and digital products, restaurants, and more.
Retail, Wholesale, and Consulting.
Features of UltimatePOS to WooCommerce module:
Synchronize categories from UltimatePOS to WooCommerce.
Sync products from the POS to WooCommerce.
Product categories include single products, variable products, and variants.
Sync orders from WooCommerce to POS.
Map taxes between POS and WooCommerce using the API. Settings: Setting to give WooCommerce API information.
Product Sync Options are Configurable.
Configure the “Selling Price Group” for your WooCommerce store.
Configure the fields to sync when creating new and updating goods in Woocommerce.
Configure the product price, including or without taxes.
Sync Detailed sync log.
Compatible with the SaaS/SuperAdmin module: Option to include this module in subscription bundles.
Installation requires just one click.
A complete setup instruction.
More developments coming shortly…

Demo URL: https://pos.ultimatefosters.com/login?demo_type=woocommerce.

Username: woocommerce_user.

Password: 123456.

Support URL: http://ultimatefosters.com/support/

Complete documentation:



Version Log: V3.0 (May 19, 2021)

Minor corrections and improvements.
New release: V2.9, May 19, 2021.

New version (V2.8) on May 2, 2021, includes fixes for webhook sync.

Added delivery status synchronization option to settings. Improved sync.
New release – V2.7, March 4, 2021

An option to choose order status has been introduced.
Fixes and enhancements
New release: V2.6, December 21, 2020.

NEW: Automatic daily product sync (V2.5, September 9, 2020)

FIX: Product synchronization fixes
FIX: Order sync for registered customers.
New release – V2.4 August 25, 2020.

NEW: If the sync quantity for items is deactivated, the Manage-Stock & In-Stock (True, False, Don’t Update) option will be transmitted to the WooCommerce website.
New release – V2.2, June 9, 2020

Improvements in synchronizing customer addresses
Product and Order Synchronization Improvements
New release – V2.2, June 9, 2020

New version (V2.1) on May 20, 2020, includes sync improvements.

Image synchronization problem.
If the product quantity is not checked in the woocommerce settings, it will appear as out of stock.
Product synchronization enhancements for a large number of items
New release – V2.0 February 27, 2020.

Compatible with UltimatePOS 3.0. Numerous repairs and enhancements.
New Release: V1.1 – November 8, 2019.

Improvements in synchronization product photos
Added a customizable option to sync Description with Short/Long/Both descriptions in Woocommerce.
New Release: V1.0 – August 27, 2019.

Syncing product photos from POS to WooCommerce (enable it in API Settings)
New Release: July 8, 2019.

Support for orders Webhook: Orders created, updated, deleted, or restored. WooCommerce’s UltimatePOS has a powerful capability for real-time order updates.
New Release: V0.8 – April 9th

Reset product and category sync, including improvements and repairs.
New Release Date: February 13th.

Before upgrading, ensure you have the newest version of UltimatePOS – 2.12, which includes sync improvements.
Minor fixes.



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