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Sponzy is a platform that supports creators by offering real-time viewing of their content, private stories, and video services. It is powered by Stripe Connect and the Laravel 10 subscription system, allowing users to subscribe to creators’ channels and provide both free and paid postings. The platform also features a dashboard that displays statistics and account balance for storage services like Vultr, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, DigitalOcean, Amazon, and Local.

Sponzy allows users to build an infinite number of posts, both free and premium, and has features such as search engine optimization, reCAPTCHA, and recurrent PayPal integration. Users can also use Facebook or Google’s email verification to log in, like posts, and comment on posts.

Sponzy also offers a recurrent PayPal integration and Stripe (SCA) integration. Users can create basic preferences, manage memberships, and access reports. The platform also supports language support, upload progress indicators, and allows users to share media.

The platform requires PHP 8.1 or later, MySQL 5.7, and various PHP add-ons, such as cURL, DOM, FileInfo Filter, and mbstring.

Sponzy Nulled Script

Sponzy – Support Creators Content Script

Vote for creators on Sponzy! Anyone may make money off of their material on Material Script, whether they’re authors, designers, developers, photographers, or belong to any other creative profession. Their most devoted fans, or anyone who enjoys their work, can subscribe to their channels. They have the option to provide members with both free and paid postings.

Password: 123456 User: john Demo Period

Login page URL: https://sponzyscript.com/
Panel Admin is currently unavailable.

Powered by Stripe Connect and the Laravel 10 Subscription System
Viewing in Real Time Viewing in Real Time Private Stories
Coconut Encoding offers video services.
Posts that are scheduled
Video, picture, and audio welcome greetings may be sent by creators to new members, and they can also decide the price.
Notifications about Push
Subscribers have the option to choose their own monthly fee.
Message chat and the ability to upload several files at once
Messages may be sent to all subscribers simultaneously by the creator.
The Bootstrap framework
Regulation (GDPR) on Banner Cookies Now in Effect
Customers doing business in Europe may take advantage of Stripe’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Dashboard that displays statistics and your account balance for storage services like Vultr, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, DigitalOcean, Amazon, and Local.
Updates in real-time
Personal computer user
Search engine reCAPTCHA
Make changes to your profile page.
Verify your account by submitting a government-issued photo ID.
Acknowledged users will be shown a badge.
Build an infinite number of posts. Both free and premium
Artists have control over their own profiles, including the ability to modify their name, login, and password.
Streaming content from the most recent posts made by all subscribers
Limitless scrolling
Pages’ Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization for groups
Submit your avatar and cover art.
Choose a payment option (bank transfer or PayPal).
Withdraw funds after you achieve the admin-set minimum.
Find creators using search parameters like name or username, category, and new/featured/filter.
Recurring PayPal integration

Stripe (SCA) Integration (Recurrent)
Creators: Societal Features Use Facebook or Google’s email verification to log in.
Posts may be liked by users.
Comments on posts are allowed.
Commenting with Ajax, Picture Uploading, and GIF Animation
Media File Upload (MP4/MOV, QuickTime)
Send Music Files (MP3)
Personal websites
Upon processing a withdrawal, notify the user via email.
Content and their authors may be reported.
What the creator’s current balance is on the menu
XSS: Preventing cross-site scripting attacks
Hashing passwords securely with Bcrypt
SMTP Assistance
Put your profile link or Facebook and Twitter handles out there.
Simple translation
Language Support Account Removal
Include the user’s username and the hashtag (#) in your message or comment.
Upload progress indicator
The authors’ message system allows them to share media such as images, movies, and audio.
No end to scrolling on the messaging app
Editors have the ability to change and replace. The media
Images from Lazyload
Sitemap Notifications by Email (New Subscriber, Tips, PPV) Transaction history
Blog page contact information
Reimbursement receipts

Admin Tools:
Create the Basic Preferences (Site Name, Keywords, Currency Position, and Some Others).
Modify the Index Images, Logo, Favicon, and Avatar Default
Oversee Memberships
Verify identities, accept, or reject
Make changes to or remove categories.
Access and remove reports
Transact with withdrawals
Paste the code. Google Analytics Members: Edit or remove
Make, Edit, or Remove Pages
Configure Your Payment Info
Configure Profiles Social
Establish constraints (auto-approve posts, maximum file size, etc.).
Data Upkeep Approach

This requires PHP 8.1 or later.
Mariadb 10.3.17 or MySQL 5.7
The type of the cURL extension for PHP Add-On
DOM PHP Module FileInfo Filter for PHP Extensions PHP Add-On
Hash PHP Add-On
The mbstring PHP Add-On
PHP Extension for OpenSSL and PCRE PHP Add-On
PDO PHP Module Install PHP Add-On
A token generator XML extension for PHP GD or Imagick, an extension for PHP, and EXIF
The ability to open URLs in PHP configuration files is enabled for FFMPEG.

php Nulled Script

php Script

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