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Piaf is a Vue.js admin theme that combines good design, quality code, and attention to detail. It features a right click menu, multi-language support, keyboard shortcuts, two panel menus, icons, and a wide range of colors. Piaf also supports 3 applications, dark mode switch, RTL support, video player, advanced validations, and more. The theme includes PSD files for various components and is designed for demo purposes. However, it requires compilation with Node.js and Webpack and Npm to load necessary packages.

Site Template The enigma resides within the particulars.
Piaf is the result of meticulous attention to detail, quality code, and effective design. We built Vuejs without utilizing JQuery, as the framework intended.

We applied the same design language to all theme elements, including components, layouts, and applications.

Site Template As an effort to develop a Vue.js administration theme that we ourselves would like to use, we compiled a list of our priorities. Our ideal theme is one that is not overly complicated to use, performs admirably, includes essential elements, and is aesthetically pleasing.

I sincerely hope you appreciate it!

Site Template The PIAF VUE.JS AMENities
Menu Right Click
Multilingual Assistance
Absence of Keyboard Shortcuts
Each of Two Panels Mind Menu Icons Ten Webfont Color Schemes
Four Dashboards
Numerous Components
Three Applications
Dim Mode In contrast,
RTL Assistance
Advanced Video Player Validations
The Lightbox for Blogs
PLUGINS Employed by Firebase
Video.js Glide.js
Cău Axios
Vue Chart.js in action
Vue Contextmenu Vue Calendar
Autosuggest Vue
Vue Superb Swiper
The headroom of the vue
The i18n vue
Line Vue Clamp
Perfect Scrollbar by Vue
Quill Editor by Vue
Radical Progress in Vue
Size Resize of Vue
VUE Network Router
Simple Calendar Vue Scrollto Vue Select Vue ShortKey
Changes in Vue
The Dropzone of Vue
Draggable Vue
The vulelidate
Included PSD files for Vuetable 2 Vuex are 01-Dashboard.PSD-Chat (02).PSD File No. 03-Details.PowerPoint 04: Library.PSD filename: 05-ListImage.PSD 06-ListThumbs documents.07-PSD Login.08-Mailing PSD.PSD Survey No. 9.PSD 10-Right-Vertical.PSD 11-Social Profile.PowerPoint 12-Portfolio.PSD 13-Details of the Portfolio Profile.PSD 14: Specifics.15-Coming PSD.Soon.PSD 16-Base-Knowledge.psd
NOTES: The pages and applications included with Piaf are for demonstration purposes only. They might lack complete functionality. Piaf is written in Vue.js, which must be compiled using Node.js and Webpack in order to function properly. Additionally, Npm is required to install required programs.

Site Template

Site Template

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