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QuickQR is a contactless QR code restaurant menu maker that allows customers to view their menus on their devices and place orders with just a few clicks. This tool is the best-selling item on Codecayon and is essential for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, hotels, and other businesses to provide a secure and hassle-free environment for customers. QuickQR offers a simple and fast creation procedure, allowing customers to reach you at any time.

To use QuickQR, sign up and set up an account for your restaurant, create your menu, print out QR codes for tables, scan the code using your phone’s camera or a QR app, and place your order. The app also provides a pre-made QR template for easy distribution and quick changes to pricing, descriptions, and products without having to print out new QR menus.

QuickQR stands out from other QR menu makers due to its simple and fast creation process. It allows customers to easily access their menus on their own devices and make quick changes without having to print out new QR menus. The app also offers customizable QR code modes, including basic, text, or logo.

Key points of QuickQR include a straightforward wizard for setting up and upgrading, a system for members, various payment gateways, a new PHP classified advertising script built with the classic Bootstrap framework, compatibility with various languages, site management with a robust admin panel, additional sections, services that handle electronic mail, enhanced search engines, record of purchases, access to Facebook and Google+, combined Google Maps with OpenStreetMaps, integrated Google Captcha, and easy-to-change HTML template files.

The app also includes 14 plugins for payment gateways, such as Stripe and Offline Payment Plugin, Payumoney Payments, Mollie Payment, Paystack Payment Gateway, 2Checkout Payment Gateway with the Paytm Payment Plugin, and the Payment Gateway at CCAvenue. To install QuickQR, follow these steps:

1. Copy the code folder to your server or localhost.
2. Launch QuickQR from its folder.
3. Choose a language and choose Next.
4. Use phpmyadmin to create a database.
5. Input the database credentials (dbhostname, dbusername, dbpassword, but also dbname) before clicking Next.
6. Touch the front end and enjoy the QuickQR script.

QuickQR Nulled Script

QuickQR – Saas – QR Code Restaurant Menu Maker

Rapid Ordering and the Finest QR Code Menu Creator for Restaurants
This contactless restaurant QR code menu maker may help you start a company in about 5 minutes. Customers may use their phones to scan the QR code and see the menu using this digital menu builder. This is the greatest PHP script for making QR menus, and it’s also the best-selling item on Codecayon.

Hello there!
Restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, hotels, and other businesses can greatly benefit from the QuickQR contactless QR menu maker and digital QR code instant ordering system. This tool allows customers to easily view the menu on their own devices and place orders with just a few clicks. Customers demand smarter tables, so use QuickQR, a digital QR menu creator, to leave a lasting impression with lightning-fast service, expand your audience, and cut down on wasted time waiting for the server. So, to get started, here are the steps:

In the food service industry
Sign up and set up an account for your restaurant.
Create your menu by going to the menu page.
Get ready for orders by printing out QR codes for tables!
For clients
Scan the code using your phone’s camera or a QR app.
Feel free to peruse the menu and place your order.
We have received your order and are on our way to deliver it to you.
Why is it necessary?
In order to stop the spread of COVID, people need to stay away from each other and from items. Because of this, all restaurants, bars, cafés, and hotels currently must have the QR Code menu or contactless digital menu. In this coronavirus era, the actual menu is so last century; the QR Code has brought in a new one. Additionally, it aids in preventing the unnecessary loss of time that occurs at the majority of eating establishments (cafés, bars, restaurants, motels, etc.) while waiting for things like orders, deliveries, or bills. After thinking about it, using the contactless QR code menu won’t hurt anything; in fact, it will fix all of these problems.

What Makes QR Code Menus Handy
Get green with QR-code menus. Customers can securely peruse your menus from their own devices, reducing the expense and waste of printing single-use paper menus.

Provide a secure and hassle-free environment.
Make your digital menus immediately viewable by providing your guests with a contactless system! You don’t need to download any apps.

Enable QR codes on any item.
Print up some QR codes and use them on menus, fliers, table tents, sandwich boards, and any other promotional item.

Fast distribution of QR menus
Making a menu is a breeze with our pre-made QR template.

Menu changes are easy.
Make quick changes to the digital menu’s pricing, descriptions, and products without having to print out new QR menus.

Personalized menus based on consumer actions
Determine the most popular and well-liked things by surveying your clients.

Methods for creating a digital QR code menu that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound for your eatery or pub.
When compared to other QR menu makers, QuickQR stands head and shoulders above the competition because of its simple and fast creation procedure. Make a QR code for your restaurant’s menu with our contactless digital menu creator in less than a minute.

Your consumers may reach you at any time, thanks to this feature. Here are the four stages of the menu-making process at this restaurant.

First, visit the top QR menu creator for restaurants, QuickQR’s QR Code Manage.

In this first phase, you will be asked to provide details about your restaurant, such as its name, subtitle, opening and closing times, a brief description, a logo, a cover picture, the exact location, etc. You may also choose whether to let the consumer submit an order or not. Because of its innovative multi-template functionality, which lets you choose which template to display to the client, QuickQR stands out as the top QR Code menu creator.

Two: Make Your Menu Using the Top QR Menu Creator for Restaurants

Make up your menu categories, add dishes or items to them, add pictures of the items, and provide as much detail as you like about the meals. Upgrade your menu item with more options. The availability of an item and any other items may be customized by you.

Step 3: Choose the Best QR Menu Maker for Your Design

With a QR code generator, you can create custom QR codes. The colors of the foreground and background, as well as padding and corner radius, are all customizable.

Additionally, you may choose a QR code mode: basic, text (to add your restaurant’s content or title to the QR code), or logo (to insert your brand symbol in the QR code). Adjust the logo’s size, location, and text to your liking.

Fourth, get the greatest QR menu creator that you can find.

A PNG version of the QR code is also available for download. After downloading a QR code, you may use it on any printed item, including menus, promotional materials, table tents, sandwich boards, and posters. Download our three pre-designed QR templates (flyers) and customize them for use in print and digital ads. You may see real-time changes to your digital menu at any moment, eliminating the need to repeatedly print out your QR code.

Key Points
A straightforward wizard for setting up and upgrading.
System for members
Various payment gateways are compatible with
A new PHP classified advertising script built with the classic Bootstrap framework.
The app supports many languages, including Arabic, Hindi, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese.
Site management is made easy with a robust admin panel.
Additional sections (Frequently Asked Questions, Contact Us, Feedback, Privacy, and Terms)
services that handle electronic mail, such as Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP), PHPMail, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), SendGrid, and Mandrill
enhanced for search engines
Swap the money.
Record of Purchases
Access Facebook and Google+ Register Endless Primary Hues
Combined Google Maps with OpenStreetMaps
Integrated Google Captcha
The HTML template files are easy to change.
Completely Flexible
The list goes on and on…
14 plugins for payment gateways are included.Put away $406
Payment Plugin for Stripe and Offline Payment Plugin
Plugin for Payumoney Payments
Plugin for Mollie Payment
Payment Plugin by Paystack
The 2Checkout Payment Gateway with the Paytm Payment Plugin
The Payment Gateway at CCAvenue
Install the following plugins for QuickCMS: Iyzico, Midtrans, Paytabs, Telr, and Flutterwave.
To begin, go to your server or localhost and copy the code folder.
Launch QuickQR from its folder.
The URL will be redirected to the /install folder.
First, decide on a language. after which you should choose Next.
Step 2: Use phpmyadmin to create a database.
Third, input the database credentials (dbhostname, dbusername, and dbpassword, but also dbname). before clicking After that,
Fourth, input your admin credentials. after which you should choose Next.
Everything is finished. I have finished the installation. Touch the front end and take pleasure in the QuickQR script.

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