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HRSALE Nulled Script 3.0.1

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HRSALE is the ultimate HRM solution, offering a robust and cost-effective platform for consolidating employee information into a single, user-friendly HR system. This solution modernizes HR staff, making it more efficient. HRSALE transforms workplaces into an online people database, eliminating paper and spreadsheets. It provides a White Label license for sale, allowing for rebranding and licensing agreements. The cloud-based payroll system for Malaysia includes features like database backup, email templates, project administration, employee roles, tasks, attendance, and more. The software also includes inventory management, notifications of training awards, asset transfers, complaints, and a documentation system.

HRSALE Nulled Script

HRSALE – The Ultimate HRM

For the purpose of ensuring that you get the greatest possible performance from your workers and management, HRSALE offers you a robust and cost-effective human resources platform. Consolidating all of your employee information into a single user-friendly HR system is made possible by HRSALE, which is a timely solution that may update and modernize your HR staff, hence making it more efficient.

By transforming your workplace into a stunning online people database that includes staff profiles, you can get rid of the papers and spreadsheets that are flying about the office.

IMPORTANT: We provide a White Label version; please get in touch with us to get a White Label license. The white label license is available for sale to your customers, and you have the ability to rebrand this license. We will provide you with a licensing agreement that has been properly signed.
The cloud-based payroll system for Malaysia is available. The Zakat Fund, the PAB, the EPF, the SOCSO, the EIS, the HRDF, and the Income Tax Calculator.
Please get in touch with us for more information on the SaaS version.
Features of the Software
Configurations of the Database Backup System
Templates for electronic mail
Administration of Projects Administration of Employees Administration of Employee Roles Administration of Tasks Administration of Attendance
Names of the Departments Responsible for Payroll
Seasons of the Year
Events that are featured on travel SMS
Fill in the blanks
Gatherings of people
Accounting for
Tickets for the Support of Performances
Different Users
The following are the components that make up inventory management: products, warehouses, purchases, sales orders, order quotes, suppliers, and inventory reports
Notifications of Training Awards Transfers of Assets
Complaints received
A Documentation System
Official Files and Records
Estimates of Customers Are Generated by the System Calendar
(ATS) stands for invoices recruitment.
The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure performance
(KPA) stands for “performance appraisal.”
Tracking Objectives (OKRs) and a great deal more…

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