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DeepSound Nulled Script 1.5.2

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DeepSound is a high-quality PHP music sharing and streaming platform that offers a wide range of features and features. It is compatible with RTL languages, allows users to log in with popular social media platforms, and offers quick and pleasant searching for users, songs, and albums in a condensed format. Users can also create events, sell tickets, and create plugins for the platform.

DeepSound also offers multiple file transfers, importing music from iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud, and allowing users to earn money from advertising. Users can also promote audio-only, free, and paid tales. The platform also features notifications, social media hashtags, and chat systems for real-time interaction.

DeepSound offers an entire API for every feature, with multiple languages available and supported payment methods. It supports Dropbox, S3, DigitalOcean, File Transfer Protocol, Google Drive, and Google Cloud, and can adapt to any screen size and browser.

To use DeepSound, PHP 7.2 or newer is required, along with FFMPEG’s shell_exec function, MySQLi, the GD Library, mbstring, cURL, and allow_url_fopen.

DeepSound Nulled Script

DeepSound – The Ultimate PHP Music Sharing & Streaming Platform

The ideal option to launch your own music streaming website is to use DeepSound, a high-quality PHP script for sharing and streaming music. We continually upgrade our platform to ensure speed, security, and optimal performance.
For all your mobile app needs, go no farther than DeepSound—the only music platform on the market with an extensive API system!
Are there any inquiries from you? Check out the documentation we have.

Get the Latest Version: v1.5.2. Check Out All the Changes!
In search of a demo? Check out the sample (any old information will do).
Are you in need of DeepSound native mobile applications? Collect all apps.

Product Highlights (Sample)
Real-time legal assistance DeepSound is compatible with RTL languages as well.
Login with social media. You may access DeepSound by logging in with some of the most popular social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, VK, and Instagram.
Quick and Pleasant Searching URLs for Users, Songs, and Albums in a Condensed Format!
Posts, songs, products, and albums shared by individuals you’re following are shown in the Home/News Feed.
Creators and users Order of Events shows the user’s profile along with their shared and uploaded songs, albums, and products.
Through the Store System, musicians may provide merchandise directly linked to their music.
Users may become Events System artists by producing events and selling tickets to them.
Plugin System developers have the ability to create DeepSound plugins while preserving your modifications even after upgrades.
Multiple File Transfers It just takes one drag-and-drop to upload an entire music folder.
System for Importing ITunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud are all accessible music sources. The video may also be seen by listeners using the YouTube import mechanism.
You may earn money from users of the advertising system by uploading graphics and audio advertisements inside songs.
Video/Cover Art Cover images and videos may be uploaded by users.
Users of the Story System may promote audio-only, free, and paid tales to other users.
Notifications Get notified if other users do things like like, comment, share, or hate.
Social media hashtags Shows currently popular and relevant music that people have shared.
Mentions in Chat Whether in a song or a message, you may tag individuals with @username.
Users have the option to choose post privacy settings (only me, everyone, etc.).
Preferences for Rate a song’s quality positively or negatively. Check out the list of those who are into this.
Oppose to Get sick of a tune. Check out the list of those who think this is bad.
Feedback and reactions to an article Respond to a remark, Read every comment made on this post.
Look for Use our filtered search to find artists, albums, songs, and hashtags.
Reports Administrators will review the reports.
Real-Time Interaction Chat system that works in real-time.
Entire API There is an application programming interface (API) for every single feature in DeepSound!
Multiple Languages The option to add an endless number of languages, in addition to Arabic, English, Russian, and Turkish,.
Supported payment methods abound. Many different payment options are accepted by DeepSound.
Dropbox, S3, DigitalOcean, File Transfer Protocol, Google Drive, and Google Cloud You may save up space on your server by uploading your music, photos, and files to a third-party CDN.
Members’ credentials were checked.
It adapts automatically to any screen size and browser.
Reset your password by email.
The dashboard and administrative user count are shown online.
Symbols for expression.
not to mention a whole deal more…
What is needed?
It should be PHP 7.2 or newer.
FFMPEG’s shell_exec function is enabled, along with MySQLi, the GD Library, mbstring, cURL, and allow_url_fopen.

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