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Jobs Portal Nulled Script 4.1

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Job seekers and employers can utilize the Job Portal, Version 4 of the Laravel Script to post job vacancies. This dynamic web application allows job seekers to post their resumes, search for employment, and browse personal job postings. It also allows different organizations to post vacancies on the site and search applicant resumes. The admin module allows customers to modify the database content. Job seekers can manage their resumes, add projects, upload multiple resumes, apply for jobs, and receive job alerts. Job providers and companies can register, edit their profiles, post jobs, manage applied candidates, and shortlist candidates. Administrators can manage the entire website, including users, content pages, SEO, FAQ, blog, testimonials, site languages, locations, employer packages, and site settings. The portal also includes job attributes, language levels, career levels, functional areas, job experiences, skills, job titles, job types, major subjects, result types, marital statuses, and ownership types.

Jobs Portal Nulled Script

Jobs Portal – Job Board Laravel Script

Jobs Portal, Version 4
The positions portal is designed to provide an interactive job void for individuals and employers to post positions. This web application will be designed in its present form as a dynamic site that requires frequent updates from both searchers and corporations. Overall, the project’s goal is to allow job seekers to post their resumes and employers to advertise their open positions. It allows job searchers to publish their resumes, search for employment, and browse personal job postings. It will allow different organizations to post vacancies on the site and search applicant resumes. Aside from this, there will be an admin module where customers may make modifications to the database content.

Access the admin demo at: http://www.sharjeelanjum.com/demos/jobsportal-update/admin.
Username: [email protected].
Password: buyer123456.

Frontend URL: https://www.sharjeelanjum.com/demos/jobsportal-update.
Username: [email protected].
Password: seek123456.
Employer Account Username: [email protected].
Password: emp123456.

Job Seeker: Manage Resume.
Job Provider: Administrator Job Search
Job Seeker
This module holds information on the job seeker, such as employee or unemployed status. Examples include an employee’s name, email address, and experience. Employees may edit, change, and remove content here. He may update his experience and talents, as well as his portfolio and educational data.

Job Provider or Company
This module contains information on job providers and requirements, as well as which customer is recruiting the staff and on what basis. The client is disclosing the key skills, experience, number of positions, and opening and closing dates.

The administrator module has full access to this project, including the ability to edit, remove, and alter information about job seekers, job providers, CMS, job characteristics, admin users, and more. Administrators manage a client and job seeker database. When a client releases a demand (vacancy) with certain primary skills and experience, the administrator searches for job seekers who have such abilities and experience.

Job Search
This module contains all current vacant positions, their experience, and the customer that is presenting the vacancy.

Introduction to Functionality

After registration, job seekers may take the following actions:

Free registration.
Created Profile Edit Profile
Create an online resume.
Add projects.
Enhance your experience, education, and skills.
Add Languages.
Upload multiple resumes.
Apply for jobs.
Search jobs and receive job alerts.
Manage applied jobs and mark them as favorites.
View favorite jobs or filter jobs.
View companies in the following list.
View the following:.
Send messages to candidates.
View Messages.

Job providers and companies may take the following actions:

Register for free and create a profile.
Edit your profile and see employer packages.
Post jobs, manage posted jobs, edit or delete them, and manage applied candidates.
Shortlist Candidates
Manage shortlisted applicants.
Search or filter resumes.
View Candidate Profile
Download Resumes.
View Followers.
Send messages to candidates.
View messages from candidates.

The administrator may administer the whole website.

Admin users
Manage jobs and companies.
Manage Seekers.
Manage content pages.
Manage SEO.
Manage FAQ.
Manage the blog and testimonials.
Manage site languages.
Manage locations.
Countries and States
Manage employer packages.
Manage Seeker Packages.
Manage site settings.
Manage job attributes.
Language Levels
Career Levels
Functional Areas
Gender Industries
Job Experiences
Job Skills
Job Titles
Job Types: Shifts
Degree Levels
Degree Types
Major Subjects
Result Types
Marital Statuses
Ownership Types:
Salary Periods

Please contact us if you have any application-related concerns.

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