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eSchool Mobile App Template 2.0.2

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The eSchool app offers a comprehensive solution for school administrators and teachers to manage their schools. It allows students to take online exams and view their performance, while parents can track their child’s fees through an application. The app also provides an exam timetable and results view, allowing students and parents to plan and prepare for upcoming exams. Students can choose their elective subjects according to their interests, and the app also features an assignment and timetable for daily activities. The app also provides real-time attendance, holiday calendars, events, and a noticeboard for staying updated on school events. The app also offers multi-language and RTL support, allowing users to use preferred languages. The app also includes a user-friendly dashboard for administrators to manage student attendance, assignments, holidays, and other activities. The app also includes modules for academic management, students, teachers, parents, timetables, holidays, subject lessons, assignments, sliders, attendance, announcements, session years, and system settings.

eSchool Mobile App Template Online Examination, Performance, and Results
Students are provided with the opportunity to access and review their performance on subject-specific examinations conducted online. Furthermore, parental access to their child’s performance on these assessments is also provided. The performance data consists of both online examination results and assignment point totals.

The Fees Module
Parents are now able to submit an application to pay their child’s school fees and receive a receipt via mail. Razor Pay and Stripe, two online payment gateways, are now available. This feature enhances the ease with which parents can monitor their child’s school fees and ensure timely payments are made.

Exam Schedule
Parents and students have the ability to access the examination schedule through the application. By adopting this approach, they can effortlessly organize and study for forthcoming examinations.

The Result View
Exam results are now accessible to students and parents through the application itself. This eliminates the need to await the postal delivery of a hard copy of your academic results in order to verify your grades. Simply launch the application to see the results immediately.

Subjects for Electives The application allows users to select electives in accordance with their personal interests.

Work assignment
The assignment has been designed to provide assistance to both educators and learners in their day-to-day endeavors.

The timetable
It furnishes parents and students with an intuitive interface for viewing the schedule.

Completion of attendance
It provides real-time attendance information to both parents and students.

Holidays This application provides access to school calendars, events, and other pertinent information regarding the holidays.

Display Board
The Noticeboard function simplifies the process for parents and students to view announcements regarding impending events. This function is an excellent method to remain informed about current events occurring at the educational institution.

RTL and Multilingual Support
It permits the use of preferred languages supported by RTL.

Dashboard Overview for Admin
A comprehensive solution, the eSchool app enables administrators and instructors to effectively administer their respective institutions. You are able to monitor student attendance, assignments, holidays, and other activities via the intuitive dashboard.

Module in Academic Management
The administrator possesses the ability to oversee student medium, section, subject, class assignment, and instructor subject allocation.

Module on Student Management
Admin is able to reset student passwords and oversee student admission, details, and categories.

Module for Teachers’ Management
Admin has the ability to create and administer instructors.

Management of Parents Module
The administrator has the ability to view, modify, and withdraw student-parent information.

The task of timetable assignment A timetable, class timetable, and teacher timetable can be generated by Module Admin.

Module for Holiday Management
Admin has the ability to create and administer educational holidays.

Module for Subject Lesson Management
Teachers are able to generate chapters and topics that are pertinent to their subjects.

Module for Student Assignment Management
Admin is able to generate assignments and oversee submissions.

Module for Slider Management
Admin has the ability to construct and administer sliders.

Module for Attendance Management
Instructors are able to manage, add, and view student attendance.

Module for Announcement Management
The administrator has the ability to generate announcements and allocate them to specific classes, sections, or noticeboards.

Session Year Admin is capable of both creating and administering session years.

Language settings, general settings, and CMS pages can all be administered through System Settings Admin.

Mobile App Template

Mobile App Template

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