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Tax Exempt for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.7.0

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WooCommerce Tax Exempt is a plugin that allows store admins to grant tax exemptions to selected customers and user roles. It features a customizable tax exemption form on the My Account page, allowing customers to submit necessary files and information to claim tax exemption. The admin can review the submitted information and approve or reject the tax exemption from the backoffice. Once granted, the tax will be automatically removed from future orders or displayed for customers to manually remove tax. The tax exemption details are displayed in order detail pages.

The plugin allows selected customers to claim tax exemptions, with the option to select the checkbox “Claim Tax Exemption” or disable it to automatically remove tax from all orders. The plugin also adds a tax exemption checkbox on checkout, allowing customers to remove tax from their order amount.

The plugin adds a tax exemption section in the My Account page, allowing customers to fill out the form, provide necessary details, and upload tax exemption certificates. The admin can review tax exemption requests and add an expiry date for tax exemption status.

Customized tax exemption notices can be displayed during guest checkout to inform customers that tax exemption is available. The plugin sends automatic email notifications to admin and customers, including notifications for successful submission of tax exemption forms, approval/rejection of tax exemption requests, and tax exemption status expiry.

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce nulled plugin WooCommerce Tax Exempt offers you with a correct method for granting tax exemption to certain customers and user roles.

On the My Account page, you may enable a customisable tax exemption form to allow clients to submit the necessary files and other information to claim tax exemption. The shop administrator may analyze the provided information and either refuse or approve the tax exemption from the backoffice.

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce nulled plugin Once the tax exemption is approved, the tax will be automatically removed from future purchases, or the shop admin may provide a checkbox to allow consumers to remove the tax from each order manually. The tax exemption information is presented on the order detail pages.

The shop administrator may also exclude certain customers and user roles from paying taxes. These exempted clients may not have submitted any tax information from my account, but they will be able to claim tax exemption in the same way that other customers who have uploaded tax files and claimed tax exemption would.

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce nulled plugin List of WooCommerce Tax Exempt Features:
Allow all or a subset of user roles to get tax breaks.
Show the tax exemption form in “my account”
Form fields may be customized.
Display the status of tax exemptions in “my account” – pending, rejected, or authorized.
Back-office tax exemption petitions must be reviewed.
Approve or deny tax exemption requests
Include an expiration date for tax exemption.
Allow guests to claim tax breaks.
Back-office grants tax exemption status to certain clients and user roles (no need to submit tax information).
Display tax exemption information on the admin order detail page, the client order detail page, and the order email.
Customizable email alerts for administrators and customers when a tax form is completed and a tax exemption is allowed or denied
The tax-exempt status has expired.
AvaTax is somewhat compatible (see details).
How Does It Function?
The WooCommerce Tax Exemption plugin allows shop administrators to issue tax exemption using the following methods:

Method One:

Admin may display the tax exemption form to all or specified user roles on the “My Account” page. When a client provides tax exemption information, the admin may analyze it in the backoffice and accept or deny the tax exemption request. Once authorized, the approval status will be shown on the “my account” page, and a checkbox will be presented during the checkout process to remove the tax from the specific purchase.

Method number two:

Admin grants tax exemption to chosen consumers, who may immediately make tax-exempt purchases. During the checkout process, they may pick the option “Claim Tax Exemption” to remove the tax from the specific purchase, or the shop admin can uncheck this checkbox from the extension settings to remove tax from all orders of tax exempt clients. (There is no need to enter any tax exemption information from my account page.)

Add a tax-exempt tick at the checkout.
When a consumer is authorized for tax exemption, a checkbox appears on the checkout page. The buyer may subtract the tax from the purchase amount by checking the option when making the order. The shop administrator may deactivate this option to eliminate tax automatically upon checkout.


In my account, there is a “Tax Exemption” area.
The Tax Exempt WooCommerce plugin adds a tax exemption form to the “My Account” page. Customers who qualify for tax exemption may fill out the form, give the appropriate information, and attach a tax exemption certificate from the government to receive tax relief. The plugin has the following fields, and the administrator may change the label for each one.

There are two text fields.
1 field for uploading files to accept tax certificates
Specify the file formats that are acceptable.

Examine tax-exemption petitions
The data will be visible in the customer’s my account page after the user files the tax exemption form. From the user’s detail page, the admin may check the supplied details and accept or deny tax exemption requests. The shop administrator may also provide an expiration date for tax exemption status.


Tax exempt specific customers and user roles: The admin may tax exempt particular customers and user roles from the backend settings. These clients do not need to complete the tax exemption paperwork available in “My Account.” The client, on the other hand, may alter the tax information at any moment using the “my account” page.


Tax exemption notice: During guest checkout, you may additionally show a personalized “claim tax exemption” message to alert the guest consumer that tax exemption is possible. By using user roles, you may show this notification to both visitors and enrolled customers.


Email alerts: It’s a clever WooCommerce Tax Exempt addon that delivers admin and customer email notifications automatically. The email content for the following email alerts may be customized by businesses.

When a tax exemption form is successfully submitted, the consumer receives an email message.
When a user submits the tax exemption form, an email is sent to the administrator.
Customers are notified via email when their tax exemption requests are approved or denied.
When a tax exemption expires, an email is sent to the administrator and the client.


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