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FluxGPT Mobile App Template 1.0.0

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FluxGPT is a cutting-edge writing assistant that utilizes OpenAI and ChatGPT technology to help users generate ideas, brainstorm, and craft articles and blog posts. It also includes an advanced image generation feature powered by AI technology, allowing users to generate stunning images to accompany their written content. Built with the Flutter framework, FluxGPT is fully compatible with the FluxBuilder app, allowing users to customize and tailor it to their exact needs and preferences.

The app offers features such as compatibility with WordPress, ChatGPT, OpenAI, Writing Assistant, and Image Generator, white label, subscription, OpenAI API Key, multi-conversation, speech, image generator, text generator, prompt library, multiple languages, push notifications, social login, ads, dark/light themes, app rate, account deletion, GDPR compliance, side menu, splash screen, offline image caching, and integration with FluxStore apps.

Regular licenses include full Dart source code for both iOS and Android, lifetime upgrades, a well-guided manual build process, free video tutorials, design source by Figma tools, private Facebook group for knowledge sharing, free translation service, and a free drag-and-drop FluxBuilder tool for over 100+ UI templates, design customization, features configuration, app design sharing, design history, design and feature files download, import, design upgrade without republishing to App Stores, unlimited push notifications, app editing, FluxBuilder translation into your language, and real-time collaboration.

Extended licenses offer the same features as regular licenses but are used in end products sold. The app requires a paid service for the models to function, and users can access the full source code on Envato Marketplace.

FluxGPT Mobile App Template Looking for a strong writing partner to help you write more effectively and quickly? Look no farther than FluxGPT.

This cutting-edge program makes use of the most recent OpenAI and ChatGPT technology to give you with a writing assistant that can help you with anything from idea generation and brainstorming to producing complete articles and blog entries. FluxGPT enables you to write more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

FluxGPT Mobile App Template But that’s not all: FluxGPT also has an innovative picture generating capability driven by AI technology. With just a few clicks, you can create gorgeous visuals to match your textual material, highlighting your work and engaging your audience like never before.

FluxGPT, built with the Flutter framework, is a comprehensive app that includes everything you need to easily create and produce photos. And the greatest part? It’s entirely compatible with the FluxBuilder software, allowing you to effortlessly alter and tune it to your own requirements and tastes.

FluxGPT, which is available in complete source code on Envato Marketplace, is an ideal tool for content producers, bloggers, and anybody looking to enhance their writing and picture production skills. Don’t settle with substandard writing and picture production tools; instead, acquire FluxGPT now and elevate your content creation to the next level!

Disclaimer: The app will use an API offered by https://platform.openai.com, which needs a premium service for the models to work.
Reference links:
Flutter App for ChatGPT Demo App (iOS, Android, Video) and Website (https://chatgpt.inspireui.com)
Showcase our clients’ apps and videos.
Document guides include trial and newest versions.
Supported plugins
Follow us on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/inspireui), Medium (https://medium.com/inspireui), and our official website (https://fluxstore.app).
Company website: https://inspireui.com.
[The free $18 credit expires because to the high volume of photographs created by users. So our demo application will not respond right now. Don’t worry, all features operate well, and we guarantee it:)].
Available Features:
ChatGPT, OpenAI, Writing Assistant, and Image Generator are all compatible with WordPress and may be used to develop strong iOS and Android applications.

White label – gain complete customisation by obtaining the whole source code bundle and design materials.

Subscription – Enable subscription for ChatGPT, Image, and Text Generator capabilities. Work with email, Gmail, Apple, SMS, and biometric login.

Allow users to enter their OpenAI API Key. Work with email, Gmail, Apple, SMS, and biometric login.

ChatGPT is a sophisticated AI writing assistant available as an app. The ability to copy, paste, remove, and distribute material. Regenerate the answer, then clear or share the chat. Message Copy using Long Press.

Multi-Conversation – supports multiple conversations and displays them as a list. Chat history is saved to a local private file (using Hive).

Speech: “Text to Speech” and “Speech to Text”. Allows users to listen to text-based content while performing other tasks, such as driving or exercising.

Image Generator enables users to easily create icons and images by inputting strings. Please use the Prompt templates on the Home Screen to create more beautiful and easy-to-use images.

Image Generate Limit – The number of times a user can generate images for free. The default limit is three searches.

Text Generator – Create a variety of content categories, such as blog ideas and outlines, blog sections, business ideas, cover letters, and so on.

Prompt Library – Text Generator allows you to use pre-written text snippets to help guide your interactions with an artificial intelligence assistant.

Multi Languages, RTL – switch or change the default language, and easily add, update, and remove a language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Tigrinya, Kurdish, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazil, French, Thai, Russian, Poland, Serbian, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Bengali, Swedish, Finland, Greek, Khmer, Marathi, Kannada, Czech, and others.

Push Notifications: Send push notifications to all users using OneSignal, Firebase, and in-app notifications.

Social Login – easily register or sign up with Apple, Google, Email, SMS Login with Firebase authentication, and improve security with Touch ID or Face ID Biometric Login.

Earn using Google Admob and Facebook Ads.

Dark and light themes are both intended to be user-friendly and visually appealing.

App Rate – Encourage user feedback by allowing ratings and simple sharing of app experiences.

Account Deletion – emphasize user data protection with an Account Deletion tool in line with Apple’s new policy.

GDPR Compliance — assure GDPR compliance by enabling the flexible display of the Privacy Policy on the Sign-Up screen.

Left menu – increase user experience with a Side Menu, enabling rapid access to additional app panels.

Splash screen – support splash screen varieties, Onboarding screen.

Offline Images Caching – speed up the loading performance using caching image offline approach.

Merge with FluxStore apps: Integrating with any FluxStore app opens the possibility to construct a powerful application.

FluxGPT: Powerful ChatGPT, OpenAI Writing Assistant, and Image Generator – Flutter Full App – 7

FluxGPT: Powerful ChatGPT, OpenAI Writing Assistant, and Image Generator – Flutter Full App

What do you receive with a normal license?
Full Dart source code for iOS and Android
You may modify anything using the source code of FluxGPT lifespan.
One-time purchase, lifetime upgrade.
Well-written instructions for manually building your iOS and Android applications
For a free video instruction, visit the InspireUI Channel and use Figma’s design tools.
Private Facebook Group for exchanging knowledge
Free translation services for your language.
FluxBuilder is a free, drag-and-drop tool for
100+ UI templates
Customize designs easily using drag and drop functionality. Configuration
App design sharing options include design history and feature files. Download the Design & Features files. Import and upgrade designs without republishing to the App Stores.
Unlimited Push Notifications.
Features include unlimited app editing, FluxBuilder translation in your language, and real-time collaboration.
What do you receive with an extended license?
Same as the ordinary one.
Use in a finished product that is sold, refer Extended Licenses

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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