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The Perfex CRM Chat Module is an add-on for Perfex CRM, built using PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery. It leverages the Pusher API for real-time communication and uses WebSockets for a faster, more efficient experience. Key features include comprehensive chat views, rich messaging details, dedicated client support, state indicators, notification system, and enhanced interactivity. This module is specifically designed for Perfex CRM users, offering a seamless way to interact with staff colleagues and clients.

The module offers a user-friendly interface with features such as group controls, live search functionalities, and the ability to convert client conversations into support tickets. It also includes multiple UI themes, including dark and light themes, and allows users to customize the chat experience.

The module is fully mobile responsive, with a quick install and upgrade time of just 60 seconds. It supports multiple languages, including English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese Brazil. The module works well with any device and browser, and requires no coding to install.

The module has been updated with minor fixes, translations, and support for PHP 8+. It also includes improvements for notifications when a group is renamed or added or removed from a group. Overall, the Perfex CRM Chat Module enhances real-time collaboration and client engagement.

The update log for Version 1.4.7, updated 17.07.2021, includes bug fixes for Perfex installation, recording audio, notifications for live notifications, and minor fixes for client searches. The update also includes the addition of Turkish and Italian languages, group creation with spaces, live sync on both sides, and the ability to delete conversations older than 3 months for staff and clients. The chat module has been updated with new features such as a blink effect, auto-opening chat on new messages, and a notification sound. The update also addresses issues with forwarding images, auto scrolling between members, and the issue with the sidebar auto scrolling. The update also includes the addition of Ukrainian and other languages, fixes for scrolling up to load more clients, inactive profiles for customers, and the ability to associate staff or clients with tasks. The update also includes improvements in exporting messages history, escaping links and quickmentions, and improving readibility. The update also addresses bugs with the groups tab, multiline messages, and audio previews. The update also includes minor CSS/JS fixes and code improvements.

The update log for Version 1.4.3, updated 11.06.2020, introduced new languages Turkish and Spanish, improved audio component loading and visibility, fixed issues with subdomains, and fixed issues with audio message sidebar text. Version 1.4.2 introduced audio messages, allowing staff to share audio messages with coworkers. The status change icon moved next to the profile icon, and minor CSS fixes were made. The mobile pusher notification now supports full support on Firefox browsers. Minor bug fixes were made on the client side, including @Mentions support and message text indentation.

Version 1.4.1 added new features like user @mentions in chat groups, chat statuses, and a fully refactored mobile look. Live notifications depended on user chat status, and arrows were shown to navigate between multiple chat windows.

Version 1.4.0 introduced user chat module permissions, allowing staff permissions to access chat by default. Users could choose to view chat views only for staff members with chat permissions or all staff members. Chat conversations could be converted to support tickets, and clients could see staff position titles.

Version 1.3.7 added a load more customers button, live Ajax search for clients, and toggle online contacts. Minor CSS and JS fixes were made, and minor bug fixes were applied.

The text describes several updates to the Perfex CRM application, focusing on improvements in the UI and UX design, JavaScript, and some code refactoring for better performance and speed. The changes include the addition of new languages, features, and bug fixes. The major update, Version 1.3.0, introduced the Group Chat feature, which allows admins to have full privileges over all groups. The update also introduced the Announcements feature, which allows admins to send announcements to all staff or selected staff members. The update also improved the RTL on mobile devices, with the ability to toggle chat to a small chat circle for better user experience. The update also introduced RTL Support, which is now available with the Perfex CRM Admin Light Theme. The update also included minor fixes, such as upload file validation and UX improvements. The update also introduced a new feature for direct live preview of videos, links, mp3, files, and PDFs in the main chat window. The update also introduced the Dark Chat Theme, which allows users to choose the default chat theme. The update also introduced a new feature for mobile responsive chat, a feature for internet connection tracking, and a new option to enable/disable staff permissions to delete own messages. The update also addressed chat styling issues, including the appearance of first messages, friend links appearing light when chat color is set to brighter light color, and word breaks not showing correctly.


Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Perfex CRM Chat Module: Enhance Real-Time Collaboration and Client Engagement
This module is an add-on to Perfex CRM that needs at least version 3.0.0. Perfex CRM Chat is created using PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery, and it uses the Pusher API for real-time communication. Unlike typical chat systems, it use WebSockets to provide a quicker, more efficient experience while avoiding server slowdowns.


Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Comprehensive chat views include full browser, toggled, and staff-specific permissions.
Rich Messaging Details include message status information such as Seen, Delivered, Sent at, and Seen at.
Client assistance: Dedicated chat assistance in the client area with @mentions.
State indicators include online, offline, away, and busy.
Notification System: Get live desktop push notifications and alerts for new and unread messages.
Enhanced Interactivity: Quick mentions of projects, invoices, and so forth, as well as message forwarding possibilities.

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Scripts his module is specifically built for Perfex CRM users and provides a smooth approach to engage with colleagues and clients. Create group chats, communicate directly with customers, and even turn client interactions into support requests. The user-friendly interface is jam-packed with features that enhance the user experience, including group controls and live search functionality.

Perfex CRM Chat does more than simply improve communication; it also builds trust, fosters employee loyalty, and elevates customer encounters.

DEMO[Staff / Administrator]
Admin and staff may log in at https://perfex-chat-module.idevalex.com/admin

Clients sign in via https://perfex-chat-module.idevalex.com/authentication/login.

– Username is [email protected].
– Username: [email protected].
– Username: [email protected].
– Password is 123123.

– Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Username is [email protected].
– Username: [email protected].
— Password is 123123.
iDev Elite Author, Perfex CRM
Quick introduction.
Chat in full browser view.
Chat toggled View.
Chat Staff Permissions (Chat Access)
Message Seen/Delivered/Sent at
Client area chat assistance
User @mentions
Chat Status: Online, Offline, Away, Busy
Live desktop push alerts.
Quick Mentions: Projects, Invoices, etc.
Staff filtering
Message forwarding
Delete and copy the message.
Associate with Task.
Audio messaging on the staff and client side
Group conversations
Group members control
Group renaming
Shared objects, files, and photographs may be grouped.
Global announcements for staff and clients
HTML5 Live Browser Push Notifications
100+ emoji
Videos and mp3 live click preview (lightbox).
Upload files or images.
Shared Files History
Shared Photo History
Live search members
Live search for mutual messages.
Date transmitted timestamps
New message notifications
unread message notifications
Export discussion
Delete the chat.
Convert chat into support ticket.
Multiple UI themes (may be applied independently to each user)
Toggle chat gradient and solid color support (may be applied independently for each user)
Current online member indication for staff and clients.
Option to display only people with chat permission in the chat view.
Enable or deactivate client area chat support.
Permission: Allow staff to form groups.
Permissions: Enable staff to remove messages.
Permissions: Allow staff to turn conversations into support requests.
Purge discourse history.
Forward messages.
Fully mobile-responsive.
All code and contents are entirely wrapped and ready, allowing the client to quickly install or update in 60 seconds and begin talking.
Smooth UI design and performance for improved user experience.

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Chat Full View Dark Theme
Perfex CRM Chat – 1
Chat Full View Light Theme
Perfex CRM Chat – 2
Client-area chat support (option to deactivate)
Perfex CRM Chat – 3
Share links with +100 emojis and upload files.
Perfex CRM Chat – 4
Create Chat Announcements and Groups.
Perfex CRM Chat – 5
Shared Photos and Files History
Perfex CRM Chat – 6
Live preview.
Perfex CRM Chat – 7
Convert communications into tickets.
Perfex CRM Chat – 8
Super easy and rapid ticket conversion.
Perfex CRM Chat – 9
Connect with your clients.
Perfex CRM Chat – 10
Chat is draggable and toggleable, and the state is saved.
Perfex CRM Chat – 11.
Live search message history.
Perfex CRM Chat – 12
Permissions, Admin, and Clients: Multiple Options
Perfex CRM Chat – 13
A little chat window that may be toggled
Perfex CRM Chat – 14
Chat with many members at once.
Perfex CRM Chat – 15
Currently accessible languages
Portuguese Brazil
Anyone may contribute to languages if they like; just contact us via Envato support or at [email protected]. This completely responsive chat module works with any device and browser. No coding required! Installation takes just around 1-3 minutes.
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Change log.
Change log – Version 1.5.0 updated 10.11.2022.

Fixed: A small fix in header statuses that caused the admin section to malfunction on certain servers due to different PHP versions and configurations.
Change log – Version 1.4.9, updated on November 8, 2022.

Fixed: PHP version issues for certain users, as well as a glitch in the administration section.
Change log – Version 1.4.8 updated on November 3, 2022.

Update: Turkish language is entirely translated.
Added support for PHP 8+.
Compatibility: Updates and changes to ensure compatibility with the most recent Perfex CRM version.
Improved: When a group is renamed, all users are alerted (small and full chat).
Improved: Users are alerted when they are added or deleted from groups (both in small and large chat).
Bug fixes: Perfex installation in a subdirectory, and audio recording fixes.
problem fix: Fixes for the live notification problem.
Bug repair: Clients requested a small fix that was not operating properly before.
Bug fix: When you get a message, the emphasis shifts to the conversation in a tiny toggled view. This has been resolved; you will now get just notifications and see the chat, but no focus on the conversation will be triggered.
Bug fixed: When an image or file was deleted while in a toggled conversation, it was not removed from display.
Change log – Version 1.4.7 updated on 17.07.2021.

Turkish language has been added.
Added: Italian Language
Added: Groups may now be established using spaces, for example. Staff Meetings
Added: Option to rename groups with live sync on both sides.
Added the ability to add additional lines in the chat message box by pressing Shift + Enter.
Added: Option to erase discussions older than three months for Staff.
Added: Option to erase communications older than three months for clients.
Added the option to erase talks older than three months for Groups.
Added the option to delete all conversations and uploads from the chat module.
Improved: New message indicator added blink effect (auto-open chat on new message deleted).
Improved: Removed little chat auto-focus on new message.
Changed: notification sound when a new message comes.
Fixed: When transmitting a picture, it is not forwarded.
Fixed: Message for groups was not shown on live desktop notifications.
Fixed a small problem with staff members’ sidebar auto-scroll while moving between members.
Change log – Version 1.4.6 updated on May 20, 2021.

Added: New Language Ukrainian (100 percent translated)
Fixed: Scroll up to load additional client side Seen at the date was not displayed.
Fixed: Inactive customer profiles were shown in chat view if the customer was inactive.
Fixed: Audio and message widths on mobile are too lengthy in clients tab.
Improved: Live Global CRM Desktop notification Staff to Staff / Clients to Staff and vice versa (chat does not have to be open windows).
Changed: The Chat Live Desktop alerts feature.
Change log – Version 1.4.5, updated 02.03.2021.

New: Added Dutch language.
New: Messages viewed/Delivered on staff and clients side, and a little toggled chat with sound notification when viewed.
New: Added audio messages for staff and customers, and vice versa.
New: Added QuickMentions to the Create Events button next to the search box.
New shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Q to quickly launch Quick Mentions.
New: Added the ability to filter by All, Online, Offline, and Unread
New: Added a new option to connect personnel or customer (Project) with tasks.
New: Added a copy message.
New: Added new forward message.
New: Added a new option, Client Announcements.
New: Added new option for staff to remove customer messages (requires rights).
Improved: Shared files icon modified to a more relevant icon.
Improved: Exporting messages history, escaping links and quickmentions, and improving readability.
Updated: Pusher JS library to the current version.
Updated: Chat’s new message sound notification
Update: When message Convert to Ticket is launched, the message is now automatically chosen.
Fixed: When a discussion is erased, audio files between the users are also destroyed.
Fixed: When someone is typing and the other side gets the message, the scroll is bouncing.
Fixed: When a new audio or file is uploaded, HTML was shown in desktop alerts.
Fixed: Bug with the groups tab while switching tabs while someone is typing.
Fixed: Clients were not able to send multiline messages; now allowed.
Fixed a bug that allowed staff to view clients in the list even if they were not customer admins for the same staff.
Fixed: small problem while converting chat to ticket multiline message.
Fixed: If no microphone is discovered or plugged in on the device, the user will be warned, and the audio preview window will be immediately dismissed.
Fixed a bug with clients and customer admin rights.
Fixed: Minor problem in the last observed datetime.
Fixed: Before removing the discussion and exporting is confirmed, certain messages were not exported.
Fixed: Alignment of non-staff users’ profile pictures and chat status icons in the header bar
Removed the is_deleted column from the database; deleted messages will no longer be shown since there is no reason to slow down the conversation while it loads.
The javascript and CSS files for the Tooltipser addon have been removed and replaced with new functionality.
Various: Code enhancements, dependency version upgrades, and minor CSS/JS fixes.
Change log – Version 1.4.3 updated on June 11, 2020.

Turkish was added as a new language.
New language: Spanish.
Improved: The audio component will be loaded and accessible only over HTTPS.
Fixed: A issue with subdomains that caused audio messages files to not always load.
Fixed: Audio message sidebar text appears when there is no audio message (jQuery problem).
Change log – Version 1.4.2, updated on April 6, 2020.

New: Audio messages. From version 1.4.2, employees will be able to send audio messages with colleagues; files are exceptionally compact, and the file format utilized is.ogg.
Update: Moved the status change symbol next to the profile icon.
RTL CSS has been updated with minor CSS fixes.
Update: Pusher notifications for mobile devices will now be fully supported in the Firefox browser.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes on the client side.
Fixed: @Mentions support for mobile devices.
Fixed: Support for notification issues on mobile devices.
Fixed the delete message problem on mobile devices.
Fixed the message text indentation when copying and pasting lined text.
Change log – Version 1.4.1, updated 13.04.2020

New: A new feature has been added, user @mentions in chat groups.
New: Added new functionality chat statuses (Online, Away, Busy, Offline).
New: Completely redesigned mobile appearance.
New features include mobile chat assistance for clients and workers.
Update: Live and sound alerts will be based on the user’s conversation state.
Improved: When more than four conversations are open in toggled chat, an arrow is shown to move between multiple chat windows.
Fixed: group notifications.
Fixes: Several minor bug fixes.
Change log – Version 1.4.0, updated 08.02.2020

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script New: User Chat module rights (Grant Access), staff rights to access chat by default are not provided.
New: Admins may select whether in chat view will be presented just staff members with chat rights or all staff members.
New: Added ability to convert chat discussion to support ticket (only 48 previous hours messages may be converted).
New: When customers hover over staff in the client area, they will see the staff role title.
New: When accessing the chat page as a staff member, clients may now specify their title positions.
New: When accessing the conversation screen as a staff member, staff titles are now included.
New: Added ability for exporting chat chats (CSV)
New: Added the ability to remove chat conversations (option to export to CSV before deletion, accessible only for administrators).
New: User roles will be shown in the chat admin and client areas.
New: Online contacts are shown in the sidebar menu.
New: New message alerts appear in the sidebar menu, with the option to click and redirect to clients.
Feature: When a new ticket is generated, live alerts are sent to the relevant departments and their members.
Improved the speed of retrieval and rendering for staff and customers.
Improved: Notifications are now better received and dispatched.
Improved chat message search functionality.
Improved: Updated the date and time of the previous message received or delivered.
Improved: Added new visible date and time middle stamp indications in Staff, Clients, and Groups.
Improved: UI and UX
Fixed an issue with client unread messages.
Fixed: Language labels were missing.
Miscellaneous: Minor code fixes for JS and CSS.
Change log – Version 1.3.7, updated on November 13, 2019.

Added: Load more customers button with the criteria 20 or more customers. (This option is for those who have many customers and connections.)
Client search now includes live Ajax functionality.
Live Ajax messages now search for workers and clients.
Added the ability to toggle online contacts.
Clients and staff’s new and unread notification capabilities has been enhanced and improved.
Improved: Some photos did not render (preview) properly.
Fixed an issue with the group list and scrolling on mobile.
General: Minor CSS/JS fixes and enhancements.
Change log – Version 1.3.6 updated October 24, 2019.

Minor bug fixes were performed.
Change log – Version 1.3.5 updated October 23, 2019.

Clients chat is now available, allowing administrators and staff to connect with clients and vice versa. There is now an option to activate or disable the clients functionality.
Improved: French language has been updated.
General: Bug fixes and module enhancements.
New features include CSS and JavaScript versioning.
Change log – Version 1.3.3, updated on September 9, 2019.

Added a new option: Administrators may allow or forbid staff members to form groups.
Added a new option: Sound notifications in full browser chat, with the ability to activate or disable for each staff member.
Improved: unread messages and notifications.
Improvements (CSS UI & UX Design, JavaScript, and some code refactored for improved efficiency and speed)
Change log – Version 1.3.2, updated 04.09.2019

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Added a new language: German.
corrected: The gear icon is corrected while the conversation is in toggled circular view.
Fixed: During database migration gap if no database updates are now performing correctly.
Change log – Version 1.3.1, updated on September 1, 2019.

New feature: Gradient backgrounds may now be added to toggled mini chats.
Added a new language: French.
Group name checking has been removed; everyone should be able to form groups with the names they require.
Improvements: UI and UX changes
Change log – Version 1.3.0 Major Update, updated on August 27, 2019.

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Added new feature: GROUP CHAT (Admins have full powers over all groups).
Added a new feature: group chat and shared history files.
Added new feature: Group chat message history.
Added a new feature: group chat message notification pointer.
Added a new feature: Members may rejoin groups and all communications will be seen again; if the group is disbanded, all data and shared objects are destroyed for all group members.
Brazilian Portuguese has been added as a new conversation language.
Added new feature: Desktop messages / group messages notifications, ability to activate / disable this function, which is disabled by default.
Changed: CSS enhancements
Improved compatibility with Perfex Light and Perfex Dark themes.
Improved: Request and loading speed.
Fixed: The main toggle chat was not shown in the project -> milestones grid view.
Change log – Version 1.2.6 updated July 23, 2019.

New: Announcements function; administrators may now send announcement messages to all staff or specific staff members.
New: Online members now appear in the sidebar menu when using the full browser chat window.
Improved: Message loader is now synced with messages.
Fix: RTL on mobile devices improved.
Change log – Version 1.2.5 updated on 11.07.2019

New: Change conversation to a tiny chat circle for improved button visibility and user experience.
Fixed: Minor SQL limit and offset issues while loading messages have been resolved, as well as increased loading performance.
Change log – Version 1.2.4, updated 07.07.2019

New: RTL support
New: RTL support is now available with Perfex CRM Admin Light Theme
Change log – Version 1.2.3, updated 03.07.2019

Minor fixes.
Validation for uploaded files has been improved.
UX: Small CSS tweaks
Change log – Version 1.2.2, updated 01.07.2019

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script New feature: Direct live preview for YouTube, Vimeo, and all forms of movies, links, mp3, files, pdf, and so on in the main chat window.
Added: When a user comes online, a notice appears in the contacts sidebar.
The style of the little chat scrollbar has changed.
Changed: Small theme look and design for better user experience.
Fixed: Added an uploading indication while uploading files.
Permissions for employee chat settings have been adjusted.
Improved: Replaced the light box.
Change log – Version 1.2.1, updated on June 16, 2019.

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script New feature: shared files/photos history.
New shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + F > Toggle shared files sidebar.
Added a new theme: Dark Chat Theme. Every user will be able to choose the default chat theme.
Changed: The mini chat will no longer be shown on mobile since the full browser chat is now mobile friendly.
Changed: Inactive staff members will no longer appear in conversation until they are enabled again.
Improved: Chat mobile height is now correctly shown, and additional media queries have been added for improved user experience.
Fixed an issue with unread messages while typing with an online active contact.
Fixed a problem with message popups in the sidebar for online active contacts.
Change log: Version 1.2.0

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Added a new feature: browser full chat view.
Added new feature: mobile browser responsive chat.
Added event feature: Internet connection tracking.
Added a new feature: From the little chat, click to go to the member in full browser chat.
Added new feature: Connection online/offline tracking.
Changes include UI changes and code refactoring in the window’s tiny chat view.
Improved: The message history enhanced the loading speed by 50%.
UI: Browser full view chat added keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+Z -> Scroll Down and Ctrl+Alt+S -> Search Contacts.
Fixed the delete message button.
Change log: Version 1.1.3

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script Improved speed: Chat and messages now load 50% quicker.
New feature: draggable main chat window.
A new feature has been added: the locations of opened conversations will be saved when the browser is refreshed.
Added a new feature: the ability to remove your own messages.
A new feature has been added: when dragging the main chat window, the location is kept after reloading the browser.
Added a new feature: remembers whether the main chat window was minimized or not after a browser refresh.
Refactored: Removed Enable Pusher Chat from the Pusher.com option in Settings. The option is now placed in the Settings->Chat Settings tab. Added a new option to allow or deactivate staff rights to delete their own messages.
The UI has been changed: chat style.
Fixed: The first message occasionally shows twice.
Fixed: The Friend link appeared light when the chat color was adjusted to a stronger light hue.
Fixed: Word break not displaying properly.
Change log: Version 1.1.2

Perfex CRM Chat Nulled Script A minor coding error has been corrected.
Change log: Version 1.1.1

The conversation settings table has been refactored.
New feature: Lightbox photo preview.
Fixed emojis that were not loading correctly.
Perfex CRM now has a number of CSS bugs resolved.
Fixed message history scrolling and increased loading speed.



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